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Vladimir Build Guide by tyo professor



Updated on September 28, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author tyo professor Build Guide By tyo professor 15 1 19,405 Views 5 Comments
15 1 19,405 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author tyo professor Vladimir Build Guide By tyo professor Updated on September 28, 2020
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Runes: Usual

1 2
Phase Rush
Nimbus Cloak
Gathering Storm

Magical Footwear
Cosmic Insight

+8 Ability Haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide


By tyo professor

About the author

Hello, I am writing this guide to show people the way Vladimir can be played and built different ways.
This Vlad guide is an updated guide showing how EUW Challenger player Elite500 plays an builds on Vladimir.
(Update) Elite500 has switched back to Phase Rush again, so I will update the guide soon.
(Update) Elite500 has started using Teleport on Vladimir. Teleport and PR will be explained below.

Elite500's OPGG

Also sorry for the simple formatting and lack of fancy edits, I am working with limited time. Also my english may not be the best, there may be some grammatical errors. Please understand, thank you and enjoy the guide.

Also I do not have an abilities section because you can just go to the vlad wiki page to see abilities in detail with videos.

+ Lots of healing
+ Manaless champion
+ Late game carry
+ Sanguine Pool to dodge skills and tower shots=outplay potential
+ Can tower dive easily with Sanguine Pool
+ Carry games in low elo
+ Many players don't know how to counter Vladimir properly
+ versatile builds

- Weak early game- no waveclear and low damage(this is why we go electro!)
- Needs items to be useful
- Weak to cc
- Has little to no cc
- Moderate skill floor
- Player needs to know when to Sanguine Pool
- Useless when behind

For the pros, I mention Manaless champion. Vlad doesn't use mana, instead some of his abilities( Sanguine Pool and Tides of Blood) use health as a resource. Since we are constantly healing from Transfusion, it means that we are constantly replenishing our "resource" which means it is essentially free.

Another pro that vlad has is one of the most versatile builds of any champion. Because vlad is manaless we aren't bound to purchasing items such as Luden's Tempest most mages do. Into certain matchups like orianna or syndra, I actually take hextech protobelt instead of Spellbinder for the active to easily proc phase rush to be able to kill them. Vlad has a wide variety of items to purchase from and you as a player need to know and choose which items to take. This overall increases the skill floor.

For the cons, I mention skill floor. Vlad seems simple to pick up and play, while that is true, it will only work in lower elos. As you get to higher elos, vlad's weaknesses such as low waveclear and low damage early will be abused quite often. This means you will have to know how to play around that and use your abilities to the maximum potential to overcome that.
Runes and spells


You must go Flash and Ghost with this build. Although you could take Ignite, since we are taking Electrocute and not Phase Rush, we need that movement speed in some way.


Standard Runes for this build

This rune is a must on an immobile diver like Vladimir. The movement speed is necessary to deal as much damage to enemies while dodging skills and repositioning. This rune also helps in the lane-phase to escape ganks with ease. PR is easy to proc, aa-Q-aa or q-ew will easily proc it.

This runes gives us more movement speed(more=better) after using a spell. Using flash gives us much movespeed to chase enemies or reposition better when landing a flash combo into multiple enemies. Another thing to note is we are using teleport. After using teleport to flank from the side or behind the enemies, the movement speed will help you hit hemoplague to start off your combo.

Transcendence gives one of the most important stats on vladimir: cooldown reduction. As we are rushing Spellbinder(spellbinder doesn't give cdr), the free 10% cdr will help create a better damage spike as it allows us to use our abilities such as Transfusion more frequently to heal. Another thing to note is that overcapping on cdr(meaning going above the threshold for cdr-45%) won't be a waste of gold as we get free ap from it. Although we won't be overcapping on cdr in this build we take, it is a nice addition if we happen to utilize it.

This rune is a perfect rune on a late-game champion like vladimir. The longer the game time, the more free ap we get. This ap amount will actually increase when we purchase Rabadon's Deathcap. Overall a great rune that gives free scaling AP, the most important stat on vladimir.
Yay! Another free thing that we get from runes. This time we get free boots, which means technically we are getting free 300 gold (which is equivalent to a kill). These aren't just any random boots that you could get from the shop. These boots actually give us +10 more movement speed! This is very important because Spellbinder gives us 10% extra movement speed.
Here's some stats if you are confused: Vladimir has a base 330 ms, and most boots give 45ms. That's a total of 375ms. Now multiply 375 by 1.1(110%) which gives us 413ms.
However, 330+55(enhanced boots)=385. 385*1.1=424ms. Now, if we were to take Boots of Swiftness, it gives us 60ms. 330+60+10=400 400*1.1=440ms As we can see, 413(without). 424(with). and 440(rune with swifties) are all different numbers. This is why Elite500 loves taking swifties as you will be much faster than everyone.

