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Teemo Build Guide by bXruss24

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author bXruss24

Teemo - Niche, but Powerful!

bXruss24 Last updated on August 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Teemo is a very powerful, yet misunderstood champion. Many consider him to be an AD carry. This is not true. His attack range is very short, meaning he is a very quick and easy focus in teamfights, so he cannot fulfill the classic role of ranged AD carry. Some consider him to be an AP support/carry. This also does not maximize his power; AP teemo just ends up being very annoying and unhelpful to a team in general. This build, in my opinion, does the best job of bringing Teemo's best attributes together, and capitalizes on strengthening the places in which he is weak. Without further ado - Solo Top Teemo!

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21-0-9 are usually the masteries you want to take, be sure to avoid the crit damage mastery as you aren't going to be doing any critical hits.

You can also go 9-0-21 for the increased movespeed, buffs, and reduced cooldowns on your summoner spells. It's all down to your opinion.

For runes, you want to pick up attack speed reds, flat armor yellows, flat MR blues, and armor pen quints. The yellows and blues make you beefier early game in general, and the reds really help compensate for only having 2 AS items in your core build. The quints and your masteries will give you 16 armor pen in general, which is just enough to shred completely through the armor of a level 1 enemy that doesn't have an armor item. If you'd like to switch out the reds and quints, feel free to, but I REALLY encourage using the yellows and blues that I use.

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This is where the build may get a tad controversial. If you look at the items, you may notice the fact that your final build is half tank items. Well, with your short attack range, you HAVE to be beefy. Secondly, your poison, madred's, and autoattack damage will do TONS of damage to squishies (who you should be focusing most of the time). Starting off with the 3 doran's blades gives you a nice early edge and lots of AD, health, and lifesteal to keep you going until you can complete your bloodrazor. Your poison damage should be more than enough early game.

All of the tanky items are really situational. I strongly suggest getting the Guardian Angel and Banshee's Veil every game, but the third tank item is really up to the enemy team composition.

Other items you can get:

If you're up against a team that has lots of magic damage, or you aren't doing so well early game, feel free to substitute a Wit's End for your Bloodrazor. It does about the same damage for most of the game and is significantly cheaper; however, Bloodrazor offers a lot more stats so I prefer going for that if you can get a decent/good early game.

If you decide to substitute Wit's End for a Bloodrazor, I strongly suggest also switching your third tank item for a Malady. It will up your damage output significantly and it synergizes quite well with the Wit's end.

If the enemy team does a lot of magic or physical damage, I would strongly suggest switching your attack speed boots for one of these. It will give you a GREAT edge as the game goes on. If you're in a ranked game and you see a lot of enemies with physical damage, get the Nimbleness mastery and the dodge points in the Defensive tree.

Although I am not an advocate of this item on Teemo (it's great on champs such as Mordekaiser and Akali!) some players like to use it because the spell vamp synergizes with his E and it has a solid active. You should substitute this for your Bloodthirster.

If you want to get EVEN TANKIER and still be able to regain health at a quick rate, I would suggest replacing your bloodthirster with this item. However, it is very situational and should only be used against teams that have way too much magic damage.

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Laning (Early-Mid game)

You want to take the solo top lane in laning phase, since you're more likely to be against a melee champion. If it's 2vs1 top, try and go mid and get a high-sustain champion to take top for you. However, if you think you're skilled enough to handle it, you can go 2vs1 top if you wish.

Make sure that you get red buff once the team fights start! The DoT and slow are highly invaluable on Teemo, and it is more than likely in your regular solo Q game that you will never get to build your Frozen Mallet.

FOCUS ON LAST HITS, BUY WARDS, DON'T PUSH YOUR LANE TOO HARD. These are all invaluable things you can do as a player in general to improve your laning phase and your playing in general. While you will get free wards as mushrooms, regular Sight Wards don't explode and remove your vision of the area when enemies walk into them. :)

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Team Fights (Late game)

As Teemo, you should be sitting around 150-200 creep kills by the time team fights begin. This is more than enough to get your bloodrazor and at least your guardian angel rolling, which are the 2 core items of this build. You should be diving STRAIGHT for the squishy AP/AD carry! You will eat them alive with your damage and the enemy team will hate you lots. If any pesky HP-stackers are on the enemy team (cho'gath, Olaf, Jarvan, and even Mordekaiser tend to stack HP with warmog's armor), DESTROY THEM!

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As Teemo, you will fulfill a very unique role on your team and perhaps an unheard of role as the tiny Swift Scout you are: a tanky dps DoT semi-ranged anti-carry! Best of luck on the Fields of Justice, and feel free to add me if you would like to play games with me or ask questions (summoner name bxruss)! Thanks!