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Blitzcrank Build Guide by ElJefe59

Support The Amazing Blitz

Support The Amazing Blitz

Updated on April 2, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ElJefe59 Build Guide By ElJefe59 1,562 Views 0 Comments
1,562 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ElJefe59 Blitzcrank Build Guide By ElJefe59 Updated on April 2, 2013
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Hey everybody, this is my first build and it's for one of my favorite champs, Blitz! This build is mostly focused on the items because i feel these items are almost completely perfect for blitz.
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Only a few differences could be less AP and more AP penetration, and the buying of wards at the beginning. You might also be asking why i don't buy boots... well i discovered that after the max of 40% cooldown, blitz's overdrive ability ends almost at the same time the cooldown is over, so you can keep the overdrive up almost indefinitely and move around pretty quickly without the need of boots. Also, you may notice that i have a large amount of mana, well with archangel's staff and also blitz's passive, a lot of mana is perfect for him because it increases his sustain, his AP, and his survive-ability. In accordance with his item there is one tactic that will help you get your mana charge up to 750. What i like to do is constantly use his overdrive ability but also while i'm walking back to my lane from our base i like to fire off my grab and ulti to get a little more mana and then by the time i get to the enemy champs my cooldowns are over.
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Pros / Cons

Blitz is a champion that no one wants to fight against. Below is a list of why that is.
    High AP damage
    best grab and pull skill shot in the game
    Easy combo that will stun and devastate a single target
    great initiator in team fights
    fun to use character

With all these pros it seems like Blitz is the champ to pick, there are some cons though too.
    His pull is useless and can get you killed if low health and trying to get away
    If you miss with the grab they can easily take advantage of you
    relies heavily on mana
    is almost worthless by himself if enemies are higher levels
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Unique Skills

Blitz's grab is a very useful tool in a lot of situations. It can initiate fights and catch fleeing opponents. One neat trick that you have to master while playing blitz is the ability to grab enemies and pull them through walls and terrain. This is an excellent way of trapping and in turn killing enemy champs.
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i always take blitz bot with another champ that has poking abilities. it doesn't even have to be an adc, as long as they have high damage output. The first ability i choose is always the punch, some may wonder why i don't choose the grab first but it is because the mana cost for the punch is way cheaper and right at the beginning of the game the grab is almost worthless because usually you as blitz and your lane partner don't have enough damage to devastate someone that was pulled. The best thing to do during this phase is to stay safe and grab champs to feed your lane partner.
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Team Fights

I don't really have to go into much detail here because most people know that blitz is a team fighting machine. Just make sure you don't get the brunt of the damage and try to single enemies out with your grab. Just continue grabbing and bagging until you win. :)
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With this build anyone who plays blitz will be able to beast it up. You will literally become a bomb that can pull people to it. :) Have fun with blitz and i hope you enjoyed my first build! Happy LoLing!
League of Legends Build Guide Author ElJefe59
ElJefe59 Blitzcrank Guide
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The Amazing Blitz

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