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Shen Build Guide by Lestrade

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lestrade

Tanky Fighter Shen - Our Wills Align!

Lestrade Last updated on August 2, 2014
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Keeping An Eye on the Twilight!

To put things bluntly, I've always liked Shen: As a champion I think he's awesome, and as a character I think he's groovy! (That voice! @_@)
However, one issue I've always had with him was his reliance on his taunt for tanking. While people often rage about the strength of his taunt, I actually find it somewhat limiting - especially when it's literally his only form of peel. And a tank without good peel?
Well, they're not the most potent thing about at the moment!
With that in mind I began experimenting with changing Shen from a full on pure-tank to a more off-tank, heavy fighter type that could hold his own in duels... And one thing led to another, with this build!

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General Tips!

- Don't underestimate your tankiness despite the lower amount of defensive items; Your taunt reduces incoming damage by 50%!
- While CDR is a good stat, the high energy costs of Shen makes it dubious to invest too heavily into it. Keep that in mind when building him!
- Whilst CSing or fighting with Trinity Force, remember that Feint can be used to quickly proc spellblade! Combining this with Ki Strike, and Shen can pump out surprising burst damage!
- Ki Strike is procced faster with higher attack speed, and in turn restores energy when it procs. Make sure to use your abilities much more with an offensive, AS build!
- Vorpal Blade combined with BOTRK can offer around 70 health per auto attack, allowing a more fighter oriented Shen to survive harsh damage providing he can keep his healing up!