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Trundle Build Guide by Linclusive

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Linclusive

Stop Troll at Top!

Linclusive Last updated on September 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Welcome to my first Guide ever! I hope you'll enjoy it and use it for your own games and tournaments. Furthermore i have to say sorry for my following english, it's not as easy as it seems for lot of people.
Now i wish you a lot of fun and enjoy it. :)

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Pros / Cons

First of all i want to give you a little review of Trundle, the cursed Troll.


- Trundle deals very much damage in the early game, which should give you a good advantage at the laning phase.
- In the late game, you can be tanky in every teamfight, because of your low cooldown of , which gives you 20% of the armor and magic resistence from the opponent's tank.
- Due to , you are very agile and able to catch enemy champions or steal the opponent's jungle very fast.


- He is an only melee fighter, which means that you deal no damage if you're not next to your opponent which can lead you into greedy chasing actions.
- If you're playing with my build, you will have a problem to catch opponents outside the contaminated area, because you have no slowing attack without the red buff.


Trundle can be a really, really strong champion if he is played right. Having the red buff in an agreement with your ad carry will solve your catching problems.
How to play with Trundle the right way, i'll tell you later in this guide.

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Summoner Spells

Now i amount to the summoner spells i use for Trundle at the solo top lane.


is a very strong and useful summoner spell for any solo champion. You can mostly use it, if your jungler is looking for a gank, if the opponent solo laner is overextending and become greedy, or if you getting ganked.
If you really getting ganked, you should use on the ad champion, if there is only one of them ad. Always keep in mind, that the ap champion need to wait for his cooldowns, so he can cast once and then he deals nearly no more damage for some seconds.


is the mostly used summoner spell in LoL. You can use it to jump over a wall for chasing or escaping an enemy. In combination with the , you can also escape if you're on an open field.

Optional summoner spell:


I would also recommend for champions who got high life reaching skills, like Warwick, Cho'Gath, Dr.Mundo or Nasus aswell.


These summoner spells will procure you a strong lane presence, so that the opponent champions will think twice, before they gank you. As a result, you'll have more time and calmness to farm and get your gold.
You can also always harras the other champion with your and an autoattack with the knowledge, that you would always would escape if he wants to counter you.

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The next part in my guide are the masteries.
What to say? It's obviously that i prefer having a strong defence, to hold on longer on your lane and farm more without being low at life. So i investigate 21 points in defence, and 9 in offence.

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Concerning the runes, i have to say that they're quite individual. I prefer having some different boosts, like some health regeneration in glyphs or attack damage, armor and magic resistence for the quintessences. It will just make you even more tanky and give you again a stronger lane presence and dominance.

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Now i come to one of the most important parts, which are different to the normal Trundle builds.
You should always remember, that you have to assimilate to the opponent champions and their builds.
Playing at top means, that you are 1v1 against mostly a tanky melee champion. If you at low health and need to go back, your tower is not saved and can be damaged easily.
That's why i start with , which gives you health regeneration (very important for any solo laner), armor and life.
The next item should be Mercury treats. You'll have more magic resistence,a better movespeed to harras the opponent and ofc you have lower stun or slow times, which will make you harder to getting ganked!
Of course you should buy if there are lot of physical damage dealing champions.
Now i have a usual item, which appears quite often in any games, . You'll gain some AP, AD, Life and Mana. But the biggest advantage is the move speed slow and the effect of , so that you have a lot of extra damage after every used ability.

Next Item should be , and this item is a MUST HAVE! You gain extra magical damage, attack speed and magic resistence, which is strong in teamfights, because you will be really tanky . If you're playing against a magical damage dealing champion at top, you should buy this item before you start buying .

After some time you should start getting and to get a strong damage output and also to improve your tankyness, which make you standing very long in every single teamfight. Alive.
To end the build, i advise to buy , to be unbeatable in 1vs1 fights and dealing tons of damage in teamfights aswell.
But as you know, not every game proceed like you want. So if you dont need more damage or you are still to squishy because your opponents deal so much physical or magical damage, i'd tell you to buy or .

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So how to play with these Build?

Coming to the lane at level 1, you should start farming with only last hitting the minions.
You should use your Rabid Bite only for hitting the opponent champion, except there are two minion with low health at the same time.
Because lower the attack damage of its aim, you can try to use it right before the other champion wants to hit the minion to get a last hit, so that he misses it.
In addition, you should always use right after a normal attack, to deal more physical damage at all. So harras the opponent champion with an auto attack, and then move back to farm again.
And at this point i want to point out, that you have your passive ability which heals you for every dead minion, so you don't have to be scared if you harras him, because you are healing yourself while farming.

Well now we fast-forward to the teamfights. Here it is important, that you use every effect of your abilities.

1. Use on physical damage based champions to lower their attack damage.
2. Use on the biggest of their tanks, to get as much as possible armor and magic resistence for the teamfight.
3. Always try to get in the center of the fight, to have the most advantage of it while fighting.
4. Maybe you don't know it, but you can initiate a teamfight aswell with , with blocking his way out of grabs or stuns from your teammates.

I can understand every player, who says that it's easy to say but hard to play. That's why i gonna make an own video of my gameplay to show you that it works very fine. With some trolling skills, of course. ;)

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To sum up, you can say that Trundle is a very underrated but strong champion, who can change even a lost game into a win.

I would be happy to see some comments and recommends right below, i also would be happy to see some criticism of my build, to improve it more and more.

Thanks for reading, i hope we meet us in the rift of the summoners!!