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Lulu Build Guide by ApcolypticMufin

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ApcolypticMufin

Squirrels and Cupcakes and Cats, Oh My!

ApcolypticMufin Last updated on March 25, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9

Strength of Spirit

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Hello there summoner, and thanks you for taking the time out of your day to visit this wonderful Lulu guide! Many believe that Lulu is best played in a support role, and she can be very powerful as a support, but those same people tend to forget that both her Glitterlance as well as her Help, Pix! have damage components that scale very well with Ability Power. (0.7 and 0.6 scaling respectively) In my honest opinion, when Lulu is played as a pure support, you are putting to waste her amazing damage potential. She is an incredibly powerful and mana efficient mage, and can still support her team later on through CC, ( Whimsy and Wild Growth) sheilds ( Help, Pix!), and AP/Speed buffs ( Whimsy).

The amazing versatility of Lulu's spells lends her to a very high skill cap. The main idea you want to consider when playing Lulu is when to use what effect of which spell. Whimsy and Help, Pix! have separate effects when cast on an ally, or a friend, and using Help, Pix! will also partially determine how effective your Glitterlance will be. These factors make playing Lulu to the highest possible effectiveness incredibly difficult, but VERY rewarding. This is possibly the biggest reason why I love this champion so much, and why I'm here today to help you along in your journey with the Fae Sorceress. I hope you enjoy playing this champion as much as I do, and I wish you luck with this build!

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Pros and Cons



  • Hard to learn skillshot in Glitterlance
  • Bad decision-making can lead to quickly lost teamfights
  • Somewhat useless passive late-game
  • Pretty squishy

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SPACE SPACE I take Greater Mark of Magic Penetration. I've seen people try to take a full set of AS marks, but I feel that Lulu only really benefits from AS early game and very little at that, so I don't take those marks, and fill it instead with something every mage likes, Magic Penetration! SPACE SPACE


SPACE Greater Seal of Replenishment SPACE With Greater Seal of Replenishment, I find that I almost never run out of mana, unless I harass like a madman. You don't even have to use your spells very sparingly. You can pull off a very surprising amount of casts, while still keeping decent amounts of mana with these Seals. SPACE Greater Seal of Replenishment SPACE


SPACE SPACE If we're gonna play AP here, we're gonna want to scale our AP a bit. So Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power is a wonderful choice. If you feel that you want a more powerful early game, however, Flat AP glyphs can also be of great use! SPACE SPACE


SPACE SPACE when it comes to early game, we still want to pack a punch, so we call on Greater Quintessence of Ability Power. If you decided to take flat AP glyphs, though, you'll want some AP per level quints instead. SPACE SPACE

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Summoner Spells

Defensive Summoner Spells


SPACE SPACE Flash is pretty standard on most AP carries, but it's not set in stone. In the long run, if you're up against a team with high movespeed/gap closers/CC, then Flash might not be the best choice. SPACE SPACE


SPACE SPACE When up against high movespeed or alot of gap closers, then Ghost could be a great choice. Just know when to use it, and try to use it early on in a fight, if you know you're going to lose it. SPACE SPACE


SPACE SPACE This is a wonderful spell for use against CC. Did Morgana land her Dark Binding? Did Janna slow you? Did Xerath stun you? Pop Cleanse and it's all good. SPACE SPACE


SPACE SPACE If you feel like ganking a lot in a game, Teleport can be a great choice. TP'ing to wards to surprise the enemy before any mia's are called can be very effective, and getting to teamfights that much faster is never bad. SPACE SPACE


SPACE SPACE A lot of harassment can be bad, and pots can only repair so much. That's when Heal comes into play. An extremely effective spell that can be used to great effect, however, I find that it's better for a support or AD to take this rather than an AP, but if they didn't, you can do it for them! SPACE SPACE

Offensive Summoner Spells


SPACE SPACE With use of Summoner's Wrath , you can use this already useful spell to even greater effect. Ignite is just wonderful for AP's. Helps pull off more damage, is great for tower diving, and just let's you pick off that low HP Ashe in the back of her team when all your abilities are on cooldown. SPACE SPACE


SPACE SPACE When your team already has a ton of Ignites, then Exhaust isn't a bad choice. Slows an enemy, and pretty much makes them useless damage wise for the duration of the spell. Very useful if you know when to put it to use. SPACE SPACE

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Aside from taking the 6% cooldown reduction from Sorcery , ! mostly just focus on getting AP in the Offense tree, and Magic Resistance from the Defense Tree. I don't put points in the utility tree, as the main reason I would want anything from it would be Runic Affinity , and with Greater Seal of Replenishment, I don't feel Lulu really needs blue buff.

