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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

LeBlanc Build Guide by penisoid

Technical Guide + Le3v3 build (Fiora Patch Update)

Technical Guide + Le3v3 build (Fiora Patch Update)

Updated on February 29, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author penisoid Build Guide By penisoid 8 2 30,057 Views 19 Comments
8 2 30,057 Views 19 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author penisoid LeBlanc Build Guide By penisoid Updated on February 29, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



This is a guide for the technical aspects of LeBlanc play and 3v3 unranked LeBlanc. It's been working really well for me, and is a combination of the top mobafire builds for LeBlanc (which are pretty similar and which also haven't been updated for the new masteries). This one is good because you will never need to change or deviate from it. No matter who you are fighting, build exactly the same way and you will do well. This build is fun and quick - and it's risky enough to be really freaking exciting! LeBlanc is paper thin and that's whats so fun about playing her - you could die at any second - and thats the thrill, knowing how tenuous your grasp on life is and still getting away. With good warding, map awareness, and knowledge of her escape and kill combos, you will have the other team fighting amongst themselves about who fed you and surrendering or rage quitting around 15 or 20.

Now let's begin the delicate LeBlanc dance... OF DEATH!
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Why 3v3?

  • There's less chance of getting a troll/afk (and if you get one you can surrender in 15).
  • The games are faster.
  • The map is smaller and there are less players, so it's easier to know what's going on in team fights.
  • You feel like you're playing a larger role in the outcome of the game.
  • Less chat/ping spam.
There aren't many 3v3 guides. It's a smaller, faster, more action packed game and 5v5 builds don't always work well with it ( Teleport for example).
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Why LeBlanc?

  • "COMBOOOOOOO!!!!" -Killer Instinct announcer. Long almost "dialing" combos
  • Very versatile based on Mimic usage
  • The whip sound when Ethereal Chains finishes SHwooooooOOOOO-*CRACK* (you know what I'm talking about!)
  • Using Distortion over the base wall into the bush right outside, killing the champ recalling in that bush, and returning safely all in about 2 seconds. BURST!
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Masteries & Runes & Summoner Spells

This build is isn't successful without champ kills, and with Sage you will be gaining good xp from them (sometimes level 2 from champion kills before the first minions come). Improved Recall comes in handy for escapes and for refilling the old mana bar. Cooldown reduction ( Intelligence ) lets you fire mo' Sigil of silence mo' faster, 'nuff said.

Her ridiculously weak auto-attack makes last hitting really difficult, so you will have to supplement it with abilities to get last hits before level 6. Flat Mana Regen Seals ( greater seal of replenishment) help solve this problem. LeBlanc is a huge wuss before level 6, so scaling AP Glyphs ( Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power) are where it's at. Magic Pen Marks ( Greater Mark of Magic Penetration) and AP Quints ( Greater Quintessence of Ability Power) are self explanatory. No reason to stack HP or armor on LeBlanc, if she's stunned, she's dead every time.

Summoner Spells:
Ignite adds DPS. Exhaust is a safer option for those just starting out with LeBlanc. Once you get good with her you will realize she doesn't need it.

Flash helps you escape when Distortion is on cooldown or chase to get that one last sigil of silence off.
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Skill Sequence

Sigil of Silence -> ->

Get one point of Ethereal Chains first. It's great for FB (first blood) gank, it's a skill shot that can be used to check bushes, cooldown is about the same as Sigil of Silence and it's more damage and you get a slow and a stun. Don't forget to use your wimpy auto-attack too. Next put one point into Distortion for escapes. After that, follow the order above.

Sigil of Silence is your big damage for PvP, and champion kills are essential to this build ( Sage and Mejai's Soulstealer), so max it first.

You need Distortion for farming after level 6. You'll start by using Distortion + Mimic( Distortion)(reactivate for shorter cooldowns) to kill large minion waves (at first this won't kill them all, so last hit with Sigil of Silence, Ethereal Chains, and your auto-attack). LeBlanc can easily be gold starved if you don't get a good start (either from good last hitting or early champion kills). Eventually your Distortion will kill all minions in a wave in one hit, without having to waste Mimic( Distortion) every time.
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Gameplay and Items

  • The first item is Amplifying Tome, here's a shortcut to get it faster. Instead of scrolling through menus to find this, just left click once on Void Staff (one of the "Recommended Items" in the top right half of the store menu) and double click on Amplifying Tome at the bottom, in the components for Void Staff, to buy it. Then click the "consumables" menu and buy a Health Potion. The quicker you get to the bottom middle bush, the better chance you have for FB (first blood).

