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Teemo Build Guide by CSKorndawg

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CSKorndawg

The 1v1 Master: How to win every time

CSKorndawg Last updated on October 1, 2012
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Intro: Teemo, Master of 1v1s

This guide is meant to be a Proving Grounds 1v1 guide. Yes, some factors of this maybe be applied to a normal 5v5 Summoner's Rift game.
Teemo is amazing in 1v1s. His poke is absolutely killer, and seeing as there isn't a recall option in the Proving Grounds, you will wear down your opponent. His ult is also quite amazing there. He also can't really be countered, and he does well vs everyone, no matter who it is.

Side note: This is meant to be a guide of knowledge. If you wanted pretty pictures, this might not be the best place to look.

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Get attack damage to do deal even more damage in poke and skirmishes. Also, flat AD is good if you want to trade early on. Teemo can also be built AP, but I find that on hit is much more killer with all the utility it provides, and it also makes him tankier the way I build him. And the damage is basically the same, except for the ult.

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AD with spell penetration. This maximizes your damage and poke potential. With the spell penetration your poison also deals more. The one point in Mental Force does about nothing, and can be substituted for Butcher . However, both make no game-changing difference.
9 in defence is to give you the 30 health advantage. Veteran's Scars is my favorite mastery. The 30 hp can be gamechanging, and no matter who I play, I usually put 9 in defence just to get this mastery. How many times have you survived with under 30 hp? Now you know what to thank. You can alter between Resistance and Hardiness depending on who you are laning against.

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Summoner Spells

Heal and Barrier are the two spells you should take. Barrier is a must have. It gives you an advantage in every fight, and it isn't affected by Ignite. It's cooldown is also really short, so even if you're only trading, activate it. Especially if you get a Phage proc off, then they won't be able to run away, or will have to take free damage. This will let you come out on top of trades.
The other spell is changeable. The following are viable options:

These three spells are the only ones you should really think about taking. Heal is always the safest way to go. However, if you're laning against someone like Warwick ignite is an amazing choice. Basically, take it against high sustain opponents. Exhaust can also be a very good choice, especially vs champions such as Garen. This will stop their damage output, and stop them from closing in on you.

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Always start off with Berserker's Greaves and a Doran's Blade. Wait 3 seconds at spawn to buy the Doran's Blade.
There are many ways to go with items. Basically, on-hit items are the best. You need Phage to kite and chase. A Frozen Mallet combined with your Move Quick is one of the best chasing and kiting combos. If you're fighting vs an AP champ, go for an early Hexdrinker and wits end. Just build according to who you are going vs, taking a Phage no matter what, as well as a Wit's End 90% of time.

Take this item if the enemy is building health, or if it's late in the game. You shouldn't buy this item early on.
An amazing sustain and 1v1 item. This will allow you to heal after the fight by attacking minions, and also by poking your enemy you will heal back. It also gives you even more AD. Quite an amazing item if you get it by mid game.

Buy this vs an enemy AP, quite a good 1v1 item.

Not necessarily recommended, but if the enemy is an AD, this does work with your Frozen Mallet.

If you really need more sustain, your shrooms are affected by the spellvamp. Also get this if your opponent is only stacking armor.

Not necessarily recommended. If you don't want to build Wit's End as your opponent deals no magic damage, this is definitely viable.

More of a trolly item, but can work as it gives you attack speed, AP and AD.

Definitely viable if you're up vs a Warwick. Get this if your opponent has suppression.

For boots, Mercury's Treads are also viable if the enemy is AP with lots of CC.

Basically, just build some on hit and counter whatever your opponent is. Teemo can be built in many, many ways.

About Trinity Force: Trinity force is definitely viable. It provides you every stat you need. However, when you get this, you lose the HP you would get from Frozen Mallet. If you think you don't need the constant Phage proc and that you don't need to be tanky, this is an amazing item.

