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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gandhiking

Super Galaxy Top 101

Gandhiking Last updated on March 14, 2015
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Threats to Rumble with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Fiora Fiora gets destroyed by Rumble, he can slow her as she dashes and turn around to flame her as she runs.
Garen Same as Fiora, just let him come at you and slow him, then flame him as he runs away.
Lee Sin The by far EASIEST match-up you can get top as Rumble. Lee Sin is downright stupid when it comes to fighting a Rumble, as Rumble can shield almost all his initial damage and follow up endlessly with his Q and E. I have beaten a Lee Sin top with Rumble after disconnecting for the first 5-7 mins of the game. He was level 6 when I was level 1 and yet I still killed him with no ganks a few times over before the end of the laning phase.
Malphite Malphites cry when they see Rumble. They don't do nearly as much AP damage as a rumble and their armor doesn't even phase Rumble in the slightest. Make sure to go in after the slow on his Q is over.
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Welcome to my first guide concerning the surprisingly cocky yordle, Rumble. My summoner name is Gandhiking22, I am a Gold player and someone who enjoys playing Rumble a great deal. Rumble is one of the most fun champions to play on the Rift because of his passive ability Junkyard Titan and his damage potential when USED CORRECTLY. Building the right items is always a plus but Rumble requires a great amount of skill (and a small amount of luck) in order to win games consistently. The day I started writing this guide, I was in a 15 win streak duoing ranked with my adc/supp main friend named Diddlehole. I played Rumble for every one of these games. My friends and I own a YouTube and Twitch account which names are both GanJoDid.

In this guide, I will show you how Rumble has worked for me and allowed me to win 15 ranked games straight, with hopefully more to come. (BTW this is work in progress).

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Pros / Cons


  • No mana
  • Can overheat in order to deal tons of damage :D
  • One of the few AP tops in the game
  • Almost no one knows how to fight a Rumble (because of his unpredictability and insanely surprising damage output when played correctly), giving you the element of surprise

  • Few hard counters
  • Hard to time abilities for new players
  • Difficult to get the hang of farming early game

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Ranked Play

As this guide is focused on playing Rumble in ranked, I will be focusing on the aspects of Rumble that would be best put to use in Bronze/Silver/Gold elos. Attempting this at a higher elo can be unpredictable as I've never tested it, and know of no one that has. Though I would bet it would work just as effectively. I will update this guide as my elo rises and have the required experience and skill to prove that this guide works at even higher elos.

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First of all, overheating is NOT a bad thing by any means. Overheating will allow you to get up close and deal a lot of damage if done correctly. However, overheating should not be abused because being silenced will remove your ability to use your Flamespitter to deal damage. Try to overheat when you are going in for the kill. As you can see in my proof video below, overheating works best when you are going in melee. You should always have 60-79 heat before overheating, and preferably use Rumble's Scrap Shield to speed yourself towards them to get in melee range, and Flamespitter for the additional damage over time. This will allow you to enter full melee with the maximum amount of DPS that you can possibly achieve. Overheating should only be done when you are either sure you are going to get the kill, or you're sure you will win the trade. Doing this after a Riven, Pantheon, Elise or other ability dependent AD/AP champion uses their abilities and are on cooldown is the best possible option.

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OP Rumble Runes


Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration

Greater Quintessence of Spell Vamp

My runes are pretty standard AP runes on a Rumble, except for my addition of the spell vamp quintessence. The idea behind the spell vamp quint is that you can heal off of farming a lot more efficiently, especially if you buy 3 pots every time you recall. Having a total of 3 pots every time you leave the base is an easy way to sustain yourself in lane.

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Sorcery is a necessity on any AP champion, especially Rumble. Sorcery reduces his cooldowns allowing you more flexibility on your heat timings so you can focus on other things.

Expose Weakness
Expose Weakness works very will with The Equalizer as long as you are using it while your team is nearby. Their damage will be increased to compliment yours.

Mental Force
More Ability Power is always good. Increases damage of his abilities.

Spell Weaving
Helps when overheating since it increases spell damage, such as Flamespitter or Electro-Harpoon, when you hit an enemy with basic attacks.

Arcane Mastery
More Ability Power is always good. Increases damage of his abilities. A solid 6 AP is extremely beneficial early game.