  • In 3v3 you can return to base more often, so when building Rabadon's Deathcap you don't have to wait until you have enough money to buy a Needlessly Large Rod to return to base, just Improved Recall return, buy a Blasting Wand, and Distortion over the wall and you're back in lane. This ensures a steady AP rise throughout the game. Whenever you have enough money to buy the next item piece, blow your AP on killing a minion wave or minion camp and Improved Recall back to base to get it.

  • Last hitting with LeBlanc is really difficult because her auto-attack does so little melee damage. Thankfully her animation and projectile speed are pretty quick. Before level 6 play defensively and use abilities to last hit as many minions as possible (daddy needs his Mejai's Soulstealer), saving your sigil of silence for the time when two minions go to low health at the same time, or for the big minion! Don't forget to use ALL your abilities for last hitting, Ethereal Chains too. Don't be stingy with mana, you need the gold and can always Improved Recall and can Distortion over the wall to get back into lane.

  • Harass with Sigil of silence + Distortion[silence procs] + [reactivate] Distortion but remember your main focus is on last hitting minions! Try to last hit some minions with the harass.

Early Game Walkthrough:

In a typical LeBlanc game you go top and get harassed a lot, use a Health Potion at level 2-4 and return to base to heal up and buy another Health Potion. Then around level 5 you can usually buy Mejai's Soulstealer. Around level 6 you have Boots, and are ready to start ganking. First attempt is ganking top from the dragon by shooting over the wall with a Sigil of Silence + Mimic( Sigil of silence)[silence procs] + Distortion[silence procs] + Ethereal Chains[stun procs] + Ignite combo. Followed by a Flash + Sigil of silence + Ethereal Chains[silence procs][stun procs] to finish him off if necessary. These early kills are really important, so overkill is OK (wasting an Ignite), just get the kill ASAP. Otherwise gank bottom lane using same combo. She can Distortion over the bush in the bottom middle of the lane into the middle of the map too, so don't forget to use this to surprise bottom lane.

If you get stuck in bottom lane with a lane pushing champ or AD melee you're going to have a tough time last hitting. Take every last hit you can get, even if it means stealing his. These champs don't even have to think about last hitting. You have to work hard for all of them so unfocus your vision a little so you can see all the minions health bars, and hit as many as you can with abilities and your auto-attack.

After Sorcerer's Shoes, BUY A sight ward (or 2) EVERY TIME YOU GO BACK TO BASE. You will be reWARDed. It keeps your entire team from being ganked, it protects your Mejai's Soulstealer stacks, and helps you set up kills (she's an assassin after all). If you are fighting invisible characters, buy Vision Ward (but more sparingly). A well placed Vision Ward shuts Twitch down completely. Try to annoy/guilt your teammates into buying wards as well. If LeBlanc does not initiate she will die quicker than a 20-stacked- Mejai's Soulstealer- LeBlanc killing Tryndamere from a bush (which is so quickly that he can't Undying Rage). There needs to be a ward in the middle or at the dragon (both are better) at all times. For Vision Ward I like whatever bush the invisible character is using as his base. Wherever Shaco has his boxes stacked is where he feels the most comfortable. Usually inside the bottom right or left bush entrance to the middle. Get a Vision Ward in there! Wards are an essential part of playing LeBlanc. Avoid being KO'd by a kiss on the cheek from Jarvan IV, use plenty of wards.
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  • To get a little extra range, make sure you are walking toward the target during the Ethereal Chains animation. LeBlanc will pause just a half-second to shoot the chain, then continue walking while it shoots.

  • Wait until the animation for Sigil of Silence actually begins to use your Mimic( Sigil of Silence), because Mimic won't change to Mimic( Sigil of Silence) until the Sigil of Silence animation starts! Many times I've used Sigil of Silence on a champ but was out of range, so LeBlanc starts walking towards them, and then I use Mimic and it's a Mimic( Ethereal Chains) or Mimic( Distortion), ruining the kill, and usually getting me killed because I'm so confused about what just happened.

