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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dailin877

Support your team!! V1.2

dailin877 Last updated on March 20, 2011
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This is a guide to help people looking to support their team do exactly that.
The first team of champions here are those i have found that assist the team flawlessly whether by keeping them alive or preventing damage taken.
The second team of champions tend to support the team through some healing, but can also tank or deal damage moderately well even in the support builds.
The order here is just the order i added them into the builder, not best-worst.
The items on each one are just different build for different occasions.

(UPDATE)- quoting C1ockwork after our first game against each other-"Your guys fought in mid for like 15 minutes straight." You team will enjoy the the constant pressure allowed by having a strong support behind them.
WARNING: playing a support with most of these builds should lead to a score like 3-3-15.
If your assists are 3+ times your deaths u did your job.
If you got kills at all, stop kill stealing :P

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Team 1- primary supporters
1 - Sona(fast casting ability spammer) her support is mainly the aura she keeps up. just by standing with your party ur are helping, i advise a high aura item build to assist.

2 - Soraka(power heals) there is no support like hers. Her final allows her to heal every ally champion 500+ points instantly, CDR is a must so that this can be used as often as possible

3 - Janna(Aoer) janna is hard to explain but think area and u got it. her tornado messes up enemy everything and her shield can be applied to turrets, advise moderate ap.

4 - Karma(chaser support) thats right when built to this champion will help your ganker chase gank fast. Nothing helps like a 2 person 20%/40% movement increase, advise high mana regen and spell vamp

5 - lux(offensive support/CC) this champion does something i enjoy alot.... kill. With the shackle and slow combo of her abilities u can really end all to the pour squishies. Also lux supports alot by keeping enemies shackled and slowed.

team 2- off support (updated)
1 - Taric - is a good tank healer combo. his final allows him to grant attack damage to everyone while living through brutal punishment and his heal hits himself and one other.

2 - Galio - mainly a tank but does have a couple group friendly abilities. His righteous gust can help your team chase. And weak as it may seem bulwark does heal decent against AS champions.

3 - Nidalee - this druid is awesome for long duration fighting. Her cat form abilities work without mana and are atleast mildly based on the ranks you place in them. Her Javelin toss does great damage from max range. Last but not least her heal has great AP ratio.

4 - Alistar - This brute usually gets over looked but he is a healing machine. The CDR/AP mix on him allows him to heal everything around him, might not be as well or far as soraka's final, but she cant do it every couple of seconds

5 - Kayle - This lil lady is the hybrid master, turning AD into AP and AP into AD. With a good sting from reckoning and righteous fury her damage is great. Her final is a 2 second invul that can be used on others. Her heal isn't as high as others but it will help escape or chase

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I chose 0-21-9 for a few important reasons.
the CDR that is lost from 9-0-21 is easily made up for with just a couple items that i already advise in the build.

Defensive masteries grant some early game survivability and 4% aP increase to help make up for the build not feeding you tons of it. Not to mention taking 4% less damage from everything helps alot.

Utility masteries grant you the bonuses to both the advised summoner spells as well as some health and mana regen. Some might give up the utility for 9 in offense gaining the ap,cdr, and magic pen. which isn't a bad idea but teleporting faster might save a tower you need to be at, and ally in time to save him. As well as claritying teammates for double a nonmasteried champ would is always nice, this means your allies can stay in combat longer. Afterall not every champion can run on the health your granting forever.

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The runes i use are the runes above.

the force in marks, glyphs, and quints grants enough to truly bring up the overall AP built without spending any money.

The mana regen helps keep the mana your spamming assisting champions up. An oom support is a useless one.

I am open for some ideas on this.

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Abilities and summoner spells

I chose clarity for same reason as mana regen runes. An oom support is a useless one.

And teleport because it is important to be with ur team to support them.

The skill sequences always vary based on the enemy champions so try not to take what i have listed above to whole heartedly. But they were orderred as they are for decent reasons.

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Item builds

Shurelya's Reverie- i have as the first item in each build. this isn't nescessarily the first item to buy but it is very useful for every support champion. the health and regen will keep u personally alive. CDR is a must for each support, but not all need to have 40%. most importantly the activation, which is a movement speed burst to help u and all straggling champions engage or escape.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity- more CDR never hurts

Aegis of the Legion- i really like this item as a support, it grants not just you but friendlies armor, magic resist, and damage.

(UPDATED) A couple substitutes for these are

Soul Shroud- Health + Aura(mana regen + cdr)

Morello's Evil Tome- AP + mana regen + CDR

After these the builds tend to vary alot on personal preference and enemy champions

ARMOR(shown by soraka)

Frozen heart - mana + armor + CDR + aura(slows enemy champ AS by 20%)

Zhonya's hourglass - armor + AP + active(2 seconds invul)

Sunfire cape - armor + health + aura(40 damage)

MAGIC RESIST(shown by sona)

Spirit Visage - health + MR + CDR + UP(heals effect you more)

Abyssal Scepter - MR + AP + aura(enemy champions have 20 less mr)

Quicksilver Sash - MR + active(cleanse debuff)

HEALTH(shown by janna)

Rod of Ages - health + mana + AP

Rylai's Crystal Scepter - Health + AP + passive(ur spells slow enemies)

Banshee's Veil - health + mana + UP(eats one neg effect off u)

ABILITY POWER(shown by lux and karma)

this one really varies on how you like to build but here are some decent choices

Rabadon's Deathcap - AP + UP(+30% more ap)

Void Staff - AP + UP(40% magic pen)

Will of the Ancients - AP + aura(AP + Spell vamp)

Lich Bane - AP + mana + MR + movement speed + passive(skills add ap to next attack)

Archangel's staff - Mana + AP + passive(up to 1k mana as u cast) + stackable passive(3% of mana to ap)

(UPDATED)Some of team 2 have items to help them do their original design more then support.

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Hope u enjoy making ur squishies seem like tanks and ur tanks unkillable.

hope everyone understands a good support should be in every team. Tanks aren't the best thing in the game. Well atleast a group of all tanks. But a good support will help your team run rampant.

Last but not least. I would appreciate people to send some real feedback on the differences amongst the 5 listed here. Tell me which champion you like most, which build you use with them, and what you did for your team to help them win.

(UPDATED) Do to popular demand some of the support i left out in team one have been added, I don't play them as often so some Errors in their builds may be there. I will be working through them over next couple of days please help if you know something.


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