Executioner will increase the damage you do to enemies below 50% healt. This will greatly increase your kill potential.

Blade Weaving
This will greatly compliment your Flamespitter into overheat combo. It will be much easier to nuke enemies or secure kills. It also goes well with Spell Weaving

More Ability Power is always good. Increases damage of his abilities. The percent increase will help the most late game when your Ability Power(AP) is very high (15 more ability power at 300).

Dangerous Game
This will allow you to continue laning after securing a kill, or even better, getting many kills. Survivability during teamfights will be improved greatly if you get kills.

Devastating Strikes
Devastating Strikes gives you much needed magic penetration , with the addition of some armor penetration as well. This will help you in all aspects of the game, whether it be bullying your enemy out of farm or securing kills when overheating.

Arcane Blade
Yet again, another mastery that greatly benefits your overheating (who would have guessed?). Your basic attacks at high levels will deal a great deal more damage, which helps when overheating (15 more magic damage at 300 AP).

Havoc increases all your damage by 3%. More damage = more kill potential.

This increases your health regeneration by 2 per every 5 seconds. More sustain is always necessary when laning.

Enchanted Armor
Enchanted Armor helps you survive by giving you 5% bonus armor and magic resistance. If you decide to build semi-tank this will be very resourceful.

Veteran Scars
This increases your health by a solid 36. More health can, very simply, allow you to survive longer and take a little more damage.

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It is difficult to farm early game with Rumble Flamespitter and his basic attacks dealing very little damage without overheating. Farming before level 3 should consist of you using Flamespitter to lower the health of minions and trying your best to basic attack them when they are low. Don't forget that Rumble is an AP champion and therefore his basic attacks do less damage then AD champions except when he is overheating. I know it's easy to get carried away with the idea that your basic attacks do a lot more damage when they actually don't and then missing a few creeps as a result. If you miss a few creeps early its no big deal, late game Rumble becomes a farming god. From about 3-6 you should farm by still using Flamespitter but try to last hit with Electro-Harpoon especially if you are getting bullied out of lane. Overheating when you are alone or under your own turret will help you a great deal when farming, as your basic attacks will deal a lot of more damage and will allow you a lot more flexibility with your estimations of whether you will kill the creeps or not. After 6 you should be farming much easier with Flamespitter, and overheating pretty much whenever you feel comfortable enough to do so.

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Early Game

Early game your job, as is almost every other champion, is to secure as much farm and kills as you possibly can. If you have trouble farming refer to the farming section of this guide for details on how to go about farming early game. Once you get a basic understanding of farming with rumble, you will need a better idea of how to secure kills with him. First, if your enemy is melee or a ranged with very low attack range, try your best to keep the enemy within your Flamespitter's damage AT ALL TIMES while also keeping a few creeps within it as well. If you'd rather not push the lane then aim it directly at your enemy away from the creeps (almost impossible if they are melee or directly in line with the minions), or shoot them with Electro-Harpoon instead. The difficulty implied with singling out enemies with Flamespitter is the main reason why Rumble can outpush almost any champion in the game early on. Watch out for easy ganks when you are pushing. Also, try not to push too hard versus a farming champion such as Nasus, who enjoys farming under turret more than anything. Remember, pushing is harmless as long as you keep a stable amount of wards in the bush in the river which you should already be doing regardless. Secondly, try to always hit your enemy with Electro-Harpoon, as it does a decent amount of damage and can help you poke your enemy down. The idea is to use Flamespitter and Electro-Harpoon to slowly damage your enemy and bring their health low enough for you to finish them off. Finally, when you think you are ready to nuke your enemy, try to make sure your heat is around 40-59.

40-59 Heat

Go in with Scrap Shield, then Flamespitter, followed up by Electro-Harpoon and a few overheated basic attacks. This combo, when done right, can nuke your enemy to death. If your heat is below this point and you don't have time to waste bringing it up, do the same combo and try your best to stay on the enemy until you can overheat. If they die before you overheat, even better. If your heat is over 59, you will have to be more selective with your abilities.

