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Talon Build Guide by Demro

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Demro

Talon The Surprise Maker and Life Taker

Demro Last updated on August 10, 2013
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My name is Demro , i am not a super pro player but i said why not give it a try

Talon is my main Champ he never disappointed me in any fight as long as you can determine his skills he will be the easiest assassin you can enjoy

This is my first guide to start hope its useful enough, mistakes will be found

Bad organization , Similar to other builds :/ .. so ?

np at all ;P

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Assassin is the one who can get a kill Fast and Easy without getting to much damage or being caught easily

So you have to make sure that u got easy way to get out and you have to make sure that your opponent doesn't have a chance to get out once you attack him

Unfortunately Assassins are squishy they can be easily killed if they got interrupted

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This Guide

This Guide is only to make sure you destroy any opponent but i wont make sure u get out safely
it depends on how smart you are and how good is your team

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Talon is a Melee Assassin who depends on making surprise and getting away with a kill or more
"Surprise maker - Life taker " i call him that :D

This Build Gives you good Armor Penetration - Armor Ignorant - Good CDR

Talon Pros:

1- Slow skill + Passive (10% ATK During CC effects) = Good DMG
2- Silence for 1 sec
3- His Ult makes sure he can get the kill while running away from the victim
4- Good Harasser (W)
5- Assassin :D

Talon Cons:

1- Low Sustain
2- Mana Hunger
3- Not Effective early game
4- Assassins will counter him
5- Skill CD "Cool Down" is high :\

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Build + Strategies

This build will make sure u get good farm without being interrupted unless 1 v 2 You will only harass them

First you start with Boots of Speed and 2x Health Potion + Mana Potion
" Potions are not recommended it depends on you " this will prevent you from getting back till level 4,5
Farm well and harass as long as you are safe, Don't waste your mana on harassing too much just make him think before go in.
Early game you cant kill anyone so make sure to interrupt there farm the less they farm the better mid game you will get.

When you go back get The Brutalizer Giving you ATK Dmg , Arm Pen and CDR
then Ionian Boots of Lucidity more CDR + Mastries
Now you must have 29% CDR but this will make you run out of mana fast so be wise when using your skills "Never get greedy" Just keep farming if you got a kill opportunity dont waste it even u can dive then R to get out fast

Going back again go for Last Whisper ATK Dmg + 35% Arm Ignore + Mastries (8% )
= 40% How ??!! idk the game always counts it as 40% not 43% :(

So now you got 27 Arm The Brutalizer (10) + Mastries(5) + Arm Pen Marks (12)
+ 40% Arm Ignore
Congrats Now you can 1 v 1 anyone Except Tanks u will just make a decent damage but you wont be able to finish them just wait

Now Go for The Black Cleaver then The Bloodthirster
The Black Cleaver gives you more Dmg. + 5% Arm ignorant stack per hit you make
'up to 5 stacks'
" Your W Gives 2 Hits so u got 10% from one skill "
so lets assume you just made 50% Arm Ignorant with 27 Arm Pent. just count it on someone got like 200 ARM
200 - 27 = 173 ARM x 0.5 = 86.5 so From 200 to 86.5 with only 2 stacks of The Black Cleaver

Now You can 1 v 2 anyone even a tank but it will depend on who you will finish out first

Team fights they will be mad calling u KS >> Kill SECURER << ;D
so normally you are an assassin you are just a killing machine "np if u helped them to get the kill to balance the team for 100% win "
Unfortunately with that build you will get focused a lot so its better to join team fight a bit late For the Penta :P

So the way to fight is

Q + E --> W --> Auto Attack then R to Run away with the kill

Q + E: Will amplify the next dmg will be done -- 1 stack The Black Cleaver

W: Slowing them + amplified By Q + E -- 2 stack The Black Cleaver

Auto Attack: After W will give you 10% dmg while enemy slowed "Your Passive" -- 1 stack The Black Cleaver

R: He is died -- 1 stack The Black Cleaver if he servived the first hit the second will finish him

If the game time extended to 40 - 50 mins then its a game of strategies more the depending on build unless you got feeders 1st Degree

So Go For Warmog's Armor 1k HP + Blade of the Ruined King extra 5% of enemies max HP as a dmg + 40% ATK speed

Now you must not lose

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Other Tips

1- Don't Go greedy for more kills
2- You died with a kill isn't a good thing unless it's an execution
3- If you start to feed them Farm below Tower with last hit minions
4- Move by any jungle get Blue Buffs and some gold safely till the next minion wave arrives
5- Never depend on Q its bleed wont finish your enemy but it will help for next attack
6- Never Face a Stunner or Silencer with low hp
7- Use your Q while taking down towers and inhibitors
8- Support your team if u got 70% of the kills and you died you will lose the game
9- This Build is good for all AD assassins except Vayne and Master Yi they depend on ATK speed + Crits