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Skill explenation

camouflage This is your passive. It's not that great, but there are many ways to use it. You can go invisible after you push a minion wave, and surprise your opponent if he's scared of you. An important thing to remember is that this passive gives you bonus attack speed for a bit after you become visible again. You can sit in one spot to activate this, then go in to trade with your opponent.
Your Q allows you to win every trade. A 2.5 second blind is absolutely devastating to an auto-attackers damage, such as an AD Nidalee or Lee Sin. That's basically 2.5 seconds of you dealing free damage. Don't use this too soon, such as before they get in range to attack you.
A decent spell. If the enemy is a melee, this spell can be lifesaving. Your W allows you to kite amazingly. It is also a great chasing tool.
This is what makes Teemo the absolute poke master. 1 autoattack every couple seconds with this ranked up can munch through HP bars slowly but surely. If they hide in a bush and come out to last hit, then attack them at least once. The poison will munch away on their HP bars.
SHROOMS! SHROOMS! SHROOMS! SHROOMS! Well, maybe they are not that amazing in 1v1s and when you aren't building AP. However, they do act as a good slow. There are certain hey places where you should place shrooms. Place them at the Health Kit spawns, and the enemy will not really gain health when picking them up. Keep in mind that shrooms can be dodged when picking up health kits if you know where they are placed.

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How to fight

Early levels, just poke. Don't commit to an all-out fight unless you are SURE you will win it. When you reach 6, get health potion control to ensure you get health potion control. Also, start pushing. Taking the first tower is VERY important. If you manage to take the first tower, you get easy access to 4 health potions. This allows you to trade, and come out with full HP.
I will explain how to fight after you get your Phage.
If the enemy is a melee: Autoattack them. If they run at you, auto and move back. Get a phage proc on. If they try to run, chase them under their tower. If they still come at you, activate your Move Quick and kite them even more. This is why you are the bane of all melee autoattackers. If they have a gap closing skill, as soon as they get to you, kite them with Phage and Move Quick. Also, if they start auto-ing you, blind them. You should win any engage this way.
If the enemy is ranged: Start autoattacking them. If it is someone who autoattacks back, just blind them and win the trade. If they are more spell based, do the same, but dodge all skill shots and use your W to Move Quick (see what i did there?)
Simple enough. Kite melee's, pwn ranged. I'll explain more in the next section.

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I'm only going to explain the more common math-ups here. If the enemy takes someone like Ashe for a 1v1, then you should faceroll through the match even more.

You should be able to faceroll through this. Rush a Phage and Wit's End and just kill him whenever he appears.

You counter this guy. Don't let him pull you in. But if he does, don't worry. Blind him, then activate your W and move away, kiting him with Phage. You might want to rush a Frozen Mallet here.

Fiora is a very good 1v1 champ. She's hard to kite, as she has a speed buff and 2 gap closers, and her w parries your basic attack. However, she is very autoattack reliant. Blind her when she jumps on you. Don't do it too soon or you will lose the trade most likely.

He will try to Q harass you. Take bush control and zone him whenever he tries to last hit to force him to farm with his Q. Should be a fairly simple match for you.

Rush a Frozen Mallet here. You will need to kite with all your skill. DO NOT let him get close to you. Level 2, his burst is immense and can get you down to below half health. This applies to level 3 too. Kite him with your FM slow, and you will win.

Irelia is considered OP in 1v1s. She is. However, she also is autoattack reliant. Therefore, if you blind her, that's 2.5 seconds of her true damage not being applied. Build a FM for the HP. If she gets Warden's Mail, you may be in trouble. If she builds a lot of attack speed too, you may want to also get a Warden's Mail / Randuin's Omen too. Remember: Irelia has the ability to completely turn fights around with her euqilibrum strike. She also has very good sustain with her Hiten Style.

Jarvan is a champion that can kill you. His ult can force you to not be able to run away, or if you take flash he has a lot more dueling capabilities. His W is a shield that can let him come out on trades, and it slows you. He also has a knockup. If he comes at you, do your best to kite him and blind him. He is one of the few champions that doesn't have an amazing problem against you.

Jax is an autoattack reliant champion. However, he can stun you and burst you down. After he stuns you, run, then turn around and hit him as much as you can. If he tries to chase you, blind him and kite him with Phage. Mercury's Treads may be an option here, or some other type of tenacity item.

Jayce has a lot of poke and burst potential. If he ever tries to trade with you, blind him. At level 6, you should get as much map control as you can.

