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Pantheon Build Guide by Sprekken



Updated on June 10, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sprekken Build Guide By Sprekken 7,673 Views 0 Comments
7,673 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Sprekken Pantheon Build Guide By Sprekken Updated on June 10, 2015
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LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Hey, I'm Sprekken. This is a guide that best represents how I play Pantheon, which is a pretty good way if I say so myself. I'm currently undefeated as Pantheon with this build and play style, so it's definitely working out. I've been very happy with him since the new BC came out. When I say undefeated as Pantheon, I mean that since I started this play style/build, I have never lost a game as him or lost my lane. With this build, you're strong at every stage of the game and you can come back huge, even if you're 0/6/2 (I thought I lost the game for my team for sure). So anyway, I hope this helps some of you improve your Pantheon game.
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Early Game
Keep your potions for when you get low on either health or mana but are full on the other. T just rejuvenate and sustain, use CF. You should wait until you hit lvl 4(if you have Armor Pen Runes) or 5(if not) to get aggressive. At that point, your Q's wil do a LOt of damage and you can just poke your opponent out of lane any time they get close to cs. You can dominate your lane in cs easily by following this pattern. 1. Auto Attack a minion until your passive procs. 2. Wait for minions to go below 15% health so you can get the cs with the gauranteed crit. 3. If your lane opponent attempts to damage off on you, let the passive stop the damage and back off. This will make your minions start attacking him while you take no damage, letting you win the trade. 4. Repeat the process while occasionally throwing Q's if they are doing enough damage to be worth the mana to get them low so you can either keep them away from cs and XP or get a kill if they stay too close.

Mid Game
Panth' Mid Game actually starts when you get your E to lvl 3. If you're behind in lane, this is your time to come back. Use your put to set up ganks and secure kills for team mates and yourself. Go to lane whenever I gets pushed and if you are strong enough, hunt down the enemy jungler to establish blobal dominance.

Late Game
Your late game starts once you have about 5 completed items buttit varies. There is a point when using this build, squishes will die with your full combo, regardless of how fed they are compared to you. Ulting onto them followed by a Q/W/E/Q will make them dead.
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Pros / Cons

-Strong poking power
-Easy last hitting with E passive
-Very Present all over map with ult
-hard to counter 1v1

-No Escapes
-Very Mana Hungry
-Can be beaten with silences
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Pantheon doesn't have escapes, so flash is imperitive in case you find yourself in a bad situation. Teleport lets you go back to the store without risking cs early game and let's you become very present all over the map as soon as you get your ult.
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The crystalline flask is extremely necessary in lane as Panth. The 2 health pots and 1 mana pot allows you to be versatile. Sometimes, you're not losing any health but you're blowing through mana to keep them low on health. That's when you want to just use a mana pot. If you're being oppressed and losing health, the health pots are good so you can still use the CF to regenerate mana when you DO get low on that. The warding totem is just great to make sure you know when the jungler is about to gank you so you don't die. Just common sense. The Brutalizer needs to be rushed after the games start because it makes your Q's do insane damage. At champion level 5 with this guide once you get Brutalizer, your Q's will take at least 15-20% of any opponents health, gauranteed (unless you're already 0/5 in lane at 7 minutes in which case may God have mercy on you child). Your opponent will be extremely afraid of you after you first pull off your full combo. Initiate with a Q, then jump stun them followed by an E to the face. This is where Black Cleaver comes in a lot of handy, because E will immediately get 3 of the 6 max Black Cleaver stacks off and destroy their armor. The Ninja Tabi just gives you a bit of armor and makes you harder to kill. Homeguard is great for getting into range to ult into a team fight from base very fast. It's great for getting to lane if your teleport is down or ult is on cool down. It's great for surprising someone pushing your turret. TP to the turret and run them down with about 800 a move speed. You should try to roam a little bit after you get black cleaver and ult, because it lets you destroy people when used in conjunction with an ADC (Armor Shred). The game changes though once you get Rav. I swear to you that my first game I tried this build, I was 0/6/2 at one point. Once I got my BC and Rav, I became a monster, even though I was stomped. I ended that game 18/7/11, dominating my lane opponent who stomped me and his jungler in 2v1's any day. The great thing about this build is that no matter how bad you do early game, you can still come back in a really powerful way late game. If done right, you become an assassin late game, hunting down squishes and killing them before they have time to feel your spear up their *ss.
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Skill Sequence

Q is Pantheon's main harass tool in lane, letting him wear opponents down until they're too afraid to get close to you for cs. This lets you get a huge advantage in lane because it will eventually give them two options in lane. 1. Go back to base every time they get low and give you complete lane dominance or 2. Stay and try to get CS/XP and die when you use your W/E/Q combo on them. E will actually become your main source of damage later on, as the double damage to champions makes it extremely deadly at higher levels. It also is great for adding lots of Black Cleaver stacks on very quickly. W is more of a utility ability to let you close gaps and hold someone in place for your E, so there's no point in leveling it until last. Once you get ult, it's a very good idea to set up a four person gank if your lane can afford it. Start your ult behind bot lane for example when the jungler is about to go in so they run into you and you deal big damage. Throw a Q, jump with your W, annihilate their health with E, then finish them off with what will undoubtedly be a gauranteed crit Q as they try to run. Having Teleport, Ult, and Homeguard makes you extremely present all over the map, so nobody will feel safe if you get fed.
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The damage output is important so you need 21 in Offense. Many will then put 9 in Defense, but trust me when I say that the extra 50 mana will help you to sustain much better and allow you to use Q's much more often to poke your lane away from cs.
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If you think you can get a Brutalizer pretty fast or if you're up against a champion who you won't need to poke a lot earlier on, go with Attack Speed Quints instead of Armor Pen.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sprekken
Sprekken Pantheon Guide
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