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Poppy Build Guide by DramaLlama

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DramaLlama

Suppy (support Poppy) 5.14

DramaLlama Last updated on July 29, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 2


Utility: 7

Threats to Poppy with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Thresh Does about zero damage, CC isn't that scary for poppy. Ult him during teamfights and it's basically invincible for 7 seconds.
Leona Same as thresh, doesn't dish much damage, and easily maneuvered over. Ult her in teamfights.
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Why Poppy?

Poppy is a champ that people often neglect because they deem her "Underpowered," etcetera, but is actually really OP.
You don't want to miss her awesome (most amazing on league) skill sets right now, before the "rework (NERF) hammer" hits her. *coough cry* Zilean *cough cry*

Nobody plays Zilean anymore, was OP but underplayed, now ****py and sitll underplayed.

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Poppy's Passive

Poppy's Passive is one of the greatest passive in the game.

It reduce All damage that exceeds 10% of her CURRENT HEALTH, by 50%.
Notice it's CURRENT HEALTH, and not Maximum.
That's a huge game-changer.

Poppy's Passive procs AFTER Def/MR/Health Calculation, meaning the more def/mr you build, the less likely it'll proc. So don't build tanky, unless you're going full tank (which imo, is not smart).

Poppy Passive calculate Each Damage individually.
What does that mean?
It mean she's weak against champs such as Warwick, Teemo, FiddleStick, Malzahar, etcetera.

Poppy's Passive does not trumps True Damage, meaning if you're Poppy Top, and there's a darius; the weather is: you're Fu*ked.

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Poppy's Q

One important thing to know is that it is MAGIC DAMAGE.
Meaning even if you crit, it's still Magic Damage.
This makes Poppy a Hybrid.
You don't need magic/armor penetration on Poppy.
Her Q can do 1.8k crit with my full build.
: )

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Poppy's W

Great skill~
26% movement speed for 6 seconds, low cool-down.
Grants passive damage/defense.
Use to chase/escape/in tough situation/duel.

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Poppy's E

One important thing about Poppy's E is that it's a bit glitchy, since Riot hasn't updated her for a very long time. It can be canceled mid cast, and still go on cooldown without doing anything.

It does not trumps other champions' push, such as Alistar Headbutt/Vayne's Condemn Shot.
Meaning if both of you cast at the same time, yours will be canceled, and goes on cooldown.

What's great about it though, is that it goes great with her kit. Great escape, Great gap closer, and it's what will get your adcs kills during the early laning phase.

Tip: There are many ways of maneuvering to make 100% use of this skill, such as flash-wall stun, or using Ascension and W to BYPASS escaping champion and use it to push them back.

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Poppy's Ult

It gives 20/30/40% more damage to your target, and make you invincible to everything else.

You can use it to dive low health support/adc and tank the turret for your adc to get the kill.

The Damage Boost is what makes it tough to decide, to ult the ADC, or the Support.

That is entirely up to your gameplay.

But during a duel, it's a superb skil.

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Why Poppy support? Full AD Poppy Support? Are you a troll?

Poppy Support can dish both Super High Damage, and CCs, and Tankiness, And Ultra-High maneuverability. In my opinion, it is much better than a Janna/Leona who builds full ultilities like sightstone, Ascension, etcetera.
Do you want a support who can set up kills/assassinate(just smash) 2-3 squishies in teamfight without taking damage, has 3 wards on the map, 634 movement speed, 1vs1 anyone on the other team and has scores like 11-2-12, or a typical Leona who's building ultilities and going 0-7-12.

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Suppy is Sooo Unorthodox!!!

Do you want a 0-12-17 Leona as support? Or do you want a 12-2-16 Poppy :)

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You want Gp/5 Runes because you want to gain the advantage of having sheen early and winning your lane. You'll also get nearly the same amount of gold that your ADC is getting, without taking farms.

Plenty of times, I actually have way more gold than my adc, because I take kills/farms end-game during backdoor/assassinate phase.

You do not need Damage/Def/Health runes (which I'll explain next)

Basically, Poppy runes is very flexible. You could go for a bit tanky with def/MR runes, or look for sustain (I personally don't need) with HP Regen. Or, my personal favorite, GP/5 Runes.

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Tanky Poppy

Tanky Poppy IS A MYTH.

