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Syndra Build Guide by balisweats

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author balisweats

Syndra Jungle 5.3+

balisweats Last updated on February 24, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Introduction To Tha Summoners Code

Only, ever do this in lower elo to challenge yourself.

This type of playstyle is really cheap and can hurt yor enemays. So pls don get too BM because it might help you, but get you reported, but just remember to let them know when you outplay or jooked to get their team morale down, and yours up.

Teamwork Morale 0P

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Introduction To Tha Runes Nd Masteries.

Syndra is Not a very sustainable Jungler!

As I have expected you guys to have read from the Notes above.

So what I did was I went and optimized the sustain that she can get from the runes and masteries to make her a viable jungler. If however, you are doing this in ranked, you will have the option to choose between a couple variables when you know your enemy composition.

The masteries should forever be 4/16/10

But there are some Variables for the 16 points in Defense
The variables are as follows:

Mastery Variants

Oppression, Hardiness, or Resistanceand Reinforced armor.
Depending on a Heavy AD or AP team composition, I recommend spending points on these accordingly.

Rune Variants

Syndra can have 2 options for blues (Glyphs) when it comes down to it.

She can either run Scaling AP runes or Flat CDR Runes. Lets talk about the difference in playstyle from the runes.

Scaling AP per level runes

These runes start to outshine its' sister rune (Flat AP Blues) after level 7, seeing as how you would need to reach level 7 for any of this AP to start taking it's affect, this could be safely done in a tanky-sustain team comp. This basically means that you need to be farming alot early game with syndra, with little opportunity to gank early. So this option is viable once you know your team has an upper hand in the early game, regardless of being tanky or not.

Flat CDR Runes

Take a look at the cooldown of her Q, now look at the cooldown from the CDR runes, now look back up to the item build CDR, and look back down here again.

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Creeping / Jungling

Syndra is an ADC with spell damage.

Think of her auto attacks as Harass and poke for when your spells are on cooldown.

Her Base Attack Damage Scales okay and along with the hybrid pen runes, your autos will do valuable damage through your clearing. Where you are supposed to start is always going to be blue. You can start frog if you get a strong leash, but if you dont get a strong leash, you will die at blue no doubt. Remember it is completely expected to back after doing your 3rd camp, and the first item you want to buy will be Ranger's Trailblazer for the fast jungle clear. Your jungle path should look like this: Frog, Blue, Wolves, Recall (Trailblazer), Wraiths (Smite), Gank or continue to farm / Scuttle Crab.

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Team Work/ Ganking Theories


The type of cc each champion offers, determines where the best spot is to gank from. In syndra's case, she offers a push away from her and a momentary stun.

Each Gank will be described as your character playing on red/top side


When you are going in for a gank with syndra, you have to be behind the enemy champion to push them towards your own team. This leaves them defenseless infront of your laner, and if your laner can land their own cc, you guys just chained two cc's which increases the duration of cc from your stun.And an added bonus to this is that when you gank from behind, you can see the enemy laner's reaction before you are seen. If they start backing off before you show yourself in their vision, you know there is a ward. So you can leave and not waste any time, and just go back to farming


Sometimes your enemy will be so scared of ganks, or your friendly will constantly push their lane to the tower. In this case you are left with one option, the Red Path, the Man Mode gank. I call it this because it involves diving the enemy, and at earlier levels, this is always a risky option since many things can go wrong.

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Ganking Combo

Lets look at each skill and how they should be used in your ganking combo.

So First thing you want to land as a ganker, is your CC, which involves 2 skills your Q and your E. You need to cast Q first, but where do you cast it? You can either cast it on top of your enemy for the extra damage, and try to stun them afterwards. But this lets them know your presence and then they can easily juke your stun.

So what I always like to do is put my Q in a position that i can easily land the stun instead of the extra damage. This is because i get more return from it by having my laner(s) help me get damage onto them during the stun while i save my W for utility which i will talk about later.

Here's the positioning i would hit ashe with ganking mid on red team.

Generally after your stun, you have a couple options; ult, auto attack, and W. Depending on your health and if you want to steal the kill or not, you could Ult for the fast damage but if its not a sure kill, you might as well save that cooldown as it is extremely valuable. So after your Q+E combo just auto and use the W for the slow so you and your laner can squeeze as much damage or even a flash out of them. After you had squeezed a flash out of them, leave the lane. You've already done your part, let them push out so you can gank them again after you heal up, and they have no escape. If you think about it, there really is no reason to dive early game after you squeezed a flash out. Let your laner play the bully game to keep them away from cs and exp at low health without flash. And you can return later on for a more successful gank without thier summoners.

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Saving W for Utility, Troll moves

Any enemy Teleports on a grabbed target will be cancelled when the unit goes into syndra's W, making them have a full teleport cooldown.

Enemy pets that passively have an effect on their surroundings will continue to affect the area around them while they are being held. For example, Annie's Summon- Tibbers will continue to inflict burn damage on surrounding units while in stasis.

Grabbing a Dark Sphere will cause the duration on it to refresh, but only on the first cast, not when it is thrown.

Force of Will has additional effects when targeting the Ancient Golem and Lizard Elder. Throwing the former will refund 10 mana to Syndra upon cast and will reduce the cooldown of Force of Will by 1 second, while throwing the latter will apply the Blessing of the Lizard Elder burn to any affected units in the area of effect PENDING FOR TEST FOR NEW RED BUFF.

At the end of the day. the trolliest thing you can do is steal enemy buff by warding, and throwing the buff to somewhere they can't reach, or if you throw a champion pet like tibbers, or hiemer's turrets, or Malzahars dogs, or Elise's spiders, or anyone, or anything, yeah

I knew you were trouble when you walked in
So shame on me now
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Now I'm lying on the cold hard ground
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Stay safe, remember, Don't be a Jiraiya, don't die stupidly.