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Darius Build Guide by chaeor

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author chaeor

striking your champs down like a boss DARIUS gun of noxius

chaeor Last updated on September 7, 2012
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1st normal 2nd tanky 3rd ad

Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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its been a long time . i was thinking of a good darius build and came through alot but now to turn it lets talk about darius . hes a strong champion who is an anti tank really balanced states between his ad and health and defence making him an excellent fighter. this describes that he is tanky,and needs alot damage at the same time so hers the guid with an explanation for each and every item ... rune ...... mastery.....and summoner spells

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taking the armor pen at the marks this will allow you to have an excellent damage on basic attacks/decimate espicially with the ad quets and masteries......about tankyness darius health is fine at start with the bonus armor and MR from runes and defence masteries this is gonna make you really good but you still lack movement so you start with a boot

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ok over here we dont need to describe why but why is it 21 in offence not defence because your build itself is tanky so you must have some damage source

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due to all these runes and masteries you can now support them from items........start with a boot as the only lack is MS in start cause in each level youll get more armor damage and MR with the 3 hp to sustain...go to mercury treds no other except if it really needs a ninja tabi for it now why mercury treds now you dont have alot of escaping mechs therfore if you get stunned you have a great chance of getting taken down this means you need tenacity and MR as its ratio is way low compared to your armor ratio.....go then directly for a frozen mallet to have some health.... after that you have enogh tankyness untill almost the last item so start building damage or continue as you wish....sun fire cape works extremely well as a combo for both frozen mallet and your passive with damage over time and a very low escaping chance to the enemy... plus its good for team fights and gives tankyness and armor ...... after this go for a blood thirster amazing damage and lifesteal making the dependence on health regen very low ........ before finishing get a trinity force .... its not weak guys its not at all weak for darius it provides him with health movement critical chance and an epic sheen passive that goes very well with your W ability causeing your next basic attack to deal the 150% of the base AD x 2 that will get crazy*** damage over them with the item combo it will be really hard to edure all of this..........oh NO i forgot the MR no problem guys wits end is here to help with a good attack speed allowing you to land your stacks at a high rate and gain MR with each basic attack and above all deals magic damage to the target with your item combo thers almost no way they could survive ...... now why not choose maw of mal or frozen heart? simple maw of mal increase damage over each health gone ... but wait you have a lifesteal means that your damage will go up and down ..... plus it provides a good sheild vs casters but at end game theyll have over 400 ap then what to do?answer: anhilate them instantly thats when atk speed comes to your aid so wits end is propaply better addition your mixed damage from sunfire haemo and wits end deals more damage than what could maw give you ....... due to such a build youll ruin the way how their tanks will build as they need armor for you , but your mixed damage is too damn high, they go for MR but your spells deal physical damage and a true damage ult..... at the end we can say you have a balanced amount of both AD AP attack speed nice movement speed and finally a true damage .... with decent amout of all defence

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Skill Sequence

same as his spotlight as it is his best way

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Summoner Spells

ghost to catch them ( i know you have enough movement but what if your vs teemo or fiora ? so you need it badly) and to run away at the same time....and ignite to maximize your item combo damage plus ensuring a kill... why not falsh? cause you have tenacity ...... why not exhaust cause you cant get over powered even if they did it on you your mixed item damage plus ignite doesnt get nerfed in the process...

