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Teemo Build Guide by LDrago123456

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LDrago123456

TEEMO: Cute but Venomous

LDrago123456 Last updated on June 23, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello all! I am LDrago123456. This is my first guide on MOBAFire. I have been playing Teemo for over half a year and I can honestly say, he is so freaking cute, and trolly, and also very powerful. I am a very frequent LoL player and play everyday, I still go to school and in Junior High, I play LoL at school using my own wi fi with friends playing customs, and it is really fun getting your friends mad over a cute character like Teemo.

But enough about me, this is all about Teemo!!

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Pros / Cons


    - Very versatile
    - Very mobile
    - Strong poison
    - Ultimate is a booby trap
    - Trolly
    - Cute
    - Fast attack speed

    - Squishy
    - Focused a lot to prevent your poison from hitting
    - Item reliant
    - weak early game

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I go Flash and Ignite. This is to make us able to escape and catch up to enemies to poison and burn them alive. Example of these spells being used so you can get an idea, is say, your team mate is being gang banged by the enemy team, you can flash over the wall the save time, start poisoning your enemies, and ignite the squishiest guy there. Ignite is very helpful for making your KS's and first blood and regualr kills easier, they may run but they can't escape the spells.

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I go 21/9/0. This is to maximize my damage output and sustain in fights long enough to KS and kill the enemy with your poison. I don't take cool down reduction, since your Q is technically the only spell that deals damage and requires activation, plus it has a really short cool down already. Your W is just for the passive, unless you find yourself getting chased all the time, it's just a utility spell, your ultimate is 30 seconds only... so whats the point? once you get shrooms, it's like 0.5 seconds. I don't take Summoners Wrath here, because the spell sword is really helpful with your E, since it is based off of auto attacking, your AP stacks with the already AP scaling Poison Darts, so you will be packing a bigger punch later on in the game.

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I take the Runes with AP, Magic Pen, Armor, and Movement speed. This is, to put it bluntly, all the things Teemo needs. AP for his Q, E and R. MagicPen for Q, E and R. Movement speed to help him get around the map quite quickly.

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When you start, you want Boots of Speed and 4 health pots. It used to be 3 health pots, but they changed the amount of money there is to start, so you can now afford 4, plus it is better, since you have more sustain in lane.

Mid game is probably the enemies worst nightmare come true. At this point, you should have picked up some kills and have decent farm, so you should get the probably most needed item, Nashors Tooth. It gives you AP, AS and MagicPen. So you will be the wrecking ball and the enemies become the walls. Rush Liandrys Torment next, so you get the Eyes of Pain Passive and MagicPen with AP. All AP champs need sorcerers shoes, so why not, gives you movement speed and MagicPen. Iceborn Gauntlet is for making your E stronger after spamming your Q, plus it slows people down so you can catch up and land a final E or Q.

End Game, this is where you get so strong, your Q and E alone will pretty much kill everyone, plus your mushrooms dealing something like 200+ damage. Get Rabadons for the AMAZING 120 AP plus the 30% more AP passive. This time of the game is really situational, if you have a AD Carry on the other team, get zhonyas, if your enemy start stacking a **** tonne of MR, get Lich Bane for the extra damage for your E, if the enemy is running away like crazy, get rylais for the slow.

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Skill Sequence

I take Q at level 1, so you rob your enemy of last hits, like a troll, plus it deals decent damage early on and max it second. I take E at level 2 and Max it first, since the poison will hurt to the point where the enemy wished they never started this game. I max W last, since it's only for the passive and it's a utility spell. I take R at levels 6, 11 and 16, so your booby traps hurt more and slows a bit more longer.

If your asking why i don't max Q first, is because I play AP Teemo, his Q can't really do much after you've used it, it doesn't DoT and it needs to CD. Maxing E is better because you just have to auto attack to hurt the guy.

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Creeping / Jungling

Ok, you need to FARM FARM FARM. So you can get your items faster than most people, farming becomes a breeze once you get your E, the poison will DoT the creeps, so it's easier, just make sure you hit on time, plus you have Spell Sword, so it shouldn't be that hard, your ranged too, so it's easier then say Riven. Just don't spam your Q to farm, you'll go OOM (out of mana) and when you get ambushed by the jungler, you can only AA to defend yourself.

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Team Work

Your the carry, that means you have to make sure your team mates don't die while you dish out all the damage so your team mates who are riding on you, can jump in and slay the enemy. If your playing against another AA person like Aatrox or Udyr, you can Q them, so they miss their AA and you can plant shrooms to slow them down. If your being chased a lot in the game, plant shrooms, they slow, reveal and damage enemies, so when your running from the enemy, make them run over shrooms and activate W to run for it.

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Where do I plant my Shrooms?

Plant them at key points. To name a few, places, you want to put them at entrances to the jungle, the river, Dragon, Baron, and the lane bushes. This is to help you get vision booby trap the enemy, if they were to say, gank you, they would obviously go from the bush, so if you plant one there, for one they will be revealed, and two, they get slowed so you can make a run for it. Dragon and Baron is for you to know what the enemy is doing, so you can hijack Baron/Dragon, and it's easier since they blew up the shrooms. Jungle is for running away and chasing the enemy, easy to understand...

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In conclusion, Teemo is a very fun and trolly character to play, with his poison and his poke and mobility. He can take on tanks like a man, since his poison is DoT and his team fight potential is scary strong.

Thank you for reading my guide, please give me comments on how to improve and tell me if you found this guide helpful.

Peace >.<