Kayle is simple. If she ever QEs, blind her and trade with her. Simple as that. Just remember: Her ult cancels all damage for 2 seconds. This lets her trade with you very well, and also makes tower diving her very hard.

Lee can survive your harass quite well. If he maxes his Q, all you need to do is dodge it, which isn't too hard. If he maxes W, then he will be able to shield himself quite well. He also has potential to burst you fast and shut you down. He can also see you while you're invisible

This is so boring. Malphite will stop you from attacking fast and making you deal low damage, especially if he stacks tons of armor. However, he won't deal too much damage to you himself. All in fights may drag on for quite a while. If he stacks too much armor, a Last Whisper may be a good option.

This guy has a gap closer and you won't be able to kite him. However, his damage is low after his burst and his spells cost a lot of mana. If you get a Wit's End and Sanguine Blade you should be able to come out on top of every trade. The lifesteal will help you sustain easier, the MR will help you survive and deal more damage to Maokai. Kitae's Bloodrazor is also very good here, and may be rushed if Maokai rushes hp.

This is an explanation for AD Nidalee. She can't trade with you. Harass her early levels, and when she reaches 6 and goes into cougar on you, blind her when she tries to Q you. If you don't, she may execute you. Also, place shrooms in bushes to ensure she can't get bush control.

This guy should be simple enough. Kite him all the time, and if he ults just blind him when he gets to you. You shouldn't have too much of a problem vs him.

You may have a problem vs Pantheon. He is more Spell based. Therefore, your blind does not do so much vs him. Also, his Q harass may get you down fairly low. You can't really kite him, and he can stun you. Try to keep out of his range, and you might want to build some armour.

Rengar can jump on you out of the bushes, and deal good damage. Make sure to take bush control with your shrooms. If he ever jumps on you, make sure to blind him as soon as possible. If you don't, his burst and sutained damage will be really high. Kite him after his slow wears off, and when running from him, don't go through the bushes. You should be able to win.

She has 4 dashes, so she is hard to kite. She also has a stun and a knock-up. Pretty nice cc and gap closing. However, if you harass her early levels you will be able to dominate her. Be careful of her burst when she ults, however. She may be able to burst you from 100-0. If you find you die quite easily, build a Frozen Mallet and Ninja Tabi. You might also want to go for a Sanguine Blade to counter her lifesteal.

Didn't play much vs this guy, but his damage and sustain is quite amazing. Try to kite him, rush a Phage and Wit's End, you may also want to get a Hexdrinker. With that much MR, however, you should do fine against him.

So long as you kite her, you'l do fine. Get a Frozen Mallet as fast as you can. Kite her, and she won't be able to damage you. All her damage comes from melee attacks (except for her E, but that doesn't do much). Poke her down whenever you can. If she ults to get to you, just run and wait for it to go on cooldown, then chase her if you can.

Singed can do almost nothing against you. Phage and Wit's End and you should have no problem fighting him. Just don't let him fling you and don't stand in his poison for too long. If he tries to poison your minions, hit him as hard as you can. Kitae's Bloodrazor may also be a good investment due to his passive.

The only thing you have to do if he builds AD is to not let him get to you. You may also want to take Ignite. If he builds AP, his shield will take a lot of damage, and he will burst you quite a lot, but if you just get Wit's End and possibly a Hexdrinker you should be able to easily trade with him. Poke him early levels as much as possible.

If he comes at you, blind him. You counter him so hard it's not even funny.

Deal more than he can sustain, and you win. Be careful after 6, as he can close in on you fast. But so long as you can kite him after he jumps you should be able to take no more damage than an q r q combo while he tries to run with phage procs on non-stop. Wit's End is a must have, as well as a Frozen Mallet. Quicksilver Sash is also a good option. If you get that, Warwick will deal essentially only about 20% of your hp with his combo.

Just like tryndamere. Q = GG.

I have yet to play vs a Kennen, Renekton

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Teemo is one of the most OP, if not THE MOST OP champion for 1v1s. Take him whenever he isn't banned. If you have any questions, ask in the comments, be it related to items, champions you are up against or anything.

And here's a little thing to finish off with:

Seriously, comment on anything. Feels weird with 0 comments so far o.O