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Tahm Kench Build Guide by SKT T1 Bani

AP Offtank Tahm Kench JUNGLE! DEAL DMG AND SOAK DMG! (;`O´)o

AP Offtank Tahm Kench JUNGLE! DEAL DMG AND SOAK DMG! (;`O´)o

Updated on July 31, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SKT T1 Bani Build Guide By SKT T1 Bani 6,571 Views 0 Comments
6,571 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SKT T1 Bani Tahm Kench Build Guide By SKT T1 Bani Updated on July 31, 2015
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The Introduction

Are you sick and bored of being a tank? a punching bag for the enemy team? or maybe tired of dealing no damage. Here's a build to get kills BUT also be an AP off-tank.
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Pros / Cons

The Good
o Very good Mid/late game
o Deal damage
o Tank
o Great peel
o Great harass during team fights (exm. Tongue Lash)
o Good ganking potential
o Survives easily through jungle

The Bad
o Slow jungle clear
o Weak early game
o Getting caught (no escape abilities)
o Will struggle against counter junglers (exm. Shaco, Wukong, Lee Sin, J4, etc.)
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Masteries Explanation

As crazy as these numbers are, they're the most effective. Let me explain..
17 in offense gives you the standard damage input, 10 in Defense will give you proportional tank stats, 3 in utility gives you 1.5% of move-speed supplying for his lack of movement speed (330 BASE MS).
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Runes Explaination

-Scaling health seals will benefit your (R) passive as well as late game tankiness.
-Atk Speed marks help you clear jungle as well as stack your passive
-MR Gyphs will give you late game stats
-Armor Quints will give you additional stats
-Move Speed Quints along with your 3 MS in utility give you a total of 3% extra MS. You will be able to better stack your passive when ganking or catching an enemy during early game.
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- Do not counter jungle pre-level 6, Tahm is a very slow jungler and needs every bit of farm he can get (comparable to WW or Yi)
- Ask for a GOOD/DECENT leash, anything less and you will struggle
- Make no mistakes as jungle (exm. dying in jungle, dying to a laner, spending too much time roaming and not farming) because it is very punishing for Tahm Kench
- Communicate with teammates when using your ult
- Land ult effectively and behind the enemy(Ult like Twisted Fate!)

- You may devour an minion with an Zilean time bomb and launch it upon the enemy team
- You may devour Fiddlesticks with his ult still casting, doing this will gives off an FiddleKench combo
League of Legends Build Guide Author SKT T1 Bani
SKT T1 Bani Tahm Kench Guide
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