This rune gives us some more free stuff(again). This rune gives us 5% extra cdr and it enables to to increase to cdr cap to 45% from 40%. This means our abilities will be available that much faster. A maxed out Sanguine Pool with 45% cdr has a cd of 8.8 seconds (which is quite nice if combined with Stopwatch we can be invulnerable for 6 seconds which leaves another 2.2 seconds to be able to use W again).

For the small runes we pick 1-10% scaling cdr, 9 adaptive force and pick either armor or mr in the last tree depending on the matchup.

Alternative runes

As this build guide is not about Electrocute rune build, I won't be explaining it in detail.
Taste of Blood
Ghost Poro
Ravenous Hunter

Gathering Storm


Starting Items

For starting items, you have to choose depending on the matchup. As in the item notes, Elite500 likes starting Dark Seal and Refillable Potion because he will upgrade it to a Mejai's Soulstealer. Getting a Doran's Ring will fill up your items slots and you will have to sell it later. Also vlad does not utilize the mana passive of it so it is not as efficient. Into harder matchups with much poke, Doran's Shield would be better than doran ring. Doran's ring isn't bad, but you really don't feel much difference with dark seal and going dark seal allows you to have more pots.
Cull into farming matchups and you know that you will never kill them. Someone like a tank or Akali with Fleet Footwork and Doran's Shield. Remember, as a late game champ, going even in lane means that you actually win the lane phase!

First Back

On first back you have some options. If you back with little over 900 gold, get Fiendish Codex. If you back with little over 1250 gold, get Needlessly Large Rod. Remember that we do not get free boots in this build so you will have to purchase boots sometime. Use extra gold for control wards. Warding is important since we are not using Phase Rush we will not be able to escape ganks ea easily.

Purchasing the BIG BOIS

After you have codex you should look to build Spellbinder. This item is very good as it gives you lots of ap, and some movement speed. This items should be bought every game as your first complete item. I will talk about when to take protobelt below this paragraph.The passive should be used right after you press Hemoplague since both Hemoplague and Spellbinder lasts 4 seconds. This means all the abilities you use will have extra damage as well as the Hemoplague damage and heal will be increased. Many noob vlad players will use spellbinder before they use ult. However, if you need the movement speed to reach somebody, don't hesitate to use it as it stacks up quite fast on vlad.


After spellbinder you should look to build Rabadon's Deathcap as it increases your ap by a lot. This means you will be getting two more Needlessly Large Rod that cost 1250 a piece. So, if you happen to back with less than that you are able to upgrade your boots or upgrade your Mejai's Soulstealer.

After Spellbinder, Rabadon's Deathcap, some darkseal stacks, some Ghost Poro stacks, Gathering Storm, you will be around 400AP. NOICE

This is the point where you use your brain

This is where it gets fun, and your build path can get unique. If you see the enemy(especially carries) is actually smart and is getting Magic Resistance, you must get a Void Staff (especially if you aren't going Sorcerer's Shoes since you may be going other boots) for magic penetration. Even if the enemy isn't going MR for now, preparing to build it would be a smart move as it still increases your damage by a significant amount.

Another very good item is Liandry's Torment. This item not only gives you lots of AP that is boosted by Rabadon's Deathcap, but also gives you lots of health. This overall paired with Crimson Pact will make you quite beefy. This item is good versus champions who get health items as one of the passives does damage equal to a percentage of their max health. Another passive that this item has which is more important than the burn passive is the 'Madness' passive. After 5 seconds in combat, all damage you deal is increased by 10%!!!!

Some situational items are: Zhonya's Hourglass, Morellonomicon, and Spirit Visage. These 3 items are situational because you will not build them every game.

Zhonya's Hourglass is not only a good item vs heavy AD teams with burst, but also because you have a Fiendish Codex that builds into zhonyas.

Morellonomicon should only be bought against people with healing because of its grievous wounds passive. Remember it also gives magic penetration so it is a nice counter to champions who build Death's Dance.

Spirit Visage should be bought when the enemy has lots of AP threats with burst. Remember that vladimir has Crimson Pact which at 500AP would give you 700 HP. This means vlad only needs to get resistances to get decently tanky as getting both resistances and HP is better than going only one of them. With Spirit Visage you get increased healing which synergise with Transfusion, Hemoplague, Ravenous Hunter and Taste of Blood.

Finally at the late game, you should purchase Elixir of Sorcery. This costs 500 gold but increases your ap by 50(which will increase your overall ap by a lot) and gives you 25 true damage versus turrets and champions(5 sec cd on champions).

