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Teemo General Guide by MayKip

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MayKip

Teemo Guide - My Way

MayKip Last updated on January 23, 2013
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Hello! Welcome to my Teemo guide! This is my way of playing Teemo with an AP (Ability Power) build. I chose AP over AD (Attack Damage) because AP causes your toxic shot to do more DOT (damage over time). I couldn't find a decent guide on Teemo when I started playing him, but now that I've found how easy he is to play, I figure I'll make a guide :)

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The items I have chosen best support the way I play Teemo. Although, The last Item I purchase is usually random in the Ability Power, Health, or Attack speed category. These are items I might decide to get as my last item = Rylai's Crystal Scepter, Rabadon's Deathcap, Phantom Dancer, or The Frozen Mallet. I know It's AD, but the slow is a nice thing to have.

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Skill Sequence

I chose to level E first because it really helps with farming in early game. Plus, you can harass the enemy champ a little with the poisons DOT, which will at least wear them out a bit if you keep consistent while focusing on last hitting.

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I chose Flash because Teemo is pretty squishy and when he gets into danger, its nice to be able to flash out if you're low health and would prefer not to take a chance at death by not using it.

I chose Heal because when you're harassing and planting mushrooms (Noxious Trap) You often tend to get hit a bit by minions and the enemy champ. It allows you to stay in your lane longer, by allowing you to make a quick escape saving you from death, or to heal up a bit so you won't look so vulnerable.

Those are my two preferred Summoner Spells, but if you prefer different spells according to your game play, that's fine by me.

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Pros / Cons

Teemo's Pros
-Toxic shot does quite a bit of DOT
-Teemo's mushrooms help for a quick escape or a deathly trap for a low healthed retreating enemy.
-His AS (Attack Speed) is extremely fast allowing you to take down turret faster and farm minions faster. Also harassing an enemy champ is easier. (with my build)
-Move quick allows you to escape a deadly enemy or chase down a kill.
-His passive allows him to have the element of surprise when a low healthed enemy is in lane playing passive, allowing him to sneak up and make the kill. Placing mushrooms where what might be their escape route is a good idea.
Teemo's Cons
-Is squishy early game

Well those are what I think to be the pros and cons of Teemo. You might agree. You might disagree. Whatever. It's just personal opinion :P

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Creeping / Jungling

I don't prefer jungling with Teemo. He's so squishy early game that it's hard to get a good start. It's your choice, really, but if you're going by my guide, don't jungle.

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When farming with Teemo, usually the minions are two hit kills considering your toxic shot's DOT does much damage to a tiny minion. In the beggining, focus on last hitting and harassing, but around level 8 it's nice to start double hitting the farther away minions, and then to focus on the nice big, full-of-gold minion that has the cannon.

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Thanks for reading!

Thank you for reading my Teemo guide! If you liked it and think it helped, please vote up! If you have any suggestions they are appreciated!


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