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Trundle Build Guide by ZealotRush

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ZealotRush

Super Lifesteal Trundle: A Jungler's Guide

ZealotRush Last updated on February 3, 2012
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Latest Major Update: Ziggs Patch

Just letting everyone know that with the new Zeke's Herald out it no longer has a place in the Super Lifesteal Trundle, and has been replaced with an item i've heard a lot of people saying would fit well in this build. So everyone welcome back The Bloodthirster

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Introduction: Why Lifesteal? Wouldnt AD or Tank be better?

Trundle, overall, is a melee dps fighter who excels in fighting tanks and other dps champs, but what is unique about trundle is his large amount of utility which gives lifesteal a little bit more of a meaning. A lot of people overlook trundles natural damage output, his [rabid bite] resets his attack timer meaning if you time it right you can hit 3 times in the time it would normally take you to hit 1 time. With this build that about 600+ damage, and as a jungler you should continually have blue buff which means you can dish out this kind of damage ever 2 seconds. Which is a good bit of lifesteal. Lifesteal trundle also allows for extremely aggressive game play due to the fact that your main source of survivability is dealing damage, the whole idea behind Lifesteal Trundle is the harder you fight the longer you live.

Tank Trundle: Too put it simply i have a problem with tank trundle because he does not have enough cc to be a pure tank. Tank Trundle cannot compete with champions like Cho'Gath, Malphite, or Leona in terms of cc. Trundle does however excels at controlling the battlefield with Contaminate and Pillar of Filth but cannot be properly utilized by Tank Trundle because the 60% attack speed boost from Contaminate pretty much goes to waste, though the movement and crowd control reduction can be useful to a tank. The most tank trundle comes down to is pretty much a meat shield that can move around a lot.

AD Trundle: AD Trundle is amazing for dishing out damage. He deals much more damage than Lifesteal or Tank Trundle but doesn't have as much survivability as Tank or Lifesteal Trundle which means he has a hard time lasting in a team fight, of course there is the option of off tanking with Atma's Impaler for a sturdier AD build which works but i find that lifesteal offers much more utility over AD and Trundle is a master when it comes to utility.

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Pros / Cons

-Quick Jungle
-Gratuitous Amount of Utility
-Skilled Fighter

-Self healing reliant
-Overpowered by burst damage

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Skills / Applications

*Application* this is Trundle's passive so to use it well all you have to do be chilling around dying things. It works well for jungling because after killing the stronger neutral monsters it heals you for a significant amount.

*Application* This is Trundle's main source of attack damage. It has a very low cool down and should be spammed. There is a very interesting aspect to this move though and that is that it resets Trundles attack timer which means if you time it right after you attack you can deal a significant amount more damage, so timing is everything!

*Application* While Trundle is within his contaminate zone he is significantly stronger. Which means that when you engage you want to make sure that you are fighting on it at all times. It also works well for making a quick escape. If you throw it down in front of you while running away it will increase your movement speed and if you combine it with Pillar of Filth it is almost impossible to catch him especially in the jungle! The movement speed increase can also be used in combination with Pillar of Filth for chasing if you put your target between the pillar and Trundle.

*Application* This is in my opinion Trundle's most useful move. The pillar has a lot of utility and can be used effectively in 4 different ways, but no matter how you use it this ability can mess you up if you use it at the wrong time so be smart on the placement of the pillar.

1. Initiating/Ganking: You should always lead into a fight with pillar. If you place it on the opposite side of your target that you are on or in another strategically placed spot you can not only slow your target but you can actually cut off one of his major escape routes this is extremely effective if you follow this action with Contaminate because it allows you to have complete control of the battlefield in a gank situation.

2. Supporting: If an enemy champion is killed by an ally and was slowed by your pillar it counts as an assist, so it is totally worth it to use your pillar to hinder an enemy that your ally is chasing by blocking him off and buying time for your ally to get the kill. Not only that but if you see an ally who is "of lesser intelligence" and you notice that they about to walk into a trap you can place it right in front of them which will inhibit their ability to walk into a trap.

3. Escaping: It can be used to save you or your allies life as in a few situations. For example lets pretend that you and/or your ally are being chased and the enemy is gaining on you or your ally you can place it directly in between them which will allow you to gain a good amount of distance.

4. Trapping: *In Jungle Only* Now for the fun part. As a jungler you should be able to gank fairly well already but if you happen to spot an unsuspecting victim in the jungle you can use your pillar to trap them. Many of the passages and entrances to the jungle are very narrow and because the pillar itself counts as a structure you can quite literally use it to pin your target in a corner that you create while you reduce them to nothing. Be careful with this however, if the target has friends nearby you could seal your own fate as well.

*Application* This move is Trundle's other damaging move. It deals two types of damage. It damages directly upon cast and then deals additional damage over time equivalent to the amount of damage initially dealt. So its can be used like a mini Ignite. It is also very effective in grabbing the kill if you use it in combination with Ignite. There are 3 ways of using this move that i have found work very well.

1. Creating a Target: This move makes the enemies significantly weaker and much easier to kill so try using it to create a target for yourself or your team in a team or solo fight.

2. Weakening Tanks/Tanking Because of how this ability works it is very effective if used on an enemy tank. It makes the tank so much easier to kill, this also will make Trundle into a bit of a tank for the duration of the move. Use this to your advantage.

3. Last Hitting From A Distance: Because this is Trundle's only ranged attack it can be used to get the last hit from an enemy target who is running away from you or a team mate. It is also good to take advantage of this last hit tactic in team fights. This application for Agony is very effective against people who rely on blink to get away.

