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Swain Build Guide by AdoboStyle

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AdoboStyle

Swain - This lane is my bird's nest.

AdoboStyle Last updated on July 9, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Swain is one of those champs with DoT (damage over time) which is awesome for harassing. He may be old, but he kicks squishies or overextenders. This is my first build ever. So I hope you enjoy it.

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Pros / Cons


  • Ult=massive lifesteal insane AoE, toggle, practically saves you everytime (i hope)
  • Can stay in lane for a while (mana regen and ult)
  • Farmer
  • Tankish Mage mid game
  • Great Survivability
  • Makes enemies QQ (if going well)
  • Focused all the time
  • Ignite is your worse enemy when using Ult
  • CCs. Everyone hates it.
  • Squishy until lvl 6 or getting RoA.

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Must Have Items (For my build)

Great Item to start off until you can afford a tear of the goddess. It gives you HP, mana regen, and ap to start off the game.

You could also start with Amplifying tome and hp pot. Turn into kage's pick for more gold or just having trouble with last hitting.

This Item is your key to this build. I want you to RUSH just tear of goddess first so you can reach the maximum cap. Don't rush Archangel's staff itself because you barely have any mana at the start and will give you ****py AP. Get it after RoA.

Merc threads for CC team. Sorcerer for more magic pen!

After tear of the goddess, rush this item. You want RoA's maximum cap. Also, i prefer this of Rylai's crystal scepter. Rylai may have slow, but you have a snare. Use it. RoA also gives out Hp and Mp(helps arch angels staff) and more AP than Rylai (later in the game).

Another item to stop CCs. Also, gives Hp and Mp. Another item to help your arch angel's staff.

For the Fifth & Sixth Item

This spot is a situational item. (6th spot is when you sell doran's ring or kage's pick. Just reminding)

More Damage Items

If your wrecking. Get this Early.

More AP. Yep. Tons of it.

This item is okay. But if your one of those people that misses his snare a lot. This well help you cc multiple enemies and kill them.

Adds AP and MR. Also has an aura that lowers MR of annoying tanks

Will of the Ancient
Adds spellvamp and aura ap. If your team is more of an AP team (which shouldn't be), the aura gives them extra ap as well. The spellvamp also helps a little bit of survivability.

Against Strong DPS

Helps archangel's staff. High armor against OP melee like

Let the enemy kill himself. Nuff Said.

If your carrying the team, yet your tank doesn't know how to tank and all of the opposing team hits you, you die. Team loses a teamfight w/o you. Buy this. Everyone on the opposing team would be like "Finally, Lazer bird is dead!" -You pop up again- "SIKE! I'VE COME BACK TO HAUNT YOU SON OF A (fill in the blank)! FEAR ME."

This item can save you so many times (if you remember to use its active). It gives you armor and more AP. You use it when your targetted and about to die. Your ult is also active while in hourglass. Healing without taking damage. Gotta love it.

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Early Game

Usually I get nevermove for snare first. Next I get Torment. Torment is the best. DoT and it's like Kayle's Q where damage is increased. I start harassing from level 2 and on. I max Torment ASAP.

To start at fight at mid early game, I usually catch the enemy with nevermove, then throw torment and decrepify and run behind minions and continue last hitting (My kind of kite, Suggest your kind of kiting skills at comment section). I keep harassing them until they have at least they have 50% or lower. I flash in and use the sequence below. (Ignite may not be needed if they are low enough)

> >

Ending Blow (below 50% in early game)
> > > > (Only if they will live. Estimate their hp and damage)

Skill Order
> > >

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Enemy creep waves are your friend. They give you hp and mp. YOU MUST LAST HIT CREEPS. That's a MUST. Not only you get gold, but MP TOO. Last hitting is one of the factors of winning the game. Also, everytime you have 75% and below, i suggest you use ult the creep wave until you have around or above 90%. Get dragon as much as possible (Beware of the wards and ganking). Who doesn't want a free 190 gold? Try to get baron as well. Early as level 13 (for my experience)

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Team Work

Okay, one of the most important thing in this game. Teamwork.

Early Game Ganking

When your teammate decides to gank the enemy and hide by the brush in your lane,
[*] Mid Ganking and your soloing
Wait until the enemy is near the brush of the teammates hiding and predict their movements then snare.

[*] Sidelane Ganking and your sidelaning
Wait until the enemy is near the brush, either let the your laning partner to CC them or you initiate.

[*] Mid ganking and your ganking
If the teammate doesn't have CC:
Notify your teammate to let the enemy push. Once far enough, snare the enemy and kill.

If the teammate has CC:
Let the teammate CC them and you come in and snare them and kill the enemy.

[*] Sidelane Ganking and your ganking
Let your teammates either lure them or initiate and you come in CC them and kill.

Team Fights in Mid Game and Late Game

Let your tank initiate. Hide behind your creeps when the enemy team has skill shots. Don't come in with your tank. Come in after the enemy team used their ult and such on the tank. Let your tank be the meatshield (lol jk tank users). After the enemy team used their ult and such, go in there, CC those carries, ult, torment, kill them. Never aim at the tank, I have been with solo Q'ers, they aim at tanks it's just stupid.

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Still working on stuff.
Not in a high elo, so suggestions are recommended to improve.
Suggestion Pl0x!

July 9, 2011: Swain's ult nerfed. Less healing on minions.