  • If you have Mimic( Sigil of Silence) already keyed up, use it before Sigil of Silence in any of these Sigil of Silence + Mimic( Sigil of Silence) combos. It will ensure you get the greater damage from Mimic( Sigil of Silence) when it is procced by Sigil of Silence and start its cooldown a little sooner.

  • Reactivating Distortion and Mimic( Distortion) lowers the cooldown (you dont have to wait out the 3 second reactivation period), so always reactivate it when jungling or when it's convenient.

  • Everyone is going to be super pissed when they see you are owning and have Mejai's Soulstealer and will enter a tower-diving- Youmuu's Ghostblade-activating blood-rage when LeBlanc so much as sticks her big toe out of a bush, so always think carefully about reactivating Distortion in a team fight (you will usually want to). It gives you distance and also helps you line up the Ethereal Chains skillshot better.

  • Ethereal Chains does half its damage on hit and procs again for half in a few seconds. If you Ethereal Chains + Mimic( Ethereal Chains) the same opponent you will interrupt the first Ethereal Chains and not get half the damage of the first chain. Chaining multiple chasers is OK, but the Escape Combo(see "Combos" section) is safer if your Mimic is up and more reliable (but probably not as fun).

  • Distortion resets its return marker when you cast Mimic( Distortion). For example, you can't cast Distortion + Mimic( Distortion) and then reactivate the first one to return all the way back to the first place you used it, you can only reactivate the Mimic( Distortion) and return to the last place you used it from. Which is lame! Riot hotfix please!

  • If you use Sigil of Silence (or Mimic( Sigil of Silence)) and then immediately use Distortion, you can actually hit them with Distortion while your Sigil of Silence is still flying through the air. Therefore the Sigil of Silence won't be there to proc when Distortion hits. This can result in you missing out on a lot of damage. Make sure your timing is right by waiting a split second after using Sigil of Silence to use Distortion. You don't have to worry about this with Ethereal Chains, it's too slow.
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*use Ignite with any of these combos

Escape combo (this must become a reflex, you will die if stunned):
Distortion + Mimic( Distortion) + Flash (jump over as many walls as possible)

Alternate (if Distortion is on cooldown):
Sigil of Silence + Ethereal Chains[silence procs][stun procs]

*Try walking into a bush, Distortion out and running into another bush or as far as you can toward the enemy base, then reactivating Distortion. Either Improved Recall from there ASAP or run the opposite direction to safety.

Best combo:
Sigil of Silence + Mimic( Sigil of Silence)[silence procs] + Distortion[silence procs] + Ethereal Chains[stun procs]

Safety combo (you got a clean shot from the bushes, don't have to worry about connecting a skill shot to get the damage):
Ethereal Chains + Sigil of Silence + Mimic( Sigil of Silence)[silence procs][stun procs][silence procs] + Distortion

Little chase:
Distortion (to get in closer, be ready to reactivate if they charge you) + Sigil of Silence + Mimic( Sigil of Silence)[silence procs] + Ethereal Chains [silence procs][stun procs]

Ultimate chase:
Distortion + Mimic( Distortion) + Flash + Sigil of Silence + Ethereal Chains[silence procs][stun procs]

Hop Over Wall Hop Out Kill:
Distortion(over wall) + Sigil of Silence + Mimic( Sigil of Silence)[silence procs] + Ethereal Chains[silence procs] + [reactivate] Distortion[stun procs]

*This is good for the bush right outside the inner tower where ppl teleport back.

Combo VS Melee Brawler (they start right next to you, hitting you):
Distortion (away) + (ASAP) Sigil of Silence + Mimic( Sigil of Silence)[silence procs] + Ethereal Chains(start running away, he will chase you)[stun procs]

Now use Distortion to return to the original spot and run the opposite way. He will probably chase you, Sigil of Silence and Ethereal Chains him again as soon as it's off cooldown. You can kite him like this until your Distortion is back, but NOBODY is going to stick around very long after getting pwn-kited like this. Might take some practice to get this down reliably.
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Jumping Over Walls

LeBlanc can jump in and out of the base without vision and over most walls on the 3v3 map.

