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Teemo Build Guide by Draconis655

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Draconis655

Teemo and his destiny

Draconis655 Last updated on December 4, 2012
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There will be only one long winded approach to wasting your day. (not readi

As teemo, your primary objective is to be: highly mobile (offering team support for ganks as well as making yourself hard to hit), planting shrooms/eggs ;) in gank lanes, and of course to counter the enemy team's adc via your blind ability and your speed.

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Pros / Cons

Your speed is not an end all be all. Many champions can and will still catch you, keep your shrooms at early to mid game ready for defensive placement in the lane. Being aware of an incoming jungler allows you a tactical advantage to make use of your speed to escape. Initiating or even poking with your blind is wasteful, like with minion waves, you do not go all out unless you are ready to capitalize on the resources you are using.

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The above build optimizes the runes I have listed as either my main, or potential others.
That being said, Manamune now will upgrade after it caps the mana bonus. The on hit effect it offers with Rod of ages and itself will exceed 150 late game. Add that to your on hit passive, the 5 percent from the spellsword and the improved malady and you will on hit for over 350 not counting your beefed up ad from scaling mana. The extra benefit to this is that Rod of ages adds a bit more health, while contributing to the overall build. All items are linked, have support for the others, and increase your overall effectiveness in all areas except tanking (which you should not do).

BTW!!!: Do not attempt to build both arch staff and manamune, the upgrade will usually occur to arch first, then reset the mana buff for manamune.

Also, above listed specs at the top of the page do not include scaling ad benefits from Manamune.

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Creeping / Jungling

Jungling: don't do it, teemo will unbalance your team late game as a jungler in the new meta, and of course, increases to mob hps in the jungle will lead to a slow farm.

Blue: only late mid to late game. reasoning? This will only increase the amount of shrooms you can place, therefore weigh this against potential better uses among your teammates.
Red: Awesome and in fact much better for you than the other traditional positions to use it. Why? You may have some burst potential, and you are fast, but being able to ensure a kill without a chase at all allows you to get kills effectively, efficiently and without leaving yourself out in the open chasing for a kill without a slow.

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Ranked Play

If played appropriately, mid teemo has no effective counter. That being said, let me clarify that I mean no other mid champion should be able to catch and kill you so consistently that you are zoned out of the lane. Your ability to last hit should give you the edge on cs, without allowing the lane to become unfrozen from the spot of your choice. Your most difficult opponents (ori, ziggs, ect) will be focused on zoning you, so keep a little behind your minion wave, making erratic loops with feints to sprint around. This tactic will allow you to move most smart enemy champions into a position to capitalize on your potential aggressiveness (remember we are feinting here) or chase them away. You need to be keeping an eye out for the cs opportunities here, and therefore should allow for your feints to put you into position to last hit. In the new meta, once the siege enters the lanes, no other minion is as important.

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The goal with teemo in this build is to maximize the balance of your on hit burst, and to allow you the luxury of competing better against the opposing ap carry late game. Most ap carries will by the end of the game build some Mr, while the adc wont likely have either armor or Mr, taking advantage of this in a hybrid-like build will maximize your ability to effectively assault both the apc and adc.

Hit and run, seriously Get the F outta here!