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Teemo Build Guide by GiraffeRaging

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GiraffeRaging

Teemo, the Swift Rage Inducer. S4 AP Teemo Top Lane

GiraffeRaging Last updated on March 6, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Here's my guide to Teemo. This will explain to you how to build him, how to fight and act Early - Late game. Good luck, and I hope this guide helps!

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Uhh, what does Teemo do..?

Teemo is a speedy, squishy, ranged AP DPS champion. I play him as a kiter. Teemo can turn invisible, blind enemy champions, move very quickly, poison his enemy, and lay down "mines" for his opponents to step on. I'll explain all of these below.

Camouflage Camouflage - Teemo turns invisible after standing still, uninterrupted for 2 seconds. When Teemo becomes no long invisible by casting a spell or moving, he gains a 40% attack speed boost for 3 seconds. This can be used to surprise enemies, and burst them down quickly. You can hide within your lane, and wait for your opponent to come by, then strike! This also is VERY useful when escaping. If someone is chasing you, once you've gotten enough distance on them for them to not hit you in the next 2 seconds, stand completely still without them being able to see you. This way, you'll be invisible, and they'll walk right by you. Wait for them to leave the area, then carry on!

Blinding Dart - Teemo fires an extra powerful dart at his target, dealing a large amount of magic damage, and blinding them. Being Blinded disables your ability to successfully land auto-attacks. Any attempted auto-attacks while being blinded will "miss" and deal no damage. This can be useful when someone is about to hit you, or is very close to you, getting a lot of attacks off. Use this ability on the ADC in team-fights. This will render them useless for a few seconds!

Move Quick - Teemo passively receives a large movement speed percentage increase. This effect is disabled for 5 seconds after taking champion or tower damage. Using the active on this ability will double the movement speed, and cannot be interrupted. This is your biggest means of escape. The passive is simply there to heavily help you with your harassing in lane and everywhere else. The active is GREAT to have when escaping and trying to get an opportunity to use your passive Camouflage without being spotted. This can also be used to chase down opponents, but try to save it for when you really need it to save your life.

Toxic Shot - All of Teemo's auto-attacks deal an extra amount of magic damage on hit, and poison the opponent, dealing more damage over 4 seconds. This is the heart of the whole build, the magic damage initially and over time. There isn't much strategy to this considering that it can't be casted, and it's just a passive, but it's like a small ignite. Feel free to ignite a little earlier than you usually would to pick up a kill that is running away.

Noxious Trap - Teemo places down a mushroom-trap that provides vision, and when stepped on deals magic damage over time, and slows. Teemo can carry up to 3 mushrooms at a time, which will have a 2 second cooldown inbetween if you've got more than one. It takes a medium amount of time for Teemo to generate another mushroom. This is INCREDIBLY useful both in the laning phase, and medium to late game. If you make sure to place a trap in every area that an enemy jungler could come through, you'll never have to worry about ganks or buying wards again. If you notice someone has stepped on one of your traps, they're most likely trying to gank you. Use your W, Move Quick, to quickly get back to your tower or somewhere safe. Once the jungler has left, replace the mushroom, and proceed. Do this the exact same way all the way up your lane so that you can split push, and never be caught.

When not in lane, similar to in-lane, place mushrooms all around in common areas that the enemies walk around in. Also keep track of where their jungler is by putting mushrooms in front of their nearby buffs. This is very important.

Here's an example of where to place most of your mushrooms if you were on team Blue, were top lane, and primarily had team fights at mid lane represented by green markers:

And that's about it for Teemo's abilities!

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Never be in the front lines unless you have a form of escape ready, especially your W. Teemo is in no way a tank, and is one of the squishiest champions in the game.

Be as annoying as possible. Any time your opponent turns around, be sure to shoot an auto-attack into their back, and maybe a Q. This will make your opponent less logical and clear minded, and will take greater risks to kill you.

Use your passive a lot, but not too much. It's great for escapes, but it's not too essential in laning. Surprising your opponent is only good if they don't have much CC or mobility, or if you're ahead.

Very early game is not your strongpoint, don't harass quite as much as you would mid game game, focus more on getting fed via CS.

Don't get discouraged, you can get caught when you're not quite prepared to fight, and it really does suck, but you'll get better at Teemo. Most people feed, or have a difficult time with Teemo on the first try, but that probably explains why you're here, so welcome. :-)

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Early Game, Levels 1 - 5

Start with and 3 and 1

Right now is when your harassing skills are most important. Focus on your CS, but also focus on theirs.

Starve them as much as you can, and the moment you've cleared 40 - 90% of the current minion wave,

come at them a little bit a get off a few auto-attacks. If you can, and have the mana, go ahead and throw in

a Q as well. However, before doing this, SAVE YOUR W. Your W 90% of the time is for escaping, not going
in. That way, just in case the you're going against decides to pull you into him, W, and off goes the

lightning speed Teemo. "Bye bye, Darius."

So by now, you've probably grabbed yourself a kill or two, and a lot of CS. Go ahead and go back to the
shop when the time is right, and buy yourself a . If you can't buy it just yet, buy the Stinger first, not
the AP. Before you complete the Nashor's Tooth, grab Continue on until you've hit level 6, where we

will continue in the next chapter.

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Mid Game, Levels 6 - 11

So you've got your Nashors Tooth and your Boots, carry on to your four choices in order of most to least common for me.

Cheap, and really helps with poking. If you find yourself going against enemies that can catch you a lot after harassing them, this is great in assisting you on your escape. You can also buy one of the other three choices later due to the inexpensiveness.

Quite self explanatory, a lot of power to all of your abilities. Especially your Mushrooms and E. Get this when you find yourself to be over-powering your opponents.

If you find your opponents building magic resist, or lots of HP, this item will be GREAT against them. The effect DOES apply to your mushrooms, so they get two forms of damage over time when they've stepped on one. However, note that this does not effect your passive, Toxic Shot.

If you're getting the beat-down, and getting chopped up into tiny Teemo-Bits, this could help you survive a bit longer when you have to run, or are getting a few hits off on someone.

After you've chosen your item, it's time to get some pushing done. One of the greatest assets to Teemo is his Vision abilities. Up top, start farming and pushing minions. On the way, place mushrooms in all possible places of entrance, and all bushes. This will keep any possible ganks at a minimum.

If someone decides to show up, use your W, and run away. Your second option is to stand still nearby where you were pushing, and turn invisible by standing still. This will help you determine if the person coming after you is alone or not. If he's alone, decide if you'd like to fight him, or run when you've got a chance to then resume your endless push later.

If you find that your team needs you in fights, go to whichever lane everyone seems to be grouping up at, and close off all entrances with a mushroom.

It is also important that you mushroom the enemy jungler's Red/Blue to ensure that they won't get it without you or your jungler's knowledge. Warding the whole enemy jungle is also a good idea, and is great to see if you could pick up a kill in the jungle.

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Late Game, Levels 12 - 18

It seems your death parade of mushrooms and poison darts is coming to a close. Here, I'll show you the basic build and anything you may need to do late game.

First, a build example.

Right now, your job is to blind the ADC in team-fights. This doesn't mean rush in and die so that you can get the blind off, but if you see an opportunity to hit them with your Q, use it. Your second job is back-dooring the hell out of their inhibitor/turrets using the method explained in the Mid Game chapter. At this point, you should never be straight up in someone's face 1v1'ing. Constantly be kiting. It's what Teemo does.

Now go, my Teemo apprentices, make people hate their lives and uninstall!