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League of Legends Build Guide Author infinitywolf

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infinitywolf Last updated on January 3, 2011
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Okay first of all i have to warn you, if you do NOT have good tanks then this might not be the best build for you. This build is all about inflicting the most damage in the least amount of time. I like Ashe because she can slow them down and deal a killing blow. Also if you are laning middle HawkShot can help avoid being ganked when you have bad teammates.

Playing As Ashe:When playing Ashe always try to get mid. What you should do is run around an shoot occasional arrows at your opponent to attempt to scare them off. Its worth using volley sometimes to slow them down and say THIS IS MY LANE *****. Now i bet you think, wow this must be a stupid *** guide for getting hawkshot so damn early. Well if you suck at getting last hits this is for you! I used to suck at getting last hits so i got hawkshot in order to increase my gold income. Because you need B.F. sword so early it is imperative that you get as many last hits as possible. Also hawkshot can help avoid being ganked. People think its somewhat useless but i think it might be one of her best skills!
Summary for you lazy***es who didn't read the whole thing

    Watch for MIA's
    Use Your Hawkshot to you're advantage
    Play aggressive to force the other player to play defensively
    Get as many last hits as possible
    Tower hugging is okay since you are ranged and can still get last hits
Vampscepter: Why vampscepter first? Well Ashe is squishy and in the early game you are going to be doing ALOT of harrasing. So if worst comes to worst hug your tower and heal some life and then get back out there and pwn some!

B.F. Sword : Why B.F. Sword so early? Why not attack speed? or more life steal? Well have you noticed Ashe's attack? its low as hell and early game you are going to need more damage not more attack speed. Also you Volley is physical damage. So this is going to help you Base damage AND your spells. how fun!

Greaves:Ah yes a little movement speed and some attack speed. Must i explain more?

Nashor's tooth:I used to recomend last whisper until they changed it. But since then i learned that Nashor's tooth is a much better choice. It provides more attack speed, some ability power, and cooldown reduction. This item was MADE for Ashe. Also stinger is only a little more gold than recurve bow and it provides the same amount of attack speed and 10% cooldown reduction!

Bloodthirster: Ah yes the bloodthirster. An all time favorite. Make sure that when you get this items you try to get as many stack as you can before a team fight. It is crucial because it could make the difference between victory or defeat.

Lastwhisper:Yes it used to provide attack speed now it provides more attack and armor penetration. With ashe no matter how much attack you have, if you go against a good tank that has serious armor you are going to need serious armor penetration.

Starks Frevor:Almost every DPS champion needs this item. Unless someone on your team already has this then dont get it. It's a great item that provides attack speed and life steal to you and your teammates. It also reduces some of your opponents armor.

Black Cleaver:WOAH WOAH WOAH..BLACK CLEAVER?!?!? NOT INFINITY EDGE? WHAT MADNESS IS THIS! actually none. I dont like getting infinity edge because why do i need 480 attack? After 400 attack its really about armor penetration. Also the stacks can help your team not just you. Remember Ashe is a teamplayer.

Alternative Items:Im not saying you have to FOLLOW MY BUILD ITEM FOR ITEM. It is just a base of what you could get. You can still lose with this build. I went 24/6/10 and i still lost because my teammates did not understand the gameplay.

Banshee's Veil:GREAT ITEM! provides health mana and every 30 seconds blocks a spell. Great against stuns ands ultimates like Lux or Ezreal

Infinity Edge:Like i said i usually dont get this but if you want it by all means get it.

Aegis of The Legion:Great item. Gives armor, magic resistance, and a little health! Usually your tank on the team will have this, but if you feel you need it then get it!

Early Game:Like i said before try to get mid lane and get as many last hits as you can. Shoot them with your arrows to harras them but always remember to watch out for low hp minions. Dont be afraid to use your volley every once in a while to weaken minions and the enemy champion. When you get to level 6 tell your teammates your ultimate is ready. if none of them ask for ganks then try to bring down the champion in your lane. If he has lifesteal i woudlnt really risk it unless he is already at low hp. Also remember to only activate your frost arrows when you are chasing down your opponent. mana is scarce so don't waste it on low level minions.

Mid Game By this point in game you should have at least B.F. Sword Beserker Greaves and stinger. maybe already blood thirster depending on how well you farmed and any early game kills. You should try to start ganking people. Also you should get golem buff if havent already gotten it. Make sure to make your enchanted arrow count. Don't use it unless you are pretty sure of a direct hit. Also when ganking have your frost arrows activated BEFORE you show up. This can ensure a few mid game kills for you and your team. If not try to get dragon if your or the other team hasn't already.

Late Game:This far into the game i can't predict what items you have. You should have most of the items. Maybe working on starks frevor or black cleaver. If you aren't dominating here then don't worry. This far into the game worry about team fights and taking out remaining towers. Remember that your Enchanted Arrow can either initiate or end a fight. If you have 45 second cooldown it might be able to do both :D

    Remember to get golem buff when you can. It can bring your Enchanted Arrow down to a 45sec cool down.
    When entering a bush for a gank press W to have the attack open in case enemies are hiding there. If they are then shoot and run
    Use your hawkshot to check for traps and scout baron
    Don't try to solo the enemy team alone you're not that strong.
    Make you enchanted arrows count. Just because you have a 45sec cooldown doesn't mean you can waste it
    By level 18 you should have 375+ in your volley so use it! (Spam this!)