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Rammus Build Guide by PP5464

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PP5464

Super Tanky Rammus

PP5464 Last updated on July 10, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my super tanky rammus build that has allowed me time and time again to go into a group of 5 opp's and come out alive after the team fight and while beening hit by a tower
enjoy the build peeps!

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just buy health quentisses, armor seals or marks and magic resist for both the others glyph and (marks or seals)

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i start with dorins shelid u dont have to though. then i get my full merc threads boots,

then i get either thornmail or force of nature depending on what i facing. then i get w/e

one of the 2 i didn't get first. then i get abyssal scepter for more magic resist and some

damage, than i get a sunfire cape to do more dmg and have more health and armor. and end

my build off with a guardin's angel. with this build fully complete i can with my w

activated hve around 425 armor and 440 magic resist which is really stupid in a team fight

it takes around 13 seconds for a 5v1 against me to die with w active lol anyway enjoy sry

for the stupid lookoing guide im just lazy anyway enjoy!

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Skill Sequence

the reason i go with this skill sequence is because it works very well early game against a

attack dmg or magic dmg carry such as ashe or veigar. of course i start with powerball (Q)

its a fast way of getting back into lane very fast. and then i go into defense curl (W) and

rammus' taunt (E) which i alternate till level 6 and then of course get tremours (R) and

then i alternate defesive curl and taunt again till i can't anymore than get a powerball

or w/e than another tremours and than alternate (W) and (E) till there done and then get

powerball and and the last tremours at lvl 16 of course. anywy its more to get you tanky

and a better savior of quishies due to ur taunt being such a high level early.

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Team Work

This build makes yu definitly the starter of team fights for your team but remember 2 make

sure your team knows when ur going in to start it and make sure ur team is definitly going

in and backing u up or its bye bye tank rammus in around 10-15 seconds lol

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Ranked Play

This build work quite well in ranked but if u get killed early and r unable to get at least

boots and thornmail b4 laning is done your pretty much in hot water by then but gl anyway lol

my best game in ranked as rammus was 11/2/24 i died twice at the end tanking towers for my

team but they kept running away after our minions were gone stupid team lolol!

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Summoner Spells

The reason i get ignite is for her***al really game against quishies in lane cause if they

go after us there more likely to be below half health afterwards and as they run away i put

ignite on them 2 hopefully kill them or just make them go b t base. ghost is pretty straight

forward to get into fights faster powerball with boots and ghost make rammus go really fast


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Pros / Cons


1. you are super tank when ur (W) is active over 400 of both armor and magic resist

2. ur taunt early game can be super helpful in lane when a opp champion is taking ur tower

u can taunt him for a bit and make attack u while also having ur d=d curl (W) active as

well to do additional dmg often causing u to get a kill on said opp champion.

3. u can kill any champion with this build pop (E) to taunt then (W) for super Defense and

then (R) for tremours if required usually it is but hey get the kills and assists while

you can.

1. Once ur taunt is on cooldown ur team is in trouble esp. if alot or all are quishy champs
so ake sure to taunt their biggist dmg dealer first example a fed veigar or mf or ashe.
2. use tremours wisely and always leave buffs for teamates if u take buffs from ur carry your hurting yourself and your team overall. u don't need buffs trust me!

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Rammus' tremours are a great way to farm huge crowds of ememies but its better used in a team fight