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Jinx Build Guide by potatoesgonnapotate

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author potatoesgonnapotate

Student of Destruction - Jinx ADC

potatoesgonnapotate Last updated on October 14, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi all. This is my first guide in mobafire.

I am trying some builds and these are last versions on Jinx.

Still work in progress and may be updated.

I need feedback for perfecting builds. Hope you like it.

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Skill Explanation

Lets start with her skills.

When Jinx destroys a towers, kills or assists a champion, she gains %175 movement speed that decays over 4 seconds.

That's some crazy passive.
Think about it.
Enemy adc is waiting under the turret with some low hp while thinking you can not dive because it's dangerous. Well, that's wrong! Because Jinx is crazy! and her passive is too. You can dive, kill your enemy and run with just one or two tower hits. Same with towers. With your minions you can destroy a tower and escape without caughting.
In team fights you can be Flash without the costume. Even if you don't kill the enemy champion, you still take your passives effect. You can run from someone that realizes you are the pain for his team with assisting a kill!

POW-POW, The Minigun
Auto attack that stacks attack speed. Pretty good ability for early attack speed so you don't need attack speed items for a while. You can stutter step with it in early game.

FISHBONES, The Rocket Launcher
Eats mana but gives longer range and AoE. Great for pushing lane and poking. You can switch weapons for the given situation and take the advantage.

Max it first for attack speed and AoE. you can control the lane with it.

%140 AD rate, slow, true sight with 1450 range. That's just screams "POKE THE ENEMY CHAMPION WITH ME!" ZAP! is doesn't help you so much in team fights.

Max it second so you can poke your enemies, kill your escaping prey, slow enemies so you can run or chase.

Three stun for three different champion. You can't stun a champion two or three times in a row but that's not something you need to fear. Flame Chompers! is a perfect run or chase skill.

Max it last because only gives you stun. You can run, chase but do no damage with it. Maxing it doesn't extend the stun time.

Global ultimate that gets stronger by travelling forward. Gets more damage for the further enemys. deserves his name.

Max it when you can!

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Jinx is easy building character. But she has an expensive build in all way. She screams what items she wants. She wants WHAT IS HELPS HER WITH HER DESTRUCTION! For now I can say Jinxs best friend is because Phantom Dancers ratios goes very well with Jinx!
You don't need on Jinx thanks to You can push lanes easily without If you want two attack speed item on Jinx, all I can say TWO PHANTOM DANCERS!

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Pros / Cons


- gives you attack speed.
- gives you longer range and AoE.
- is a long range poke, slow, true sight in one skill.
- Trustable saver,
- gives you %175 Movement speed on destroying towers or killing champions that decays in 4 seconds.
- She can easily destroy tower and escape.
- Global ultimate.


- Squishy.
- Low sustain and mobility.
- Sometimes not enough to escape.
- Her hits minions.
- Sometimes mana hungry at early game with
- Assassins and gap closers is can easily counter you.

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Marks is for attack damage.

is gives enough AD ratio to Jinx. You can poke enemies with your

Seals is for some armor.

gives you some armor for your enemy adc.

Glyphs is for some magic resist.

gives you magic resist for team fights. I don't think we need flat glyphs. Scaling magic resist is more effective in mid/late game team fights.

Quints is for more attack damage.

is good for this. More damage, more kill.

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Team Work

For Jinx, aggressive supports is the best! You can go with any aggressive support to bottom lane.

I will suggest some supports for Jinx;

Can be best pick as your support.
He can pull enemy to you while you your enemys escape route.
He can peel and slow your enemy.
Gives you some shield and you can cling his lantern for your escapes... That's some Jinxy way to an escape.

She can stun,
she can slow and you can combine your skills. Good teammate for Jinx.

Nami is very good choice for Jinx.
She has heal and can waterprison the enemy champion.
And she have an peel that gives you speed while slows down the enemy champion.

Gems are truly outrageous. Espacially gems that stun your enemy while gives you some armor. OUTRAGEOUS!

She is queen of peels. You can last hit minions without fear with Janna. She can peel any champion on you.
She can give you big amount of barrier and she can heal you while peels the enemy with her R.