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Creeping / Jungling

Jungling has become extremely easy in the new patch, I'm pretty sure i could teach a monkey how to do it. You can literally start anywhere and use any pattern with trundle but this is what i like to do.

Start with a Vampiric Scepter at Blue Golem, Wolves, Wraiths, Lizard Elder, and Double Golem. And at that point you can gank or keep triangling around from Double golem to wolves to wraiths, and if you killed blue first he will spawn shortly after the 7 min mark. But the goal should be lvl 6 at 7 mins.

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What To Do Against Heavy AP Burst Champions

As you may have figured out by now the easiest way to counter this type of build is AP burst damage, because if you can burst him down before he can make his lifesteal useful then he is done for. This is exactly the case but there are some ways around it. First of all at the start of the game you should take note of all, if any, AP burst champs Lux, Veigar, LeBlanc and champions like this are what you want to look out for.

Things To Keep In Mind:

1) Mercury's Treads

2) Now during your jungle/ganking phase of the game the easiest thing to do is STAY WAY FROM THEM! This wont work all the time but when you can avoid them you should and try to seek kills in other lanes unless you know you can over power them.

3) Something a little more practical is to know your enemy. What I mean by this is that often times burst mages have some sort of pattern that you can follow and use to your advantage. For example Brand is able to stun and deal a massive amount of damage quickly because of this, but what is interesting about Brand is that his cool down for Pillar of Flame is almost double that of his other abilities, knowing this allows you to realize that he is at his weakest right after he uses Pillar of Flame which is the most opportune moment to attack.

4) Most importantly there are two items worth considering adding to this build. When fighting burst mages this item can be quite literally the difference between life and death. Hexdrinker will save your life! It gives you 30 magic res, and offers a spell shield that will absorb 300 damage, and gives a little bit of AD as well. This is especially useful for early/mid game. If you don't think that you need any AD and want a little more attack speed then Wit's End is another great choice! it offers a bit of attack speed with 30 magic res, and a buff on your normal attack that gives you additional magic res.

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Marks: I get flat damage because they increase the damage output of trundle's Q: rabid bite. This allows for faster jungling and a better early game gank.

Seals: I get armor because these too allow a more smooth jungle and the extra armor is nice to have.

Glyphs: Cool down allows just a little bit of an extra boost for rabid bite as well because it will allow you to use trundle's Q more, this will stack with the cool down bonus you get from maintaining blue.

Quints: The utility and lifesteal you get from having the extra 6% when a lifesteal item is your first item and not only that the theme of the build, how can you complain!?

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I am in love with the Vampirism for trundle! If your starter item is a Vampiric Scepter then you start with 15% lifesteal! but other than that the defensive armor from Hardiness is good to have. Getting Scout is a good idea for any jungler that uses Wriggle's Lantern and don't forget to get Runic Affinity !

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The order of the items is quite important but there are a few ways to do it, and even if you choose to replace a few items to fit your style with this build i highly recommend keeping the following: Wriggle's Lantern, Frozen Mallet, The Bloodthirster, and The Black Cleaver. Explanations for why it is worth it to keep these items are addressed when each item is addressed in this description.

Wriggle's Lantern is a definite for this trundle build because it allows him early lifesteal as well as armor and damage as we all know. It is also in my opinion an item that any trundle should have as well as an essential jungler item. It does not matter how you start building this item because trundle is capable of jungling with a Vampiric Scepter or a cloth armor and 5 health potions.

Mercury's Treads work well with Trundle because it makes him slightly more resistant to magic damage, and increases his resistance to crowd control which will stack with the reduction you get with Contaminate


Boots of Swiftness because i like the extra speed boost and the even further speed increase while in Trundle's Contaminate.

Berserker's Greaves also work well with trundle because it grants him extra attack speed which is devastating when used along with Contaminate

Frozen Mallet this item is a MUST for trundle there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't have this item in any trundle build. It gives him a slow for every attack which will stack with the red buff this slow is important for one reason, it allows you to keep people who are running away from you close to you, and you can keep people in your contaminate zone for just a bit longer which does make a large difference. What i often do is build phage then get my emblem of valor and after finish frozen mallet.

The Bloodthirster This item is great for not only the extra lifesteal and its damage. This item gives this build a very strong bit of survivability through fighting, combat is the key to surviving with this item. To use it to its best survive by fighting

The Black Cleaver is perfect for this build due to the attack speed but what i like most about this item is its unique passive. The armor reduction will help you get kills with Agony almost every time. As we should know Agony reduces armor and magic res while giving a portion of it to trundle, while this is happening it makes trundle capable of doing more damage to his target. Black Cleaver allows you to further this idea of reducing the enemy while it will also allow trundle to heal more using his lifesteal.

Guardian Angel is a great finishing item to top off this build because while you have the aura it gives room for much more aggressive game play and increased survivability.

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Summoner Spells

Heal personally i find heal to be very useful for lifesteal/spellvamp characters for a few reasons. It has a great amount of utility and can be used in various ways: escaping, tower diving, tricking your enemies into thinking they can kill you and things of the like, but it is in no way necessary!

Smite this is a MUST for any jungler!

*Alternatives for Heal*

*These are not all the possible things you can do but i have found that these can work very effectively*

Ignite this works well in combination with Agony to easily grab a kill.

Exhaust this can be used to keep enemies for getting off of your contaminate zone and chasing to help get kills.

Flash can be used to catch those pesky people you cant seem to finish or for a quick get away.

Ghost if used in combination with Contaminate and Pillar of Filth it is virtually impossible for your target to escape you, it also increases your survivability if you need to run.