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the build is really well made and very carefully mixed ... im not like the guys who put insane amount of items just to show you and call it a guide cause they put all the items that can work on the champ ..... maybe thats correct .... but not in my way in my way i go straight forward


after this build is complete i can ensure you youll benefit both teamfights and soloplays more than what you think you can and you woldnt belive it if you think theres a problem in this build ive got 3 things for you
1. dont be stupid and judge before you try
2. speak honestly
3. each have his own opinion
now in this build if you can upgrade it anyway try to tell me
now youll say : hey wht about regene ok realy guys you have HP and only cost 35 gold so it wont be that hard to buy some in between

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now vs others on solo top most cases youll find fighters like xinzhao , olaf, sion, riven etc
vs xin zhao type players dont come in contact with this guy cause after all this reset hes almost the most op of all now where he wins on you because his Q stacks with critics and his E deals damage but yours doesnt so how to win ? land your Q frequently on him due to the masteries and runes youll deal enogh damage to make him flee away... when he E instantly take on your W cause hell use his stupid Q reducing his atk speed therefore maing it well and when he uses his W no he wont get the full load out of it making you come out ahead ... ive not tried vs xin with darius cause i didnt get the chance too... anyhow vs xin try to last hit and dont fight him until level 6 the problem is youll have to exchange a ghost for a falsh if you do want to escape a fight with him so try until level 6........vs olaf i guess it wont be THAT hard just avoid his axe and Q when he scream stand in front of your minions to not allow his lifesteal sions case theres no problem at all but on level 6 you must let him waste his ulti time and try to block his lifesteal if he initiates you with his ult instantly ignite his *** and if he uses an ignite then GTFO cause its lost but if exhauste depends on how you manage ..... when it comes to riven let her push darius is way stronger than to let riven go solo him ( tried it alot and saw alot of gameplays)..... bottom line stay safe and farm
dont forget you have a jungler so dont worry to call for help and if hes busy call the mid laner to manage some kills with you.......however darius doesnt need kills but his team does so dont forget to give them some and as i saw from a guid avoid darius sindrome ..... in team fight if your carries are well theyll take down the squshies ... this makes your first priority to focus on the fighter who mostly is with the tank so dont forget to have your support or tank ready..... now if your team is hooked tanky go as any ad carry build .... and if it depend on you to become the tank then follow my next build .....
now for guys like YI or WW theyr bretty badass champs for yi you have to sneak attack him cause if he sees you hell ult then go ape **** and your dead but if your sneaking him better land a damage that you wont regret or if face to face in that case use exhaust for his damage not his speed so its still is useful
for WW he can feed you well and fine but if he is fed then either your team is noob or you are so try to kill him by ganks or turret help cause he will be very strong\tanky but not more than you .... but i guess with this build he cant win you now for the teemo players Q he blinds W it hits not miss (tried it) with your item combo ulti his balls at any no. of stacks you have on him cause he must die in any way possible .... for udyr players idk but i guess dont try soloing them or going for the LIKES OF THESE CHAMPS.....for yoricks its simple .... who told yorick can solo darius is forgetting everything darius have ....... land his *** down on level 6 .... dont worry from hurrasing him ... his gouls dont deal that damage and can die from a single Q from you.......but you should let him push then take him down by a gank or something alike.... if your gonna atk him and he summons a goul .... screw the goul your atking that yorick so dont run away when he summons it ....... dont try this guy as his advantage is range but theres a way ,,, when he pushes till your turret he summons a goul to help him farm..... take the goul down fast so that he cannot summon hit up again for a small duration ... the goul taken down better be the red one cause its his victory key vs you and if its the green then dont worry he cant slow you.... he cant deal the damage you deal in early game so hell gtfo with a falsh so better let your jungler take first action to ensure hes not gonna escape FOR THE LIKE CHAMPIONS STAY PUSHED TILL LEVEL 6 then take them down
whats more?...... ok my mind ran out so srry guys

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Pros / Cons

very good damage
excellent passive and abilities
the build focus on the main 3 types of damage
gonna get really tanky and duarable
can help like hell in teamfights
even with the build low chance of escape still is there
avoid darius sindrome at any cost(your an excutioner not a collecter)
maybe less tanky than his other guids ( but extremely balanced)
the rest you figuer out (actions do more than speak)

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Chapter 10

hope you liked the guid and enjoy in the other 2 builds only mastry differs but not the runes and items do differ too LOL but please tell me if i lack something (other than better english)