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Talon Build Guide by dbug87

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dbug87

Talon - "Well, I had a life bar a second ago..."

dbug87 Last updated on December 20, 2011
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Why? Because Talon, that's why.

Massive killing power, high annoyance factor, lots of QQ, oh yeah. This is my guy.

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How to sequence your skills

Use E to get to the enemy, W towards them, Q to slice em, auto attack until cooldowns are done.

Once you get your ult, trigger your ult before you E into them, do everything behind them, and then once you're done with your chain, activate your ult so every blade goes through them. Insta-deathification.

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Why the heck would you build Talon like this?!

Yeah, unorthodox, I know. I'm over it.

Manamune keeps him from running into the most common talon problem, which is low mana pool. It converts all that extra mana to attack damage, which he needs. My question is why in gods name are you NOT using manamune? Seems sort of common-sense-ish to me.

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Pros / Cons


    EXCELLENT killing power.
    AMAZING cooldowns
    Great distance closing capability
    Great ult
    Gotta love boomerang skills
    Good scaling ratios

    Squishy, and you can't really fix it.
    Kill stealing is just kind of part of the territory with Talon. Your team will QQ.
    Starves the rest of your team because he's such a ******edly good farmer

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Easy. It's called rake.

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Summoner Spells

I usually pick up exhaust and ignite, because when you're chasing them, you can E to them, exhaust them, and ignite them, they aren't going to get away, and the added damage from ignite is always appreciated.

ESPECIALLY use ignite if you feel like they ARE going to get away. Because you're Talon. If they got away, they're almost dead.

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This build is all about finding your place in a team. You won't do well in a solo queue with this one. My team is usually Ashe, Veigar, Nasus, Sona, and Talon (me). We don't usually jungle, Ashe and Sona take a lane, Nasus and I take a lane, and Veigar mids. Because in the shared opinion of most of my friends (lots of them have played since beta) Veigar is the craziest and most under-rated mid in the game.

You're the guy that cleans up squishies and obliterates lifebars of tankier characters with no expectation on finishing them. Leave em for the cleanup crew and get out.

At the end of a game, my kills are usually top of the leaderboard, and I've got about 70% of that in assists as well, and MAXIMUM 4-6 deaths from when I got ballsy and pimp slapped a tank.

Tanks: Talon doesn't go well against anything with a metric ****-ton of life. He's meant to get in, decimate, and get the heck out. This guy is NOT meant to take hits if you build him the way I do. I usually leave the tanks for the guys that have a bit more working on their side for toe-to-toe sessions. This build is shut down almost instantly by any good tank. Which is why you don't subject yourself to that kind of abuse. Leave that for the other guys. You're here to take out carries, nukes, assassins, and various other squishies.

CC: Yeah. Stop Talon in his tracks, and you might as well hand him a shovel and he'll be happy to dig his own grave. You can sit back and have some lemonade if you want to. Stare at Ahri's chest if that's your thing. I would. Just sayin.

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REALLY well against:

    Shaco: Noxian will reveal him, and he's squishy
    Twitch: Noxian will reveal him, and he's squishy
    Kassadin: You out-range his silence with your silence. Silence him first. And he's squishy.
    Kennen: He relies on movement. Your bread and butter W skill slows. And he's squishy.
    Katarina: She sucks if you can interrupt her. Your silence out-ranges her ult and will cancel it.
    Fiddlesticks: You can flash to an enemy minion to get out of crowstorm, or flash him and silence him to cancel the channel. After that, he's squishy.
    Master Yi: Did I mention that any silence knocks out the bonus from Wuju temporarily?

You get the idea. If they rely on movement or abilities heavily, and they're squishy once you get past their nuke factor, Talon is your guy.

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Creeping / Jungling

Dat blue....