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Rammus Build Guide by showerhead

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League of Legends Build Guide Author showerhead

Speed Demon Rammus

showerhead Last updated on October 28, 2011
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Team 1

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Disclaimer: I've not done any of the math. I don't know if I hit a cap on the movement. All I know, is that Rammus is really frigging fast. I will try to make revisions to this build as I think of them. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Rammus was made for this game mode. He can get around the map in seconds and capture an undefended point just as quickly. Speeding around the map you'll always be on the move and weaving in and out of the lanes. That's why I made this build. From the start I saw Rammus' potential in this arena and knew he would shine if given the right attention. I know I've not perfected this, but it seems to work well and is fun.

Your goal is to capture or neutralize as many points as possible. Yes it is important to defend points too, but lets face it, the points you will be stealing will be clear across the map and far from any help, and going full mobility makes you just a little squishy. Defend the closer points and neutralize or cap the others whenever possible. Don't get stuck in the mindset that you should only be running around. Help out your team and make sure the other team isn't stealing your points while your back is turned.

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Boots of MOBILITY!!!

Why Boot's of Mobility and not Boots of Swiftness? Yes you'll be in battles, but you'll be spending a majority of your time floating in the center, from one turret to another. You are going to need to be fast there, not while in a battle. Yes it could mean you will die because you're not able to get away, but its a trade-off that's well worth it, and will hopefully keep you focused on your goal. Get Boots of Swiftness if you prefer, but you're missing out.

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Buying Order

You'll want to start off with Boots of Mobility and a Rejuvenation Bead and upgrade that bead into a Priscella's Blessing as quickly as possible.

First Trip Back:

Finish your Priscella's Blessing.
AP Heavy Team Alternative:

Start building a Force of Nature by getting a Negatron Cloak.
AD Heavy Team Alternative:

Upgrade your bead into a Warden's Mail and eventually into a Randuin's Omen.

Second Trip Back:

Next you're going to want some health. Warmog's is the best, but if you don't get it early, it wont be worth it and you'll want to get a Sunfire Cape. Either way, start by getting a Giant's Belt.
AP Heavy Team Alternative:

Finish your Force of Nature.
AD Heavy Team Alternative:

Finish your Randuin's Omen.

Still Having Trouble?

If you don't already have Priscella's Blessing, I'm assuming the game is going bad for you. You can finish it if your team is starting to pick up, otherwise you may want to replace this with another defense item and sell your bead.
AP Heavy Team:

Odyn's Veil, Banshee's Veil
AD Heavy Team:

Frozen Heart, Thornmail

Third Trip Back:

After you've finished your health item you'll start wanting more speed and damage. Rushing two Zeals will make a noticeable difference in both areas. Its unlikely you'll get around to upgrading these Zeals, but if you do, or you get them earlier, Phantom Dancer and Trinity Force are what you're going to want to upgrade into.

End Game Trouble

If you are still getting crushed by the other team and you want to know what other defense items to get instead of these Zeals, I'm sorry, but they've pretty well beaten you. If it's a close game and you just need a little more survivability you can just grab another Negatron Cape or Chain Mail, its not likely you'll get around to upgrading them.

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Team Work: Your Team Is Life

Team Fights

If you see a team fight starting, powerball in (flash if necessary), taunt the heavy hitter, defensive ball curl, and ult. You do NOT start team fights. While you are fighting the other team will be sending someone to backdoor a point. So unless they're turtling and you're pushing with your team, you should not initiate. Instead you should be running around or defending.

Protecting Your Team

Another crucial point: If you are fighting on an enemy turret, make sure only one person is channeling it to deactivate it. If they get interrupted take over, or have someone else do so. Do NOT let the turret get free shots off. I've seen too many team fights end in disaster because they would run around a turret attacking the enemy without suppressing the turret. Just be sure you've only got one person channeling, I've seen team fights end badly because of that too.

Defending Your Team

Let your team know that you will be the first to break off of channeling a point if you see someone coming. Let them continue to channel while you distract the enemy. A captured turret to fight under is better than a neutral or enemy one.

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Strategy: What to Do and When


You start off with 1375 gold. Your first items should be Boots of Mobility and a Rejuvenation Bead. You can get some pots too if you want, but I've found them largely unnecessary as there are so many health shrines all over the map.

Rush the Windmill (WM). Pop your powerball just after the wall comes down. Yes you go faster if you channel it up first, but you don't go farther. Be sure to hit the speed buff on the way up. Save flash. If someone on your team can boost your speed even more, have them do it. Now, you're not likely to get WM unmolested, so make sure your team knows to send at least one other after you. You only need one capturing mid and he can come up after that to help. The best case scenario is you have a strong defender bot, and the rest are helping you. After WM is captured, your teammates should stay and defend while you head bot to relieve, or, if nothing else is pressing, stay and defend as well. Flash is your escape or initiator. Don't use it to get somewhere faster.

Neutralizing and Capturing

Wait for your opportunity to strike. If you see an undefended point, powerball through the Fog of War (FOW) hitting any health shrines if necessary and speed boosts to get there quickly. Don't ever forget to get health shrines whenever you need them. You should never blue pill, while you're channeling you could be powerballing to a health shrine or the next point, or to defend. Buy when you die.

Neutralizing a point is all that is really necessary, if you see someone coming hit your powerball and coast away, don't worry about getting that last little bit to neutralize, or trying to fight over it. Go on to another point, or even back to one of yours to defend. If you have it already, don't hesitate to use your Priscilla's Blessing (PB). It's best to Keep PB, and flash off CD for when you need to escape an enemy, but don't be afraid to pop PB to help you get across the map quicker. Your best utility is your ability to appear out of nowhere and taunt an enemy to your team, or away from them. If you see someone overextended, go teach them a lesson.


If you are solo defending and you see a bunch of people coming, run behind the hidden barrier with the health shrine and wait for them, they will probably think you blue pilled. This is especially useful if you have your flash up. Flash over the wall, taunt, defensive ball curl, and ult. If there are just too many for you to kill in this fashion or dissuade, your best bet is to run, and the best direction to run to is to their unprotected point. Be sure to time Garrison correctly. You want to use it when your turret is getting channeled and is around the first dot. It will interrupt everyone channeling and do extra damage to them. This is an excellent time to taunt someone under the turret.


If you have your zeals your auto attacks (aa) are going to hurt, and with your taunt, powerball, and tremors you can shred the enemy down to nothing even without them. But don't get caught up in killing an enemy. If you see a low HP enemy running away that you know you can catch, but also see that there are two people capturing a point or harassing your team, go help. Dominion is NOT about kills. I can't stress this enough, do not get caught up with chasing an enemy, no matter how tempting. Now I'm not saying if you run across some defenseless little yordle that you can't slaughter them, just keep your priorities straight. Another good point, if you have Garison off CD and you are fighting under a turret, enemy or yours, you can use it to change the tide of battle.

Overall Goal

The goal here is to have at least 3 points at all times and to negate your enemies points if at all possible. If they are putting up a strong defense, you'll just have to put up an even stronger offense.