One of the worst feelings when playing LeBlanc comes in the form of the failed wall jump. When you have three guys chasing you and are one hit away from death, it's easy to mis- Distortion into base, and remain in place, and die. You can use Flash as a back up. Otherwise, you're boned! Here are the tricks for jumping over the FIRST TIME.

*Remember that Distortion is not a fixed range ability, it will only go as far as you click and only within it's ability radius. When jumping walls you always want the max distance, so click just outside the ability radius circle to make sure you get it.

Into the Base From Outside
Get right up next to the wall, then activate Distortion and click inside the base on the imaginary line running from your character to the center enemy turret. The easiest jump is from the center, which will be directly across. If jumping into the right side base from the bottom bush stand right next to the wall where the arm of the bush meets the base wall. Activate Distortion and click on the upper right side of the flaming cauldron that the arm of the bush is pointing to. From the top bush into the right base it's easier to see inside the base because of the camera angle, but harder to see LeBlanc, so make sure you are right against the wall where the bush meets the base wall. Activate Distortion and click right in the middle of the flaming cauldrons at 3 'o' clock and 6 'o' clock just outside the ability radius circle. Reverse for opposite side. The hardest jump for me is into the base from bottom left.

Jumping Out of the Base
Let's say you are in the left side base and want to jump out into the upper bush. Walk up to the wall where the arm of the bush that points towards the base meets the wall. Stand as directly under the flaming cauldron that the bush arm points to as possible (without standing beside it). Activate Distortion and click outside the base where the bush arm meets the base wall. If you are jumping out of the left base into the bottom bush, stand above the flaming cauldron the bush arm points to, activate Distortion and click where the bush arm meets the wall on the outside of the base.

The camera angles are weird and it can take some practice to do these jumps every time. Don't be what the French call "les incompetant" (yes that's a Home Alone quote), play some solo custom games and practice until you get the hang of it.
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Using Mirror Image

Basically Mirror Image is about three things: blocking attacks, scouting, and escape.

The cooldown on this ability is low, so your Mirror Image will be popping out all the time, even in non-life threatening situations. It doesn't last very long and the leash is kind of short, but if it procs when you are fighting, for example, the wolf minion camp on top, hold control and move it over to the bushes of the other minion camp. It's good scouting and possible decoy if an invisible character is around.

Blocking Attacks:
The first time Mirror Image accidentally saved me from Caitlyn's Ace in the Hole, I started using it more wisely. If you are low and there are no illusions about which one is you or not (you used an ability, made some complicated movement), just keep yourself running straight and control your Mirror Image to be right between you and whoever's chasing you.

Usually Mirror Image will proc when you are about to die. In that situation its a 50/50 chance, I send Mirror Image straight towards the bushes and me straight towards the base. You have to QUICKLY start Mirror Image moving, or else they'll know its not you. Once I'm walking in a straight line back to base I start moving Mirror Image in and out of the bush as a distraction. It is incredibly satisfying when Kog'Maw chases Mirror Image instead of you with his Icathian Surprise, or all three of the other team start chasing Mirror Image, or you manage to save a teammate by running your low health Mirror Image by his attacker.
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Mistletoe LeBlanc skin - *WARNING*

Know before you buy:
This is a premium 975 RP skin, yet is just a palette swap with no special animations or voices. :-( : :

(Cape looks cool though)
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Getting the Most Out Of Your Games

Everybody has a bad game sometimes. Throwing that in their face and calling them names won't make the situation any better, it will make it worse. That person will start to feel frustrated and defeated and their play will reflect that. They already know they are having a bad game. A "You'll get them next time", "np" or "That guy is OP" goes a long way towards a better game for everyone.

Sometimes they will lash out at you because they are frustrated with their own fail or what they perceive to be yours. Many a public chat will say only "LEBLANC NOOOOOOOOOOOOOB!!!!!". Just let it go. Say "sorry", even if you don't think you've done anything wrong.

Don't feed the trolls, set them to ignore through the tab menu and report them after the game.
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jhoijhoi for his "Making A Guide" tutorial
(even though he is AU)

Twisted Treeline Guide by Calisto
I found this after I wrote this guide, but it is so important for 3v3 play, it had to be mentioned. Everyone who plays 3v3 should read and follow this great guide.

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