It does not exist.

Why? She's got a shield and all

The main reason Poppy shouldn't have any tanky item at all is because her passive, most OP passive in the game, PROCS after the def/hp calculation. Meaning the more def you build, the less likely your passive will proc.

So, Say a certain Vayne attacks you with 150 AD, normally you'll take 75 damage after your passive proc.

Now, If you build a couple defense, or worse, some HP, your passive will now NOT proc, but hey, you have defense/hp now, so you will now take 75 damage after your defense proced, but not your passive.

bottomline is, hp/defense is a waste on poppy, especially during teamfights, you'll be ulting some useless "ultilties" support/tank, and taking zero damage.

So basically, building def/mr doesnt really affect Poppy's tankiness much, unless you go full tank(which sucks).

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Totem -> Sightstone

Sightstone can only store 4 ward, cost 800g-1600g, takes up one valuable slot, needs to be recharged by B'ing, and gives HP that Poppy doesn't need.

Totem Upgrade only cost 250g, can be infinitely casted(charged), doesn't take up vauluable slot, the only downside is that it can only be upgraded at lv9. Not that big a deal.

P.S: Feel free to cuss out teammates who's feeding and blaming you for not warding, when in fact, you've already got 3 wards on the map in important places.

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Who to Ult?

Choosing who to ult is tricky, essentially you always want to ult the support/low damage jungle, and smash the squishies. But sometimes, you can also ult a fed dps that's squishy, such as Jinx, just so that you can 1hko him early with 40% damage boost. In most cases, the squishie DPS will try to outrun you, instead of dueling you, because he/she knows you'll 1hko him/her.

But because Poppy has 612 movement speed, and a slow from BoTRK, and a flash, that is not a problem.
You can then proceed to smashing the tankies or whoever is left.

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Wall Stunning

It takes a little practice, but what's great about Poppy's wall stun is that Poppy charges her E, which works as a gap closer, or escape(on minion), and effectively giving you opportunity to Q, or even use it as a peel for your adc/etc.

It basically takes practice, but not hard to master because angling the stun is easy with 612 movement speed.

If your adc is Vayne/Jinx try to get them to synchronize with you to do a double wall stun/traps.

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Early Game

Number 1 Important thing is to synchronize with your adc, tell him early that:
"I am full ad poppy, I upgrade totem instead of buying sightstone, attack when I wall stun, and please last hit, and try not to push"

If you have adcs such as Kalista/Vayne/ecetera, tell her your plans before hand, such as asking kalista to Ult ONLY AFTER YOU DIVE, and not while you have your ult up.

Or try to get Vayne to double-stun with your wall stun.

Feel free to cuss out any adcs who doesn't listen and keep pushing the lane. Just bail them and let these types of adc feed, so that your teammate will help you scold the adc aswell.

You should NEVER be agressive during early-laning phase.

Basically wall-stunning is the key to setting up kills, maneuver around the bush, go in and out, and try to threaten the opposing team to get near a wall, then you use E to set up a wall stun/ a kill for your adc.

If you wall stun a half or low health ADC/ or support, and they have a unused heal summoner, use ignite.

The Key to dishing Extra Damage when you have a sheen is timing the 1 to 1.5 second cooldown on your Q after you wall stun someone with E, this way, Sheen will proc twice.

However, Don't be shy in Q'ing early if you think a flash/escape is coming.

Also, don't be shy on focusing squishy supports, if wall stunning is possible.

If the opposing team's adc/support is very low under tower, Ult the support and use E>Q combo to close the gap and take the kill.
If it's the support that's low on health, and you have flash up, ult the Support, however,
if you do not have flash up, Ult the adc instead, so that turret will not damage you after the kill.

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Why Ascension? and all those speed?

Poppy's ownage method is her speed. Her attack speed, and her movement speed.
Poppy's W gives 26% speed, and with Upgraded boots and Ascension, plus Poppy's OP damage and a Ult that blocks nearly all damage and CC, you can imagine.

Hit and Run Poppy.
Drive by Poppy.
How are you running so fast?

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Mid-End Game

You now have OP damage, and really fast movement speed, similar to a Yi with ult, but you have to option to speed up even more, and the ultimate that gives you 7 seconds of free-smash, a gap closing CC, and a Q that can dish 1.4k magic damage.