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Taliyah Build Guide by nickzwa

Jungle taliyah 8.18 jungle build/guide OP CARRY

By nickzwa | Updated on September 10, 2018
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I chose for domination it works really well on Taliyah. Maybe relentless hunter seams weird but it works really well on her. Because of the extra ms you can kite better and chase a little. this is also the reason why i chose waterwalking. As Taliyah you want to do lot's of damage cause you're a mage without lot's of health.
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Skill Sequence

your most used combo is UNRAVELED EARTH (E) then the SEISMIC SHOVE (W) and finish them with your THREADED VOLLEY (Q). Other taliyah players often use W E and then Q but it's better to use E first cause it has a slow and so your W is easier to hit. Even if you use your E first and they dash you still do lot's of damage and can maybe finish them with your Q. Don't use your Q on used ground except if a jungle camp is one shot or you have no mana. Try to kite your jungle camps as much as possible so you keep your health percentage high. Don't use your E Q combo to early in a 1v1 cause then you have no cc for your enemy to get them away from you. Instead try to poke a little first with your Q. And use your WEAVER'S WALL (R) to block enemy escape paths or to join a fight.
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You should always use flash and smite as taliyah jungle cause you need your smite to farm and because of flash you can get away from close range.
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Taliyah is a mage and is very squishy try to have lot's of vision and not to face check in bushes. Taliyah is very easily killed by assasins. If an assasin like zed is fed you want to build Zhonya's hourglass to avoid getting killed by them. if you can keep range from assasins they are not very hard to kill.
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Taliyah is not the best player against enemy assasin junglers. against assasins try not to facecheck. or ban them in the ban fase. You might want to ban kayn since he counters you very hard cause of his R dash and cc.
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Creeping / Jungling

As Taliyah you want to go from bot buff to wolves to top buff to skuttle crab. Try to get your support to tank your buff at bot so you have extra health left for your jungling. after you have done the clear i just said try to look for a gank oppurtunity mid or top. otherwise take raptors and maybe grump and try to gank.
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Ranked Play

In ranked try to follow the above tips and position yourself good. If you play Taliyah without good positioning you will most likely die and not be a help of your teammates. Try to practice you positioning. When you fall behind as Taliyah you want to kite enemy's a lot so you can hit them but you can't be hit by them. As Taliyah try to avoid getting crowd controlled.
League of Legends Build Guide Author nickzwa
nickzwa Taliyah Guide
taliyah 8.18 jungle build/guide OP CARRY
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