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Talon Build Guide by darbowgod

Talon: where did he come from? (detailed and very well done)

Talon: where did he come from? (detailed and very well done)

Updated on November 21, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author darbowgod Build Guide By darbowgod 0 6 6,281 Views 11 Comments
0 6 6,281 Views 11 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author darbowgod Talon Build Guide By darbowgod Updated on November 21, 2011
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hello! this is my talon guide/build! this is my first build on Mobafire, so dont be so harsh ;D Talon is a very fun champion to play, and if you get to know his ability's and his limits you can become an unstoppable force. in this guild i will give tips and tricks on how to be a deadly assassin. so lets get into this build on the Talon: The Blade's Shadow. PLEASE READ THE WHOLE GUIDE TO LEAN HOW TO USE TALON THE RIGHT WAY! thank you.
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With talon i like to mostly use Armour penetration runes. you can find the runes i use at the top. these runes work well because all of talons attacks are physical damage based, making Armour his worst enemy and weakness, but Armour penetration his best friend >:) i also throw in some attack speed for quick assassin like ratio of damage and speed. there are also a tad bit of AD and MR runes thrown in to make you a little bit more powerful and resistant to magic.
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for masteries i use a basic melee 23-7-0 setup. picking up some attack speed, life steal, critical strike chance, damage, and so on.. you can see the full mastery tree at the top, this shouldn't need much explanation.
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PAY ATTENTION TO THIS PART *****READ***** Items are what make any champion who they are. my item setup is very unique for talon, as i do not see very similar builds on this site. first your going to want to pick up a Doran's Blade, this will just help you stay in lane a bit longer and give you some health. now right after doran's blade your going to want to stay in lane long enough until you have 1650 gold, then recall and buy a B.F. sword. damage is the most important part for talon and if he dose not get any early on you will find yourself struggling a lot. now at this part you can either buy Boots for the extra movement speed, duh, or you can work for a bloodthirstier, I personally always get bloodthirstier right after B.F. sword. after you get your bloodthirstier you now want to get your boots. 90% of the time i will get Ionian Boots of Lucidity for the cool-down reduction so you can spam your Q a lot more, but this is up to you and depends on what you would like to do. now you can either get a Giant's Belt or start working on your Phantom Dancer. this is totally up to you and depends on how your doing in lane. if you tend to be recalling alot more then you'd like, get the belt. but if your doing fine in the lane and would like a bit more speed to go with your damage output, get the phantom dance. but either one you chose first the other item will follow (if you get PD get belt right after and visa-versa) now, after you get your phantom dance and giant's belt your going to want to work on more tanky items, so we will put that belt to good use and get a Frozen Mallet. this is a perfect item for talon. if enemy's try to run from you they will be slowed and will surly die. after the mallet your going to work for another bloodthirstier for the pure damage and life steal, you will be unstoppable! then after the BT get an Infinity Edge for critical strike and damage. (yes more damage) and after you get the infinity just keep buying Elixir of Agility for lolz and attack speed. with this item setup you will be amazingly OP.
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Skill sequence...

*****READ***** ok. this is what makes a good talon, a great talon. most good talon players will say your ability CUTTHROAT is pretty much useless and wont help you that much. but this ability is your bread and butter (right next to shadow assault). to get a kill nearly every time this is the order you will use you ability's in...

cutthroat> Shadow Assault>basic attack> Noxian Diplomacy> basic attack >basic attack> (usually enemy's will start to run at this point)> Rake > Noxian Diplomacy> Rake> cutthroat> basic attack>ect.

just remember to sneak up, use cutthroat and then go through your ability's how i state above.

(get used to hearing this)

for leveling up your skill get rake first, then Noxian Diplomacy, then cutthroat, max your Rake for the farm aspect and damage/slow, the max out Noxian Diplomacy while taking a point in cutthroat whenever you have no choice. and obviously take a point in Shadow Assault whenever your can, as this ability will help you get tons of kills because of its spam-ability, with only about a 50 second cool-down, you will be able to use this ult alot!


to farm, basic attack the minion until hes nearly dead, then use Noxian Diplomacy to last hit. visit the jungle whenever you have the chance around level 11-13 and kill the golems, wraiths, wolfs, and red buff. don't forget to take dragon if you get the chance with your team, or you can solo dragon after you get phantom dancer fairly easy.
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Team fights...

when a team fight is about to take place you can either stay back and let your tank jump in first or you can do a little trick to get some decent damage on their players (mostly their carry)

to do this "trick" use cutthroat on their carry or the player that's doing the most damage. then right when you jump to the player, use your Shadow Assault and then run back behind your team. do not basic attack a player!!! you want to stay in stealth so you don't take any damage on your way back, this is only useful if you are a decent talon and will either help, or get you killed. use this advice at your own risk, but this can work well and end up in a team fight won.
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Summoner spells...

Alwaysuse Flash. always. its perfect for escapes and ganks alike. it can also help you get close enough to last hit that fool who tried to run ;) now the other spell is up to you really, ill always take Ignite, very useful for talon. you can also use Exhaust. there pretty much the same thing and is based on preference. but Flash and Ignite or Exhaust is what i recommend.

DO NOT USE TH FOLLOWING NO MATTER WHAT... these are not useful for talon...
...lol just no.

...talon does have sme mana problems early on but this can easliy be solved with mana potions.

...your not a support o.O

...you can use your Shadow Assault or Flash to get away if you really need to, so this is not that helpful and can be replaced with something a lot better.

...eh, I've never really found a use for this besides the harass or the gold it produces. but i would not recommend it.

...once again not useful for talon and can be replaced with something a lot better.
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End of my build...

well first id like to say, thank you for viewing my build and guide! tips on improving this build will be very appreciated and welcome. i hope this build makes you a better talon player and helps you make your enemy's scream "WHERE DID HE COME FROM?!?!"
League of Legends Build Guide Author darbowgod
darbowgod Talon Guide
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Talon: where did he come from? (detailed and very well done)

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