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Taric Build Guide by Rusaki

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rusaki

Supp-Taric - The outrageous Gem-Master

Rusaki Last updated on April 4, 2014
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Hello everyone. I am ShadowLunaris and I'm playing several champions on several lanes. Most times im playing Maokai, Jarvan IV, Swain, Mordekaiser and Taric. And the last one is the object of this Guide.

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Pros / Cons

Taric deals a good amount of damage while his Health and Armor are good. This makes him to a perfect Tank at the Bot-Lane. He's a wonder against Caitlyn and her Ult.

Taric can stun enemies for maximum 1.6 seconds. Thats very effective on a Tryndamere that ganks from behind: Stun him, get his Ult out, Stun him in his Ult and let the ADC pick up the kill.

Tarics W gives your ADC bonus armor that is cool in Laning Phase.

Tarics R is very strong with an ADC to get the kill.

Tarics Q is virtually nothing without an AP-Build. In a Full-Tank and Support-Item-Build it is very bad (but activates the passive).

Taric is easily countered by strong AP-Supports like Lux and Annie.

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You already noticed that my Itembuild is Aura-based. We want to give our ADC the possibility to kill everything in his/her range. Well its important to start with Ancient Coin because otherwise you would have like 0 money. With your first Recall, you should buy Nomad's Medallion and Ninja Tabi. Then I highly recommend to buy Zeke's Herald and your ADC will thank you for the extra damage and extra Lifesteal. After that youre buying Aegis of the Legion to raise the defense and the last Item should be Frozen Heart. Meanwhile you can upgrade Nomad's Medallion and Aegis of the Legion.

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The Laning Phase

Let your ADC farm while youre pissing of the enemies by stunning em. If your ADC is good, he will get First Blood while Level 1-2. Play aggressive. Youre getting money when your ADC farms or when your Minions kill the enemies Minions so you can stun the enemy until they get sick of it and are attacking to give your ADC a free kill. When you attack: First stun the enemy and directly use your W if the enemy is in range, cause it reduces the enemies Armor (thats why you should get your W by hitting Level 2). Use Exhaust as soon as your ADC is near the target! You wont have to heal your ADC often so you dont have to concentrate on your Q. But invest one point on it by Level 3 so you can use it if youre low on health. After you get Zeke's Herald and your R, you should be able to get a great amount of assists. And after that, the Teamfights begin.

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In Teamfights, every Champ in your Team that is involved in the Fight benefits of your Aura-Items. You have to be aggressive but dont overextend. When you die, your team loses the Aura-Effects and that can be deadly. Use your R when you can hit at least 2 enemies (in Teamfights, as this Section says) and use your W as often as you can. Use Exhaust on the ADC or a fed Toplaner and if you see an enemy running, Flash to him, hit him with your W and basic attacks to get a kill on your own. The more AD-Champs are in your team, the better is the result of the Teamfight.

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Last Word

That was my Taric-Guide. If you have any questions or if you need tips on him or anything, feel free to message me. Ill answer any question about Taric.