60-79 Heat

This is when choosing which ability you will use before overheating becomes key. I would recommend using Scrap Shield into Flamespitter as to keep you closer to the enemy while protecting yourself from a little damage while dealing a lot of damage with Flamespitter. If you are a little more daring, or your enemy can't run away (cool downs or champion has no escapes + no flash), feel free to try Electro-Harpoon into Flamespitter; though without phage or any movement items it will be difficult to stick to an enemy using this combination. Scrap Shield into Electro-Harpoon should never be attempted unless if your enemy is really far away and you have no other options.

Over 79 Heat

If your enemy likes to run away and has the required speed in order to evade you effectively without being slowed ( Gnar, Evelynn, Garen, Nidalee, Volibear, Jayce), use Electro-Harpoon to slow them down and overheat allowing you to reach them with your basic attacks. If your enemy is slow and fat and annoying ( Renekton, Darius, Jarvan IV that builds tanky) you should use Flamespitter into overheat followed up by a few basic attacks. If you are low but so is the enemy and you have over 79 heat, you should use Scrap Shield in order to stay alive and deal tons of damage to your enemy. THIS IS THE ONLY TIME YOU SHOULD EVER USE SCRAP SHIELD TO OVERHEAT.

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Mid Game

As a top laner, your goal for mid game is to assist your team WHEREVER possible. Go help mid, teleport bot to help your adc get that double kill. Though Rumble isn't as tanky as many other top laners, he deals a great deal more damage instead, especially with a well executed The Equalizer. When your team starts grouping, make sure you have your Zhonya's Hourglass. If your team has a hard engager like Leona or Alistar or Blitzcrank wait for them to go in before using The Equalizer. If you don't have any of these champions on your team, or they refuse to go in -_-, start your fight with The Equalizer regardless, whether you are on the defensive or offensive, and make sure to use Zhonya's active while you're either in The Equalizer's area of affect or you have used Flamespitter, or both. The idea is that since you become a target and the enemy team jumps on you in your abilities, you can simply sit in your abilities and let them do the work while the enemy tries to fight you. This can make or break your team fights, especially if you are the only one going in. If you fail at this your team is likely to blame you for the defeat because you will be dead within seconds of the fight. If you feel unsafe going in in a potential 1v5 while your team is right behind you, don't! Being the first one to engage is always difficult and it WILL ALWAYS be better to wait for an opportunity when your team will definitely come to your aid rather than just hoping they will.

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Late Game

If your team is ahead and extremely fed, you can pretty much just continue the tactics explained in the Mid Game chapter during late game. Continue to pressure your lane while TPing or roaming to other lanes when you have pushed too far. Don't be afraid to take the turret, what Rumble lacks in on hit damage he makes up for in his lane pushing potential. Keep pushing the lane and let the minions do the work if you are too afraid of ganks to walk up to the turret yourself. If your team is behind and has extremely fed the opposing team, you have to be a great deal more cautious about the way you react and respond to enemy movements as well as your own team's. A great idea would be to try your best to avoid team fights as much as possible and focus on laning as much as you can to try to catch up. This includes going to other lanes if your lane is pushed out. The only difference here is you back away from potential team fights. What you do want to look for, is those 1v3 fights on the idiot that got caught off from his team. Scan the map cautiously as you move from lane to lane farming and make sure to see if anyone is doing something stupid. Chances are, if they're fed enough, they will begin to take greater and greater risks since they are less scared of your team. This is when you create a plan and always request your teams assistance with pings. If there are 2 of them taking dragon and you're mid with one of your teammates and the rest are bot, CONVERGE ON DRAGON. Attempt to kill them BEFORE stealing. It's your junglers job to attempt to take dragon with a nice smite, it is your job to keep the enemy from taking it. The key to finding situations like this where you can easily kill off enemies with well executed ganks is.... WARDS!!!! Make sure to buy at least one ward every time you recall as well as bringing and placing the Warding Totem. This well help you a great deal in placing The Equalizer as well. I can't even remember the amount of times where great ward placement has allowed me to secure a few kills in the tight corridors of the jungle with a well placed The Equalizer and great team follow up.

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Here are a few photos of my ranked history using this guide:

Here is a video of me using this guide:

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Mobafire is deleting chapters of my guide and reorganizing it as well, I am very confused as to why this is happening. I will be saving what I have of the guide right now on my computer and will add the deleted sections at a later date(I will have to rewrite them from scratch) until then THANK YOU FOR READING MY GUIDE. It means a lot to me to know I am helping people out.