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Nidalee Build Guide by nooobmagic

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League of Legends Build Guide Author nooobmagic

Speedy Nidalee Jungle s5 - Deadly Spears, Quick asassin.

nooobmagic Last updated on April 29, 2015
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Summoner Spells

You need to know every little jungle shortcuts to pounce over with nidalee. Those will save your life many many times. it will also help get running preys once you get used with the build

You don't need flash, you have a epic W to get away, even through your jungle walls. Unless you play REALLY aggressively with flash i DON'T RECOMMEND dropping ignite.

Nidalee REALLY needs her 1-2 early kills, you have too many chances of missing early lowhp ennemies without ignite

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Jungle Rotation

Ask teamates for help gromp (must smite early to get the buff for the fight)
Then you go for your blue, heal yourself dont be afraid to drink your 2 pots.

Before heading for your red, check if there is any Low HP weak targets either TOP or BOT. Smite red to heal you and kill it, recall. You need to upgrade your machete for the blue one before atempting to gank. you should have your 4 skills up (q,w,e + smite)
I would go bottom and try a gank.
(dont forget to use it agaisnt the champ! it slows and deal true dmg. its deadly at this point)

Even if you have failed your lv.3 bottom failed, as soon as you lv.4 you need to try to gank again, either bot or top, (i would try top) with that lv.2 spears)

You could either go back farming a little or go early dragon if you still have health potions after 2nd gank.

You won't have too much mana, you need to keep stealing your enemy blue buff, or else you won't be able to let your mid-AP have your blue buff. It's up to you i guess.

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(Nidalee comes from the jungle, and plays jungle.)
Do NOT use any skins for this build, ty.