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Teemo Build Guide by Telemaniac

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Telemaniac

Teemo Going AD/AS (Any Lane)

Telemaniac Last updated on February 14, 2015
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This is Guide is AS/AD Teemo.The build is simple for me because its my favorite. Make sure you read the other chapters to understand it well.

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My rune build is AS and AD. Why i have both is because Teemo is OP with AS but squishy,so if you want to pick up a quick kill you will need AS and AD to get the kill and another.You will be able to get atleast a triple and run away safetly after you get the kills.The more the kills the faster youll finish the build.

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I have chosen these masteries to help Teemo AS AD and armor pick up a easier kill.With this mastery build Teemo will be even less squishy than before.With the runese and masteries build Teemo will be hard to get in a game.

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The build i use is really easy to get if you have all the runes and masteries like i have.If done correctly his AS will be, 147.142 by the end of the game.And his AD will be, 304.12 by the end of the game.You will pick up easy kills at level 18.

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Skill Sequence

What i focuse on the skill order is Blinding Dart and Toxic Shot because they will help you get a easy kill.I get Move Quick thowards the end of the game because it make you run quick and get away when you are about to die quick.But i maxe it out during the end of the game.

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Summoner Spells

Why I use Ignite nad Ghost is because its useful.Ignite will get you a kkill or even a KS.And ghost will make you run away when you are in danger.Ignite is really good to pick up early kills if the enemy is going toward their turrent.You can use Move Quick and use Ignite before you pass the turrent thing and BAMM,you got a kill.

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I hope this guide helps you in your future Teemo games. This is my first Guide on Mobafire.please tell me what you think on the comments if you liked it or not.Or if i should change things around.