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Rammus Build Guide by Rammus Da Turtle

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rammus Da Turtle

Standard Tank Rammus

Rammus Da Turtle Last updated on November 6, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Legendary Guardian

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Threats to Rammus with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Sion If you wait until Sion uses his ultimate to escape, then taunt it will break his ult and he is left with no escape making an easy gank.
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Hello, reader. If you're interested in building a super tank rammus than this is the guide for you! Rammus is a great, simple, and extremely tanky jungler who provides suprisingly powerful ganks who scales incredibly well into the late game and can gfit into virtually any team composition.

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Abilities Overview

Unique passive- Rammus converts 25% of his armor to attack damage (AD inceases when W is active)

Q (power ball)- Rammus rolls gaining great speed and when Rammus comes in contact with an enemy or creep, it will do a base of 100 damage and scales with AP.

W (Defensive Ball Curl)- defensive ball curl boosts Rammus's magic resistance and armor while also reflecting damage to creeps and champions who attack him while W is active

E (puncturing taunt)- Rammus taunts a single enemy who is then forced to basic attack Rammus for 1.25 seconds at level 1 and up to 2.25 seconds at level 5. While taunted, the monster or champion's magic resist and armor are significantly lowered. Taunt is very useful when taking Baron or Dragon

R (Tremors)- Rammus creates an earthquake around him causing damage to surrounding enimies and creeps, This ability has a very quick cool down- only 60 seconds but realistically only 45 once the effect is over, so feel free to clear minions and use it as needed wen ganking. Tremors also does damage to turrets, inhibitors, enemy nexus and neutral epic monsters.

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Summoner Spells

Rammus and his summoner spells can go many different ways each one catering to a different play style.

Flash- great for Q- Flash ganks and escapes when powerball is down

Exhaust- Great for opposing multiple assassin teams. Making Ganks easier than as oppose to a flash- Q gank

Barrier- Fantastic for level 3 and early ganks in general (My favorite one to use and one i find most effective)

Teleport- Great for teleport ganks and global map pressure/ presence

Ignite- Great for secure, fast kills on a squishy team

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Skill Sequence

Always start W (defensive ball curl)- it negates a lot of early damage from the jungle and is imperative for sustain in jungle when playing as Rammus. Then unlock Q (Power ball) once level 2 to help with jungle clear and increase mobility within the jungle. Lastly you will unlock your E at level 3 (Puncturing Taunt). Unless almost full on mana do not use E while jungling, for rammus has a small mana pool.

Your maxing out order will be E, W, then Q (and R when you can, obviously).

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Any pair of boots are great on rammus, just depends on what kind of team you are facing and how you need to react to it.

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Jungling Route

Rammus can start either red buff or blue buff, but I like to start red because it is a harder camp for rammus to clear without sustaining copious amounts of damage. Once done with whatever buff you started, go wraiths, then to the buff you have yet to go to. After you clear this you should be level 3 and should be able to put a powerful gank on any lane (I prefer ganking mid at level 3, but any lane you're closest to or need to get ahead should be our first gank).

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Team Work

When Team Fighting, focus a squishy target with your taunt. Your job in a team fight is to tank damage and lock down a squishy target giving your team a good chance to come out on top of a team fight.

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Pros / Cons

Powerful Ganks
Scales extremely well in the late game
Does surprising amount of damage with ultimate
Possibly best level 3 kit in the game
highly mobile

Slow clear time
Squishy pre-level 3 (not good for level one engages; unless you brought barrier or ignite)
Highly vulnerable to counter jungling
poor counter jungler

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Rammus is a great starting jungler and is a viable jungler at any level of league of legends. have fun on the fields of justice, summoners :)