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Talon Build Guide by cdr604

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League of Legends Build Guide Author cdr604

Talon the Ultimate Assassin Guide!

cdr604 Last updated on October 18, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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General Idea/Play Style

I designed this build for several reasons the 1st is that it matches my play style very well compared to other builds, the 2nd is that I wanted to build and play talon as a full on assassin. What I mean by this is usually roaming the entire map and then hiding in bushes waiting to attack the enemy champions which will be your major money make since we wont take many minion kills after lvl 6.

Also as a side note:
Many people say Talon is very strong early game and somewhat weaker late game, This item set has changed that slightly, while still being able to do massive damage early game you'll be working mostly for mid to late game when you'll be roaming and killing out of no where.

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Early Game/Farming

For Talon farming isn't very different than most champions, you should go top or mid (I prefer top) and last hit minions with your Q which we take at lvl 1 (if you are top solo go with W lvl 1). The idea will be to farm pretty much endlessly until lvl 6 picking up as many minion kills along the way and a few champion kills, although the later shouldn't be your main goal at first.

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Mid Game

Once you've gotten to at least lvl 6 and have a few minion kills under your belt and possibly a champ. kill or two you should have the hydra and part of your boots of swiftness alacrity, now your play style is going to change.
From here on out forget the minions focus on the enemy champ. killing, ganking (yep your own lane), and making their life horrible while feeding yourself till your pockets are exploding with gold.
Once the hydra, boots of swift+alacrity, and frozen mallet are done your done with top (for now) and are basically going to be roaming around kill any and all champions you see, at this point you should have more than enough damage with your combo (Q,E,W or W,Q,E) to insta kill or lower someones down so low there going to be easy to pick off. At this point you should be working on finishing your black cleaver. (huge part end game.)

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End Game

At this point your a roaming killer and the enemy are afraid of every bush they see, which is good but also bad. Now the enemy know your out there and are going to be doing 2 things: first building armor and second warding, so you should be building your last whisper and talking to your support about getting an Oracle's Elixir and getting rid of those pesky things.
Now finally after you have all your items your main purpose will be to primarily control the river/their forested area (depends on how far your team has pushed in that time). You should then gank every lane and pretty much help out your allies. For team fights however don't jump in (stay just outside and W to weaken them or R and kill anyone who tries to run back)

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Pros / Cons To this Build and an Over View.

In short this build will allow you to do massive damage, gank for your team mates, and turn you into the ULTIMATE ASSASSIN! (which is good.) Sadly there are a few cons but also some pros! Ill put them below:
Lots of Damage
Good Roaming
Easy to Kill most enemy's

Your weak armor/health wise, you wont last long in team fights
You cant fight multiple enemy's if there's a tank
You'll rely heavily on your ult to escape and if its down you can be in trouble

All in all though I think this is a very solid build and play style for Talon and if your looking for a new way to play him or just starting out you should give it a try.