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Janna Build Guide by Morgulwrath

Tanky Janna: Like Trying to Fight a Hurricane

Tanky Janna: Like Trying to Fight a Hurricane

Updated on July 4, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Morgulwrath Build Guide By Morgulwrath 3,048 Views 0 Comments
3,048 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Morgulwrath Janna Build Guide By Morgulwrath Updated on July 4, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



I have been playing Janna for quite a long time, and she is definitely my favourite champion. I have done many different builds with her, but the tanky build I have created is the most beneficial. By playing her as an off-tank, Janna has the ability to lead the team while chasing down enemies, allowing her CC to halt enemy champions in their tracks. No matter how you play Janna, she will always be a support. Her CC, shield and ulti allow her to act as a guardian angel for her team. So whether you are beaked for using this build or not, your team will not regret your decision by the end of the game.

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The runes included in this guide are the ones that I use, but I am not recommending anyone reading this guide to use them. They work for me, and my play style. Choose your runes according to your preferences.
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Summoner Spells

These are the summoner spells I am used to playing with. Choose summoner spells that you feel comfortable using or are the most beneficial to your gameplay. This Janna build does not encourage any summoner spell over another. Just like runes, it is your preferences which decides your choice in summoner spells.
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This item gives you early game armour, mana, and some much needed CD reduction.

This is a crucial item to have because it buffs Janna's health and mana greatly while also providing high AP.

A must have for any tank or off-tank build.

Provides Janna with MR, health regen, and bonus movement speed.

This is my all-time favourite item. It gives Janna health, high AP, and applies an extra slow to Howling Gale and Zephyr.

This provides more CD reduction, bonuses in mana and armour, and a passive enemy attack speed reduction. This is great for team fights mid and late game.

This is a very good item for any tank. Because Janna is labelled as a support, she is generally targeted first. But because she is built like a tank and refuses to die, all the enemy succeeds in doing is slowing their own attack and movement speed while your team finishes them off.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter and Force of Nature may be swapped in the purchase order depending on the severity of the enemy's AP output.

You do not need to buy Boots at any point as long as you level up Zephyr first.
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Skill Sequence

This is ALWAYS the first ability you choose. It will save your life if you are ganked early. Max it last because the damage is not substantial. It is purely an escape, chase or farming tool.

This is my favourite ability. It provides a massive movement speed increase which allows you to disregard the purchase of boots and use the extra money and slot for a more beneficial item. The damage this ability inflicts is deadly early game because the enemies in your lane will most likely neglect to buy any magic resist items. I strongly recommend maxing this ability first.

This is the ability people usually max out first when playing with Janna. It's not necessary. Early game, your CC should be able to repel enemy champions from initiating fights with your carry. However, if your carry does get caught in a fight, both Howling Gale and Zephyr may be utilized to easily allow your teammate to escape from harm. For this reason, this ability should be your 2nd priority.

Without stacking AP, this ability has an insignificant heal. The usefulness is found in the substantial push-back to enemies in the area. This allows for easy escapes by distancing yourself and/or teammates from enemy champions. It can also be used to separate enemy champions from their team or push them into your towers. Unless you find yourself in desperate need of CD reduction on this ability, there is no need to increase it's level until you are finished maxing Eye of the Storm.
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Thanks for taking the time to read my guide. Please don't give me a low vote because you don't think this would work for Janna. Try it before you jump to conclusions (how ironic). Leave me a comment and some feedback. If you would like to see this build in action, search Morgulwrath on LoLReplay to find some videos of the amazing off-tank, Janna.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Morgulwrath
Morgulwrath Janna Guide
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Tanky Janna: Like Trying to Fight a Hurricane

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