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Teemo General Guide by Seashore

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Seashore

Teemos Shrooms by the Seashore [In Progress]

Seashore Last updated on May 6, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Heya, I'm Seashore.
Don't expect much from this guide, it's more of a reminder for myself and an example of how I play the champions I play.
I wouldn't consider myself the one of the best, as I don't have the dedication/time to put towards what I believe would take to become a top player, but I do have a large understanding of how champions work and what would be good to fit my play style. I prefer fast attacking, mobile champions that are able to shred enemies in a matter of a few GCDs / AAs.

Within this "guide", you'll see what it takes to make that happen.

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EJ - Enemy Jungler
EG - Early Game
Mid - Middle Lane
Top - Top Lane
Bot - Bottom Lane
Jun - Jungle
Tri - Tri-bush
Red - Lizard Buff
Blue - Golem Buff
ArP - Armor Pen
MrP - Magic Pen

***Add More Shortforms.

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Pros / Cons


    Very Mobile
    Hard to gank
    Free 'wards' at level 6
    High damage / burst output
    Blinding Dart
    Split-pusher extraordinaire.

    Champions with gap-closing abilities will kill you.
    Relatively useless in teamfights due to short auto-attack range.
    Shrooms are easily countered with wards / oracle's.

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Masteries are pretty clear cut, but can have some variance depending on your playstyle.
First Tier:
Sorcery 4/4; More CDR, more blinding shots/shrooms = less damage taken/more damage output.
Summoner's Wrath 1/1; Better ignite and stuff.

Second Tier:
Blast [Ability power] (Scaling) 4/4; I chose this over attack speed because of the prerequisite, and because you'll have enough attack speed that it would eventually become worthless to have as a mastery.

Third Tier:
Arcane Knowledge 1/1; Magic Pen helps because most people who play top buy merc treads early.
Havoc 3/3; Damage dealt increased by 2% total. Kind of a must-have.

Fourth Tier:
Spellsword 1/1; 5% extra magic damage on auto-attacks; lucky, you're playing teemo. This helps.
Mental Force 2/3; Now, one point of this can be added into the second tier for 5% extra damage to turrets, but for early game I prefer to squeeze as much ap as possible; I'm greedy.

Fifth Tier:
Archmage 4/4; This raises your total ability power by a total of 5%, which adds quite a bit of ability power in the long run.

Sixth Tier:
Executioner 1/1; 5% extra damage to opponents below 50%. With Teemo's poke, this should help secure a kill in lane, and help give that added oomph to your play.

**These can be swapped depending on your playstyle. This is just a preference!***

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Runes can vary depending on your playstyle, they can be swapped out for anything you feel is priority over the following.

MrP Marks - Magic Pen marks are a sure way to give you the edge in the early game, most people run with magic resist glyphs so it will help with the early poke / harass that you can bring to the table.

Armor Seals - Armor Seals help by increasing your armor, therefore you take less damage from enemies and their auto attacks. (Kind of obvious.)

Magic Resist Glyphs - Magic Resist glyphs help throughout the game. You won't be building much armor or magic resist throughout, so it's nice to know that you're protected, at least for the early game.

Ability Power Quints - I chose ability power quints because it gives you a lot more damage in the early game. Giving you about 5AP per quint (4.95 *3 = 14.85AP) just for three quints. Which in relation, would be 3/4s of an amplifying tome (Which is 435 gold. Which ends up being worth about 326g worth of ability power in relation to the tome, just for your quints!)

**These can be swapped depending on your playstyle. This is just a preference!***

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Skill Sequence

Depending on who you're going you're going up against in top can depend on what you should max first. My preference is to max my Toxic Shot first, and my Blinding Shot second, leaving my Move Quick to be maxed last.

If you feel the auto-attacks are getting to you, max Blinding Shot first; but for farming / pushing lanes, toxic is your best and safest bet.

Note: Take advantage of Teemo's passive when possible. If being pursued and you have the option to be sneaky and activate your passive without being too obvious, do so. If not, and you feel like fighting, use it before engaging an enemy for the increased attack speed.

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The items you build, and the order you build them in can directly effect how your lane / game will play out; it's upto you to use your situational awareness to learn and determine which items you should build and which will most benefit you against your current or future opponent.

For opener's, there is two different paths you can take with this, You can start with L1 Boots and 3x Health Potions, or a Crystalline Flask, Ward, and a Health Potion.
The first option is for when you're going up against a team that has a relatively easy early-game gank to avoid from the jungle. Second option is for when you're up against a team that you feel could secure the kill; i.e. Maokai jungler, Hecarim, etc.

After that on my first back, I usually pick up boots and a ward (If you did the first option, I'd say skip this step, other than buying a ward). After that, it's all situational and about how comfortable you feel /Your csing / how well your team is doing.

*USUALLY, I start with a haunting guise to give me the added health with the boost to ability power. After securing that, I usually pick up a blasting wand / needlessly large and then finish my boots; having the rabadon's shortly after. (I usually pick up a Malady before finishing my Liandry's).

The complete build - Based off of my preference of a standard game.
Crystalline Flask, Ward, Pot > L1 Boots, Ward > Haunting Guise > Needlessly Large > Sorcerer's Shoes > Rabadon's > Malady > Liandry's > Nashor's Tooth > Deathfire's Grasp

As listed above in the Item list, I have Void Staff, Rylai's and Berserker's Greaves.
I find that if you end up swapping out your Nashor's Tooth for a Rylai's earlier in the game it can help with friendly ganks and will make you even more of a threat. But note, if you do this, your attack speed will suffer, so I'd suggest taking the bullet and going for Berserker's Greaves.

***Order of purchase is dependent on your situation and can vary depending on lane opponent and how well you/your team are doing.

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Team Work

Clearly team work is essential to do well at League of Legends.
You have many jobs as Teemo, and in the following few paragraphs I will explain what should be done as a general rule of thumb and what will help you succeed in being a better Teemo than just a random nooby.

It is your job as Teemo, to shroom. I don't mean, oh a shroom there, a shroom here. I mean SHROOM EVERYWHERE. You should shroom places that have the most traffic, In river, bushes near baron, anywhere and everywhere you think an enemy could go. It gives your team sight of the team, and most importantly, they hurt. They limit the movement of the enemy team. That is your job, map control.

Team Fights - If you find yourself having a melee heavy team, it's best to pew pew from the back and shred the most important targets i.e. that fed zed or talon from middle, they will be within shooting range, and you WILL kill them. NOTE: Don't place your shrooms in the middle of the team because you think "OH ILL GET THEM WITH THIS." If you have shroomed correctly, you will pick off the remaining when they retreat through the jungle, or when they are being chased. They will see it, and 9 times out of 10, they're just going to side step it, and it will blow up on minions, or just remain untouched.

WARD - General rule of thumb, don't be a ****. Buy wards. Yes, you have shrooms, but it's still a good thing regardless.


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