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Teemo Build Guide by LikeABossio

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LikeABossio

Teemo AP is OP

LikeABossio Last updated on October 31, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey guys, my first guide.

Please be patient, but since I always wanted to help people in this way, it should be good.
Thank you for understanding and welcome to the LikeABossio's Teemo Guide.

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[Things in GREEN are done, things in RED aren't.]

- 31/10/2012 the guide has been released.
-Video guide to the amazing champion
-Results from this guide (Please send them to
-Chapter named "What people thinks about Teemo?"

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Why Teemo?

Teemo is a great solo top, is probably my favorite solo top in the whole game since of the good harass it has at lvl 1 and even at higher levels. This champion is reaaaaally painful to face and is not hard to use but it is hard to master. Good thing about Teemo is that he brings a really good support to the whole team, cuz of damaging wards and blind to the ADC. But every good champion has his counter, bad thing is that if the player you are facing is smart he could own you in 2 seconds, that's why you have to be smarter than anyone ;).

"Never underestimate the power of the Scout's code" - Teemo.

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Pros / Cons

-Yo wazzup "First Blood"
-Can kill anyone
-Freaking cute

-Squishiest champion
-First target in teamfights
-Stealth detection owns him
-Easy counter for some APs

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Yo wazzup "First Blood"?

You probably asked yourself "WTF is this guy meaning by that?" and I mean exactly that.
Go Camouflage and spam your right-click. if necessary and if you are sure your will not kill him.
As I said before. YO WAZZUP "FIRST BLOOD".
PD: I cannot guarantee it will always work but if you are smart I promise it will work 70% chances. One thing is for sure, the enemy champion cannot kill you if you did this properly (except for some cases like or ).

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Skill Sequence

We go > > > .

Why is that? Toxic Shot is our main ability and if you are following this guide because you are done with those tics that always kill you, uou have found the right guide, when I go AP Teemo I base on tics and well, obviously my nuke (Blinding Dart) never fails when I wanna low his health quickly, basically Teemo is all about AP and ATT. Speed, those will be our main stats since we wanna get all the juice from our abilities. Obviously we go Move Quick in one point because of the passive movement speed since it is pretty cool and it will help us at those low levels when we only have our Doran's Ring or Doran's shield. And well we go Noxious Trap because that is Teemo's most famous ability. If we wanna put out those junglers and those mid gankers, let's just put some fungus by the river and in the brushes so we don't get bothered while we own that top.

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Advanced Tactics

This will be a long speech but it is really important.
Teemo, can be really annoying, but if we wanna play him smart you should hear some things.


You are being followed, press your W, run away, when you get a decent range place a fungus and make sure the other guy eats it, run to the brush and just stay there so you get invisible. Some people really just give up when they eat the fungus, and some just go all the way down even after you are invisible... But some guys are pretty smart, I've been caught by Lee Sin, so just pray when you are against one.

Hi, I'm at 100 health and I will just blind you so you can't hit me, you were so stupid that the Ignite killed you or a simple skill did. So don't do this since it can always go wrong and just **** them before that. You are against Xin Zhao, the moment you see his spear go shiny, is the moment you go Q. You are against Nasus, he placed the slow on you, when he's reaching you go Q and place a fungus, then just harass him and kill him. WWhat I'm trying to say is that you must think like you are your own enemy and what would you do, if you are against champs that have "Next attack will deal X bonus damage" you must have a good timing with your Q.

Don't forget about your main ability, it can help you out last-hitting minions. Teemo has a pretty shot range but if you are against a melee top, don't forget you have the best auto-attack in the whole game ;). I'm sure that only two or three hits will hit him enough to go back. For me, this spell is the one who gets my kills on the tics.

Don't just place them to get people when they are trying to gank you, always think about your escape route when things are going wrong. Put them on an special route before you get ganked, the good thing about this is that if you every get ganked they will have no idea about this, and if they are at low health you can double kill easily.

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I'm not actually a good fan of telling people what to do so those items I put in the base build are when you are extremely fed. Things can always go wrong.

Against AD build your Guardian Angel.
Against Tank build your Madred's Bloodrazor, BEFORE EVERYTHING. (The enemy team is Diana, Blitzcrank, Malphite, Alistar and well *squishy* ADC)
Against AP build your Abyssal Scepter. (If you are playing ranked and you want to counter an AP top)
You can always replace your Rylai's Crystal Scepter for a Frozen Mallet.

If you can notice I put two builds, one is based on Full AP and the other is based in bonus magic attack damage, it doesn't mean you are gonna follow this guide so strictly since your enemy team can always be smart and counter you with some item.

Lich Bane is really important when people are building MR.

Or you can switch the order of things, but I recommend the base build, when you are following this guide, you will always get fed ;).

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I have said this like 10 times already but the main stats on Teemo are:


> > >

That's why we are getting and first because we need the dmg bonus from these. And then we can get for the bonus Attack Speed (DUH). And finally for some resistance with .

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Summoner Spells


Why these two?

Flash is a really useful skill, in my opinion is the most important Summoner Spell and it has to be used almost with every champion. It has the ability to jump walls, gtfo. But I have something to say... Engaging with Flash is a bad decition.

Ignite is also the best skill for damage, the true damage really finishes off almost every low-healthed champion, I use ignite because of the 5 AP bonus and AD from our . Also you can counter champions like Olaf, Sion, Dr. Mundo and some other champions that heal a lot.


Maybe the only champion it may work with, it provides ATT. Speed and Ability Power, if you want to First Blood really quick, go for this.

Combine this with your W and you will be the fastest champion you will ever see. It is really fun.

You want just many kills, put a lot of fungus, and when you see someone stepping on them, teleport to the nearest Noxius Trap you got there. Also provides a really quick base return if you got your First Blood and you remained at -10%.

You are using your Recall, when suddenly the top enters into the tower and tries to kill you... Press your Q and your Heal, you will win.


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Ranked Play

When you choose Teemo in a Ranked Match, 90% of the chances you do there will be always, ALWAYS, someone that *****es you "TEEMO SUCKS".

Teemo doesn't suck, neither does any champion and this is something everyone needs to learn. And Teemo is the best support you can get on your team because of the free wards, and I mean this, when you are at top, always try to support your team, it is not fair for you having 20 Traps at top when mid is too stupid to buy a ward or he's getting really ****ed up by the mid, help him out with those. Go to Dragon and put them, go to Baron and put them, go to their blue and put them, put them EVERYWHERE. Sometimes is really fun when you are just hanging there and suddenly "YOU HAVE SLAIN AN ENEMY", am I right? Anyways, try always focusing the ADC with your Q, try to be with your team so you don't get caught.

In other words, playing ranked is not much different from normal matches, just that you have to play smart.

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Noxious Trap

I decided to put a map to make things easier to you.

RED: Extremely important.
ORANGE: Help the jungler to counter.
YELLOW: It becomes important at 20:00+.
BLUE: Supportive.
GREEN: Good.