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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tengs92

Support: What and Why

Tengs92 Last updated on April 10, 2013
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What is support?

This is a guide for you guys who want to become a support. In this guide I will talk about what a support is, what he/she do and how you can become a better support player.

First off: What is a support?
A support is a player that choose their champion in order to protect the AD carry.
The AD Carry is most often Range and only build high damage item. This means that they
dont have any CC (Crow Control; Stun, snare, slow, etc) or tanky items. This make them a
easy target for the enemy team. Your job as a support is to stick to the AD carry and protect them with you life (in game life!). You can do this many different ways and I will be showing you some
off them here in this guide.

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Support: The Basic

Now as you know what a support is and what their task is, let me tell you some basic support things you got to do.

1. Go with your AD Carry, just to make sure remember to go with your AD Carry. I wont talk about
this now but from time to time ADC and Support goes other places than Bot lane, but right
now lets just focus on ADC and Support playing botlane.

2: Ward. The ward item is found under consumable and cost 75g or 125g. But lets focus on the standard ward for 75g and worry about that fancy pink ward later.
Some good warding spots for botlane

The ward give you a temporary vision over a small area for 3 minutes, this is something that give you a huge advantage because you don't want their Jungler or Mid to just walk into your lane and kill your adc and you because then the ADC will not be able to farm or gain exp.

3. Let the ADC farm.
The AD Carry is a late game role, which means that they will need a lot of farm to get there.
They rely on items, so you wont be taking any of the farm unless your alone. Be careful from
just standing still, because your character might just start auto attacking. A trick is to
press: Ctrl-S to just stand still.

4. Gold
As you wont farm you will not get a lot of money in general, so the recommended thing to do is to get GP10 items. GP10 Means Gold Per 10 Seconds.

GP10 Items:

Philosopher's stone: Cost 700G gives: Health and Mana Regen and 5GP10
This is the GP10 item that gives you the most gold, and it can be build
into some pretty good support items to.

Kage`s Lucky pick: Cost 765G gives: abillity power and 4GP10.
This is a item that most offensive supports go, when you want to poke a deal
some damage, it can also be upgraded into the only strong GP 10 Item in the game.

Avarice Blade: Cost 800G gives: Critical Strike, 3GP10 and 2 Bonus gold when you kill something.
Basically you wont get this, its expensive and give you useless stats and since you wont
be last hitting stuff there is no need for the passive. And it does not build into any cool
support items.

Just a note: remember when you are in base to always pick up wards, but dont buy to many as you
need GP10 and other support items.

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Support: What champion do I pick?

This is always a tricky choice, my recommendation is to find 3 or 4 support champions you like
and play them constant. The more you play a selected few champions the faster you will master them and become a skilled support. Im not talking about learning the character, im talking about mastering them and get some insane skills with them. It takes maybe 100-200 matches with them, but its worth it! But remember, if you dont think its fun to play that champ, dont do it. We play this game to have

So here is some support champions:
(I will make a more complete list on the bottom)

A big cow with scary CC, also got a nice heal that heals EVERYTHING around him.
He is a good offensive support that brings a lot to the team. Best in the front likes
and got a nice skill setup to do this. In lane phase he is a beast from level 2, as he can
lock down their adc for a good while. You can get him for free if you subscribe to the youtube
channel to Riot Games, and you will get a awesome skin!

Here you can find a good guide on how to play alistair:
Alistar Guide

This robot is just bad ***. This is the guy you want if you want to invade the enemy jungle in level 1. But that we will talk about another day. Blitzcrank is a very offensive support that can
bring a enemy to your teams so you can easy kill him alone, but be careful: Dont grab a Garen or someone else who will just wreck your team. He does not have any heal or boost to your ADC but a
high burst early on makes him a fearsome Support.

But remember, its allowed to miss grabs! Dont feel offended when people complain about it, its
harder than it looks!

A good guide for Blitzrank!

Now its time for my favorite Support of all times:

Janna - The storms fury.
This champion brings a lot to the table, for the first you got a great passive that gives everyone
on your team bonus movementspeed. She got some hard CC and the coolest ult in the game, where she knocks all enemies away and heal your team around her. A hard support to master, but all Janna players knows that they can turn the tide in a battle if they are skilled enough!

I recommend this Janna Guide:
Janna takes control!

Most probably one of the most picked Supports ever in League of Legends. But she got some good
reasons to be picked, she got good poke and heals, and her ultimate can lock down the entire enemy team if used right! A Squishy champ but no need for tanky items when you got movement speed burst
from a skill, just be careful about that mana!

Le Support Sona Guide

Xin Zhao!
Many will just say this is a joke, but I got a point to prove. Almost any champion can be support if played right. I did not find any support guides for Xin Zhao but I play him as support from time to time, so if people ask me to I will make a guide for him.

Here are just some quick reasons to pick him as support:
Passive: Lowers the enemy armour by 15%, this means your adc will deal more damage
Skill 1(q): High damage and a knock up, easy target for your adc.
Skill 2(w): Gives him attackspeed and life each third hit, then he can take more damage and
he does not need to build offensive items to get good stats.
Skill 3(e) A jump with AOE slow, this just makes it all perfect as you can just jump on
their adc and serve him on a silver plate for your ADC.
Ultimate (r) Knocks all enemies around him away and does % damage. Then you can easly protect your
ADC with just a quick knockback.

This is just some off what he can do, but Hope you will see why Xin Zhao fits as a support to!

Here is a list over recommended Supports for new players and a good guide how to play them:

Alistar - Tanky tank
Blitzcrank - The Grab master
Janna - Janna takes control!
Kayle - She is what you want
Leona - The offensive tank!
Lulu - The never ending poke
Lux - Firing my laser!
Nami - Never ending waterflow!
Nautilus - Dive deep into the enemy team
Sona - Le Support Sona Guide
Soraka - Send the Banana on the enemies!
Taric - Dont buy the pink skin!
Thresh - Grabbing is op
Zyra - Nasty girl grib!


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