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Gangplank Build Guide by holytoast

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author holytoast

Tankplank OP Solo top

holytoast Last updated on January 1, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my second gangplank build. But in this one i will give you some information on how i play gangplank solo top. Many people will be confused by my skill order, but i will explain everything later. I started playing gangplank in solo top because that just op. To quote the odd one

If you no how to play gp solotop its gg. Just gg.
I started playing gangplank in solo top wit just crit items, but then i realized i had no sustain whatsoever. I still see gangplanks who just buy crit items. The downside to that, they have no sustain. Ofcourse they have a crit but that wont proc every time and when it doesnt in a 1v1 situation they are screwed. So i made this guide to help them.

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Pros and Cons


    Very OP solo top
    when you have your warmogs your basically an unstoppable killing machine
    kills squishes very fast
    has one of the best farm in the game
    has a global ultimate
    cant be CCed


    early game is not too good
    mana dependent at the start

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:Here is use ArmPen because most solo top laners will buy sustain for example with because of the sustain. This rune just lets you do more dmg.
: Here i use armor again for the sustain against for example a who would just rape you otherwise.
: Here i use magic resist again for the sustain. It helps out alot against these awe full casters

: Again for the same reason. Just to make more dmg and that the enemy cant counter that very well.

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=This item is in my opinion one of the best starting for gangplank because of the awesome sustain. You could also start with a and turn it into a Philosopher's Stone

=I think that this item just op for solo top. It gives you a lot of sustain and a free ward to guard the river brush. All of the things a gangplank needs.

=In my opinion in the game. The tenacity + your "W" skill is just op and unbeatable. You will not get focused at all, but still do awesome dmg. Or they do focus you but your so tanky that you can live long enough for your carries to kill them. Its a win win situation. If the enemy team is heavily AD you could swap these out for

=This item gives you the tankyness you need to survive if you get focused and in combination with your atmas impaler you will just do insane dmg. I just love this item on gangplank and many other solo top characters. You should try the combination and see for yourself.

=In combination with your warmogs you will just do insane dmg. The armor and critical strike chance really help gangplank out a lot. Every good gangplank should use this combination in my opinion. Just OP.

=When you get this item you are already really tanky and just need to do even more dmg. This item is perfect to do this. the critical strike really make you op + with the crit dmg increased to 250%, awesome, nothing more to say.

=For what do we need this ? You guessed it, critical strike chance. The movement speed also helps a lot and the attack speed is also very helpful. I personally think this is one of the best items in the game.

=Last but not least, guardian angel. This item makes you even tankier and you can even be killed and dont die. You could maybe swap this item out for a , but i think that you dont need it because you already have a cleanse but it always helps of course.

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Skill Sequence

:Many people will probably say that you only should level this skill up second, but in my opinion the stats are too amazing to just level this up second. You get attack dmg and movement speed as a passive! If you activate it you will get even greater amounts and your allies get a small portion of that, op for teamfights.

:Many people will want to level this up 1st because of the ability to crit the opponent. I agree, it is awesome, but it doesnt crit all the time, and uses a lot of mana if you use it to harass, i only use this to farm and slow the enemy.

:I use this only to cleanse, because if you would use this to heal you would run out of mana very quickly.

:This ultimate is just awesome. When you are sitting in top lane you can just use this anywhere on the map to slow escaping enemies or finish them of. Its just awesome, always level this skill up when you can.

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Summoner Spells

:I think nearly everyone should use this because it is really good and the best escape machanism in the game.

:Teleport is in my opinion for every solo top lane because of the ability to port into dragon fights or to counter gank a lane. I think this is so op.

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Viable Summoners

: Cleanse is also a good choice for many champions. I usually take it only with AD carries, but its totally up to you if you want to use it.

:You can use this if you have the feeling that all the time the enemy escapes with like 3HP. Its very situational. If no one on ypur team has ignite it maybe would be a good option to take it.

:You could use this instead of flash, in my opinion it can be used like flash, defensive and offensive.

:Again you can use this if you feel that they are always escaping wit very low life. And again, situational, there should be at least one exhaust on a team.

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When a teamfight is breaking out you should be the one who runs on 1st. You are tanky enough and you also do insane dmg. You need to run in and runaway while they focus you, don't forget to use your cleanse skill so they probabaly will follow you even more while your carries take them apart. If they stop following you just rush in there and parrley squishes and hope for a crit.


You are very much tanky and you also do insane dmg, nothing can stop you.

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I hope you enjoyed my solo top gangplank guide and please dont forget to leave a comment and a rating :D