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Champion Spells

Skill Explanations

Pix, Faerie Companion

SPACE SPACE This passive has two uses. 1: Surprisingly powerful early game harass. 2: Superpowering an allies AA's during the late game through use of Help, Pix!. Pix will follow you around, and always stay behind you. NOTE: By "staying behind you", I mean that walking from any given spot on the map to another spot a few feet away, Pix will move to the spot that you were just occupying. Knowing how Pix gets positioned can be essential to making sure the bonus bolts from this passive hit your target. SPACE SPACE


SPACE SPACE This spell will send two very thin skillshots towards your cursor. One of these shots will come from Lulu, and the other from Pix. When an enemy is hit with one of these bolts, they will be afflicted with an 80% slow, and take damage. The slow doesn't scale, but having that powerful a slow at rank 1 is pretty incredible. Also of note, an enemy can only be affected by one bolt per cast, so putting their crossfire on top of a champion won't increase the damage or slow. SPACE SPACE


SPACE SPACE Using this spell on yourself or an ally will grant a significant movespeed and Ability Power buff. However, when you use it on an enemy, it will Polymorph them. Polymorphing will slow them, silence them, and keep them from using AA's, but it will still allow them to move. This is a great anti-gank spell and can also superpower your harass early game, not to mention get you or an ally out of a sticky situation with it's speed buff. SPACE SPACE

Help, Pix!

SPACE SPACE Your other form of damage, or a useful sheild. Either of these effects can be useful, however the other BIG thing about this spell is that Pix will follow whoever it was cast on, making it a big factor to consider when using Glitterlance. Also, when used on an ally, it will give them your passive for the duration. SPACE SPACE

Wild Growth

SPACE SPACE The tooltip says that this spell gives you or an ally temporary bonus health, but what it doesn't say, is that the along with this bonus, their also healed. When the effects wear off, the bonus max health will be lost, but the current health of the target won't go down. Keep that in mind when using this spell. SPACE SPACE

Skill Order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Skill Priority


You want to max Glitterlance first, as that's your main source of damage. You then want to focus on your Help, Pix! ability, as that will really help with landing your Glitterlance. Get a point in Whimsy early on for ganks, but hold off on getting ranks in it as long as you can, since all of your other skills take priority. And as always, get ranks in your ultimate ( Wild Growth) at levels 6, 11, and 16.

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Starting Items


These items won't give you the best into into the build, but they can still be a good general use choice for mid laners.

These items, while they won't give you the best sustain, will give you a nice introduction to the core build by allowing you to get a very early Fiendish Codex.

This can be a powerful start, but it slows down your build, and in the end it can be a bit of a waste of gold. If you feel you want/need this item, then feel free to grab it.

Core Build

Sorcerer's Shoes

SPACE SPACE When it comes to what boots to pick, your going to almost always want Ionian Boots of Lucidity. This, Sorcery and Morello's Evil Tome will max your CDR, and your Greater Mark of Magic Penetration and a possible Void Staff should give you the Magic Pen you need. SPACE SPACE

Rabadon's Deathcap

SPACE SPACE You're playing an AP carry. This item gives the most flat AP of any item in the game. (Aside from Mejai's Soulstealer, but you never want that item.) This is a pretty simple item, and you should always grab it fairly early on. SPACE SPACE

Morello's Evil Tome

SPACE SPACE The 31% CDR from Sorcery , Ionian Boots of Lucidity and Fiendish Codex will give you great CDR early on, but to have a finished build, you'll want to build that codex into a Morello's Evil Tome, capping your CDR in the process. SPACE SPACE

