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Talon Build Guide by Golcetoz

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Golcetoz

Talon Epic AD

Golcetoz Last updated on August 29, 2011
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Hello !

First to say is, this is my first guide ever so feel free to comment if you got any tips for me, also you can ask for anything about the guide.

The guide is VERY heavy dmg based, which means you will be squishy, but thats no problem if you play with your brain (meaning you dont rush into 3 peaple to score 1 kill)

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Okey for masteries i go 21/0/9 which is just to add some more dmg to your champion, the reason i go 9 in utility instead of defense is : if you start out buying you will get just around the survivability as if i got the defense talents. Also going utility gives XP bonus and a longer duration of red/blue/baron buff (summoner's rift) which is also a nice bonus, because you should be jungling/farming alot, just dont be farming too much, meaning you miss out important teamfights !

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Summoner Spells

i like to go with and just because is a very good tool to close the gab between you and your enemy

(for chase follow it up with Cutthroat) or to get away from a gank or a teamfight gone bad.

: "activates" your passive and shuts down a AD players dmg and ability to flee

You can though use other like : , and , but i defently recommend +

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Flat armor penetration to lower the armor and increase the dmg even more ( you can go for flat AD if you want, but in the end game i find it better combined with and

Flat armor to lower the dmg you will take in the lane and also giving you a better chance ti survive overall actually ( you can go for mana per 5, but i dont find it a must)

Flat CD reduction because Talon is about burst and not sustained damage. The faster you have your abilities the better your chances of securing a kill or more

Flat armor penetration just to increase it even more ( again AD is also a option, but for late game i just find it better)

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Okey for Items, i go for -> -> -> -> -> -> -> ->

if you do it like that you will end up doing a ton of dmg in no time at all

you can though go instead of

and if you feel like you cant last hit/ farm enough go for an early

You can also grab before if your enemies got alot of armor

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Skill Sequence

There is 2 ways to do the skill sequence

Number 1: Focus and then followed up by and then Cutthroat

Number 2: Focus and then Cutthroat followed up by when you can and then

i personally haven't tested the difference enough yet to say which is best, try out and tell me what you find best !

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so, the way i build and play Talon, is by last hitting in lanes and doing some jungling once our junghler is done.

if you farm enough you will quickly get some items which will increase your dmg so your enemies will be like "OP Talon" "Fed Talon..thx "name of your laning enemy" " (i've already seen that alot of times)

but whats important too, is that you dont farm so much that you will miss out teamfights which can in the end mean a loss, so find the balance between farming and defending/following your team

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Your role as Talon

Mid/late game is where you can really shine ! if you farmed enough you will be doing tons of dmg, just raping your enemies in no time, but ! you are stil quite squishy therefor make sure you have a tank or atleast some1 else to take the dmg for you.

"fightplan" (your team attacking)
1. Let your tank engage
2. wait a second till their dps started doing dmg on your tank
3. cutthroat32 in and then and then follow it up with a (that will lower your other enemies and mostlikely finish off an enemy even if he is running)
4. if needed follow him and him when you can again (if needed !)
5. take a decision, will they jump on you now ? after you scored the kill or can you safely take more down without they notice it ?
6.a if you think they will go for you, out or run (depending on your position)
6.b go through the rotation again on your new target

you should go for AP targets first because your Cutthroat will silence them while you finish them, AD should be second prio but, depending on the situation you can easily rape a AD too (can be useful on champs like or basicly any champ who rely on ability's