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Team Guide by ZeHamilton

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ZeHamilton

Strong Ult Dependent Team Comp for Summoner's Rift

ZeHamilton Last updated on March 17, 2013
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Orianna Build

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Amumu, The one who wins the game

This guide is only for Amumu! So Don't hate cause I already told you!, go click on Amumu now, cause the guide is only for him! This guide is a mid level guide for Silver 2 - Gold 4

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Early Game

Early game, you need your team to protect your blue, your Amumu and you need the blue really badly to jungle.
Farm as much as possible and get your items, spirit of the ancient golem helps your mana problems.

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Team Fighting

YOU, as the amumu, should initiate ALL the fights.
Here's, how the role should go, Unless they get Quicksilver,Cleanse, or Banshee's try to make them pop it ganking them once or twice.If they waste all their money cause amumu is the biggest threat than just have them initiate fights and fight them.
1. Amumu should land a nice bandage toss near all 5 of them and use his curse of the sad mummy (R)
2. Oriana should shield you and ult getting ALL 5 enemies, this makes a beautiful ace coming up
3. Jarvan should ult on one of them, trapping all 5 enemies, making them all trapped, they are forced to use flash.
4. Lulu should ult Jarvan knocking up 5 of them if none of them flashed, or ulted jarvan fast enough.
5. Miss Fortune should've ulted BEFORE The Lulu Ult, the lulu ult is to make sure they stay in.
6. Should get ace late game, than push to win.


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