Other Items

Will of the Ancients

SPACE SPACE This is a very powerful item for any AP. The amount of spellvamp it gives in enormous. As a caster, it's just about the only thing apart from pots that's gonna give you good sustain, so definitely consider this one. SPACE SPACE

Void Staff

SPACE SPACE This as well as Sorcerer's Shoes will be your only source of magic penetration outside of runes. You don't need to get this if the enemy isn't stacking much MR, but if they's negating a significant amount of damage, then take this. SPACE SPACE

Rod of Ages

SPACE SPACE Getting an early Catalyst the Protector can be great for staying in lane longer, and that item happens to build into Rod of Ages. Getting this item isn't a bad choice, as it grants more bonuses every minute, and can make you significantly tankier. SPACE SPACE

Zhonya's Hourglass

SPACE SPACE If you find you're being focused a lot in teamfights, this item can help you a lot. However, you have no really AoE that would synergize well with this item, so it's not the best choice most of the time. SPACE SPACE

Abyssal Scepter

SPACE SPACE If the enemy is stacking a ton of Magic Resistance, and your Void staff just isn't enough, then this item can be very useful. Otherwise though, it's best you just leave it in the shop. SPACE SPACE

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As an AP carry, your main job is to pull off as much damage as possible. However, as Lulu, you're going to be able to take on a pseudo-support role in teamfights. You'll still be landing a ton of damage with Glitterlance and Help, Pix!, but buffing and CC'ing with Whimsy and Wild Growth will be your other focus. The biggest aspect of playing Lulu is decision-making. You have two spells ( Whimsy and Help, Pix!) with two separate effects, and one of them ( Help, Pix!) drastically changes how you cast your main damaging spell. ( Glitterlance) Because of all this variability, it can be hard sometimes to do your best with Lulu. Don't let this bring you down. Practice is what it takes to master Lulu, just like any other champion.


You're main focus here is to get last hits on creeps. (obviously) You'll also be able to do some very powerful harass whenever the moment calls for it. Your main harass combo should be Whimsy on self -> Help, Pix! on enemy -> Glitterlance. The Whimsy self cast will grant bonus AP, which will make the combo more effective as a whole, while Help, Pix! deals damage and makes Pix follow the target. Once you have pix following the enemy, landing a Glitterlance will be much easier.

This combo can be hard to pull off before you lose your Whimsy buff if you don't use smart casting, which I highly recommend you do! Also, if you already use smart casting, I recommend turning it off for Glitterlance for your first few games so you can get a better feel for how it's targeting system works.


In teamfights, you'll be taking on a more supportive role. With Help, Pix!, shielding low allies will take priority over damaging enemies. One massive benefit to shielding a very low health ally is that you can fire a Glitterlance from them, into any pursuers they might have, thereby slowing them. However, if no teammates need the shield, use it on an enemy. Preferably one who'll put Pix in a position to hit as many people as possible ith Glitterlance.

You also want to Whimsy the most high threat targets. Most likely a carry. Aside from damaging and CC'ing, you also need to make a big decision about using your ult. You can cast it on your tank while he's initiating for the knockback effect, or you can save it for a dying teammate who's surrounded by enemies. This decision above all else will be the most likely to decide whether or not your team wins a fight.

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Farewell & Change Log

That wraps up my Lulu guide. I hope you all have fun putting this build to use, and I wish you all luck when playing this wonderfully fun champion! I really encourage all who use this guide to send a screenshot of your victory screen/match history. I do know, however, that too many people in solo-queue think that because Riot called her a support, that's the only role she can play, so I understand if you don't get to use this build often. Anyway, I wish you all a merry time, and good luck!

Change Log

3/25 - Added Teleport and Heal explanations to Summoner Spells section
3/25 - Replaced Greater Mark of Attack Speed with Greater Mark of Magic Penetration, changed core build to Ionian Boots of Lucidity+ Rabadon's Deathcap+ Morello's Evil Tome