Also at some point in the game you should purchase Farsight Alteration to be able to see where enemies are at in the late game. As a carry you shouldn't be facechecking bushes. Facechecking means when you walk into an unwarded bush, and enemies may be waiting for you. Don't forget to purchase Control Ward, but don't over buy them since you will waste gold. 75 gold may not seem much but when you have bought 4 you actually spent 300 gold which is equivalent to a kill.

Simple Combos

^Literally V L A D I M I R

Early lane phase

Since we are playing with Electrocute, we can easily go for short trades and come out positive even if we get retaliation damage.

AA + Transfusion + AA [AA-Q-AA]
This will proc Electrocute. You can auto cancel with Transfusion to shorten the AA animation. This is because there is a slight waste of animation time after the AA damage comes out. Getting the timing down is very easy, you will be able to get the timing in a few games. Just AA and Q right when you see the AA in the air. This is going to be the basic poke pattern in the lane phase. A tip is to try this combo when the enemy is busy last hitting a minion. The enemy would then take damage or have to back off losing the last hit.

AA + Transfusion + Tides of Blood [AA-Q-E]
This will also proc electro. This is a good trade versus enemies with Doran's Shield because the enemy will get less healing when the final damage is an AOE(66% effective). In the early levels, Tides of Blood really doesn't do much damage, but also uses your health as a reasource so you must instantly cast e and not hold it as it will damage you more than it damages the enemy.

Transfusion + Sanguine Pool [E-W fast but make sure you full channel E for most damage]
This is one of the most important combo to do on vlad. You want to press E and W almost at the same time, just press E a millisecond earlier. If you use quickcast you have to hold down the E, but you don't have to hold down W. In a teamfight, it might be hard for an enemy to see that you are charging your E, and also it is great to dodge important abilities like stuns while doing damage to them.

Transfusion + Sanguine Pool [Q-W fast]
This is another important combo to do on vlad although it is situational. you can instantly Q-W, to cancel the Q animation. It's like pressing Q and W at the same time but you press Q a millisecond earlier than W. An example when to use this combo is against a pantheon that is trying to stun you. When patheon goes in the air for Shield Vault, you would be able to q-w and get the Q damage and healing off without getting stunned(as you would be invulnerable).

I will update the combos section with videos very soon. I need to learn how to embed videos because harder combos are difficult to explain with words. Stay updated.
Abilities tips
You should always try to hit as many people as you can with Hemoplague as you will get the more healing and deal more damge. Your ulti range is actually quite long, and people won't expect the range from it. It even surprised me a few times when I hit my ultimate max range.

Tides of Blood slows the enemy if you channel it for at least a second. This is useful is you are chasing an enemy or you are being chased as you can cast Tides of Blood while running. You can go either quickcast or smartcast on E. Both are fine, you just have to get used to it. Smartcast on E is better imo since you will be able to do the flash combos easier.

Using Transfusion, a white bar under your health bar shows. This shows the cooldown of Transfusion at halfway and all the way you can cast it again. After casting Transfusion twice, the bar will turn yellow, then red when you are able to use it again. This means you will do more damage and it will heal you more. The empowered effect only lasts 2.5 so you must be ready to use it. If you use Tides of Blood or Sanguine Pool the red bar will deplete slowly, so you can kind of "extend" the duration. Same thing with Zhonya's Hourglass.

Stand in the middle of the wave when using Tides of Blood to hit all of the minions if you want to push it faster.

If you use smart cast on E, and press Q while channeling E the E will automatically cast right after the Q.

You can cast Hemoplague while channeling your E. This means your E damage will be increased. If you do this, you will be able to get 2 E's off during your ultimate damage increase.

Use Spellbinder right after using Hemoplague. This is because they both last 4 seconds, so if you use Spellbinder before Hemoplague, your ultimate damage and healing won't get the extra AP benefits thus lowering your overall damage(and healing). Unless you need the movement speed to catch someone, try to save your spellbinder for ult.

If you are low on health under your tower and getting zoned, you can ward the raptors and you will be able to heal off of them. You heal more from monsters with empowered Q than minions since Transfusion gives less heal from minions.
Conclusion and summary
Overall, Vladimir is a great champion to play and climb soloq. You will be able to carry games easily. This guide is about the way Elite500 plays and builds, which is different from most traditional vlad builds. You can choose to go these runes and items, or you can go with the normal protobelt an phase rush runes.

I am still updating this guide, if you have questions or constructive criticism, don't be afraid to comment.

Thank you for reading my guide, have a nice day.

P.S rating this guide with a thumbs up means you will automatically win your next promos!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author tyo professor
tyo professor Vladimir Guide
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