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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chaotic Bliss

Strong Lane Presence

Chaotic Bliss Last updated on September 17, 2010
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Odds are at least one of these champs will be banned from ranked. But should they not enjoy.

This build is all about staying in the lane as long as possible.

Lane breakdown

Top/Bot Malphite/Soroka and WW/Janna

Mid goes to Veigar

Lanes are set up this way based off of builds and ability synergy. Soraka's small heal adds armor which goes great with Malphite's Ground Slam. Janna's bubble increases dmg, and WW is know for dishing out insane dmg. Veigar is able to farm AP so mid is good for him.


Malphite: This build is based on his passive, Granite Shield, which absorbs 10% of his max health. He is built as the tank, so he has the high life and armor/MR. This will all reduce the dmg he takes making that shield last long. The armor increases the dmg he does from Ground Slam, and Soraka's Astral Blessing only increases that dmg.

Runes: Malphites runes are meant to help Soraka and increase his dmg output. He has armor Seals so he takes less dmg, and deals more with Ground Slam. Magic Penetration Marks and Glyphs which increase the dmg from Seismic Shard and Ground Slam. Flat health Quintessences to increase his passive.

The Marks and Glyphs might seem out of place, but with the amount of burst Ground Slam and Unstoppable Force deals, would only be increased by these runes. That makes sense to me. And with Soraka's Astral Blessing, I think Malphite can afford to have these runes.

Summoner Spells Malphite being the Tank will have Heal and Cleanse. These both make he hard to chase and kill. It gives him that longevity that gives him intense lane presence. Nothing is more annoying that a tank that heals and is hard to keep still.

Soraka: Is built to keep Malphite in the lane as long as possible. IL will heal along with Astral Blessing, and keep Malphite's health and mana up. She is also built on Auras. Frozen Heart helps keep the dmg from coming too fast and also gives her some armor to reduce squishiness. Will of the Ancients is meant to give Malphite some life gain from his Ground Slam/Ult combos in team fights. Soul Shroud gives Malphite reduced CDs and Mana Regen. Malph with smaller CDs is always fun for those aggressive players. The other part to this build is CDR. Not only for her, but for Summoner Spells.

Runes Soraka's runes are all about CDR and increasing her health. These give her less down time on abilities and in turn gives extended lane presence. Not much else to say about her runes.

Summoner Spells I choose Heal and Clarity. With both her and Malphite having heal, again lane presence. They rotate heal so that their is little down time on them. I choose Clarity due to the fact that Malphite has a shallow mana pool. Yes she can give mana at no cost, but its best to use Infuse to silence. Clarity can be exhanged for Cleanse or Ghost should you so choose.

Veigar the tiny master of evil. This build is all about Mana and AP and Farming. We all know that he is a mana hog early on, so Chalice is a must. I have him with one of every spell at 3 for farming and harassing. Baleful Strike is a must to level as it become available. Getting the last hit on minions and champs will give him AP. Dark Matter helps set up for the Baleful Strike. Event Horizon helps set up champs for nuking, or to stop champs so he can run. He deals a great amount of dmg to mages with his Ult so hope you are faced with a caster. Ive given him a WoA to heal him and others when they deal magic dmg. Cant be a nuke that heals him-self.

Runes Veigar's runes are based of nuking and mana. A deeper mana pool lets him stay in lane longer, and Magic Pen. helps him farm. Thats always a bonus, right? Not much to his runes either. Sorry.

Summoner Spells I like to have Exhaust and Clarity. Exhuast for chasing or getting away, and Clarity for that boost of mana early game. Other spells, Ghost, Clarity, and Ignite are also good for the tiny master of evil.

Warwick This is a different build for WW. Its based off of ArP and Attack Speed. I would build Ghostblade to start for the amount of dmg he can do early on. Especially with Janns keeping him bubbled. He is usually a Jungle champ, but not in this build. He also runs Starks for that self buff and debuff for his prey. As you can see he has insane Lifesteal, but with the ArP he has, you will see the results. He his build for Dmg and thats about it. Having Janna at his back allows for this recklessness.

Runes His runes are simple. ArP and Attack Speed. These all work well with Hunters call and his Ult. Not a lot to say so I wont say more lol.

Summoner Spells I like Exhaust and Ignite. Easy to chase and light them on fire. Lots of uses for these spells. I dont use Ghost Yes, I cant run, but I dont need to chase due to Blood Scent. But if you like Ghost get Ghost. Flash is a good one too. Helps set up Duress if target is too far away.

Janna is WW lane partner. She is built to keep WW in lane longer and to help WW with pushes. She is one of the great dmg dealing support champs. With her disables and slows, she is great at setting up kills for WW. Or for getting away. Her items, IL and SS, help WW in the health, mana, and CD department. Also, since she will get kills and assist in them, Soulstealer is a great item for her. He passive only helps her team. 3% movement is always nice. Makes chasing easier.

Runes This Janna is built on CDR and dmg. These give her amazing lane presence, and allows her and WW to stay in lane longer. With low downtime on EotS WW will always have a bubble and extra dmg. Allowing him to be as reckless as he is savage.

Summoner Spells Ghost and Clarity. Clarity is for WW's shallow mana pool, and to keep her own mana supply steady. Ghost is great for chasing or getting away. Janna is one of those champs that can deal dmg, so sometime chasing isnt a bad thing with her. Ghost allows her to chase, kill, and run. Tailwind, her passive, only buffs that ability.


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