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Vladimir Build Guide by TanTan

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TanTan

TanTan's Simple guide to the Blood Lord

TanTan Last updated on December 11, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys, TanTan here. I'm writing my first guide on Vladimir The Crimson Reaper! Of course all comments and advice will be greatly appreciated. I love sharing my ideas and i would like to know how a can improve and get better. Vlad is a very mobile and adaptable champion who i see a lot of potential in. He is a champion that i have played a lot in the past. He can fill the role of an AP carry or a tank making him very flexible champion.

Will try to add pictures. Still obviously tons of learning to do about making a informative and well made guide.

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Boots and 3 pots to start always. Level 2 ganks are dangerous and are definitly still a possibility even with the new jungle. Next you are going to need your revolver. This is Vlad's KEY item, with this your abilities are truly free and you can regain all your health easily. Sorcerer's shoes are the best way to go. Vlad's early game means a lot and you need to be as strong as possible to zone and harass. I usually grab Haunting Guise for the extra penetration and AP. You should be dealing a lot of damage by now. I grab the torment right after because its cheap and has an insane burn passive that can be applied every few seconds with Vlad's Q ability. From here ask yourself, "Do i need durability?" if so build Rylai's, if not build a death cap with death caps cheaper it really compliments an early game AP. Whatever you chose not to build, build after what you did choose. Both items really compliment Vladimir and make him who he is. After this its simple, grab your upgraded boots (I personally do alacrity always) and then get a Zhonya's. The hour glass will be perfect for tons of AP, armor and a great passive that is very useful for tight situations. Turn your revolver into a WOT if you haven't. Make sure to grab elixers once you have the items built, these offer very strong bonuses to your stats.

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Max Q first, ALWAYS! 4sec Cd on it is very strong. With no cost don't be afraid to spam it, its also a good tool to regain life very fast. Grab your pool level 2 to deal with those pesky level 2 ganks, They still exist and can turn the tables of a once easy lane. Max your E second. With lifesteal I would recommend spamming your E to keep it on 4 stacks. This is to do the max damage at all times.

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Runes can go a lot of different ways. In my preference i build scaling AP and health because of Vlad's passive in turn giving even more health and AP. With movement speed you can stay in front of them and keep spamming your Q until they die or are at their tower. With a Q like Vlad's you can take advantage of the low cooldown to make him very powerful and very durable so mobility just multiples the devastation. Marks are the obvious magic pen because of his magic damage.

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These are simple masteries, little explanation should be needed. I go 21-9-0 for the most damage while still bringing the health for the durability. Don't forget spell sword, your auto attacks actually do a lot more damage now. These have meant the difference between winning and losing a fight for me multiple times.

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Strategy and Tips

-If the jungle doesn't start on your side you can stand watch until about 1:25 and arrive just to get another potion and get to lane without losing any experience. Otherwise HELP YOUR JUNGLE, the new jungle is harder giving your jungle a Q and a few auto attacks can really help your jungler
-Vlad's Pool will keep triggering the Liandry's Torment passive which will add more seconds to your burn as long as your under them dealing damage.
-Your movement speed should be used! Try to stay in front of them enemy to deal the maximum damage as he is retreating.
-Vlad is a sustain monster, don't recall for health unless its a risky situation you can get 200 hp per Q easily with that every 4 seconds you will be fine. (Recall if it could be a possible death, Ranged zoning, lots of slows, etc.)