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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by Chaud

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chaud

The amazing fiddlesticks

Chaud Last updated on January 26, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone, I appreciate you taking the time to read my guide on how to appropriately play fiddlesticks and mid with him

Fiddlesticks is a great champion to play, he does insane damage early game, and due to his Drain he can stay for quite a long time in lane

Your farming is also great thanks to your Dark Wind, which will be discussed later on

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Summoner spells

Why Flash and Teleport ?

-It's just great, whether to run away when getting ganked, or quickly catching your opponent on a break, also can be used with your Crowstorm to make sure the enemy champion is right in the middle of the ulti so that he can't run away

-Since you're going to be mid you can't afford going back to base and finding the enemy champion back and pushing, especially if it's an AD carry who can push like or

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration - Extremely amazing stacking with Fiddle's passive, Dread, at early game, gives you a great advantage over your lane

Greater Glyph of Scaling Mana Regeneration - Not great at early game but gives you more lane sustain and late game very important as you will start having mana issues without it

Other replacement is
Greater Glyph of Replenishment More early game dominance but worse than Clarity in late game

Greater Seal of Ability Power - That extra AP really comes handy at early game

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power - Almost fifteen AP early game, talk about dominance

As you can see my build runes rely a lot on early game dominance, because as Fiddlesticks you need to pick up as much kills as you can early game

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Not much to speak about here, as you can see from the trees I'm really focusing on brute AP, and some mana and mana regen, that's all you need as a Fiddlesticks, trust me

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Here comes the tricky part
-Fiddlesticks has many ways to build him, however I'll introduce you to mine, and I'll try to explain them as much as I can

Doran's Ring - Early game this is very important, 100HP, 15AP and some mana regen, all things fiddle needs early game

Hextech Revolver - This certain item you won't find anyone arguing with, very easy to get early game (Only 1200 gold), gives you 15% spell vamp, as if Drain doesn't do enough, and 40AP

Sorcerer's Shoes - I don't see why anyone would get any other boots, 20 magic penetration, combined with your marks and your passive that's a lot of magic penetration

Will of the Ancients - Instead of 15% spell vamp this will upgrade your Hextech Revolver to 25% spell vamp, aside from the extra AP, and comes cheap, only 900 gold after the Hextech Revolver, so why not raise your spell vamp at such a cheap price ?

Rabadon's Deathcap - I don't think I even need to say why, it's obvious that any magic damage dealing champion needs this, whether it's because the amazing passive or the pure AP it gives, you should try and rush this seriously fast

Morello's Evil Tome - This item is one of the best items for Fiddlesticks, 75 AP and 20% cd reduction, now Fiddle's ultimate, Crowstorm, is arguably the BEST ultimate in the whole game, and it's a great way to initiate a team fight, I will discuss it later but the cooldown reduction is just essential for Fiddlesticks

Zhonya's Hourglass - 100AP and 50 armor, nice, however, this isn't why we're buying it, this item is just a must have with your ult, you should see the look on the face of your enemies when they fight you suddenly among them, with your Crowstorm, and using the active of that item, which makes you untargetable for two seconds, enough to wipe down more than 70% of the enemy team's HP and the rest of your team will swipe them off

Other possible items

Rylai's Crystal Scepter - If you're finding yourself against a really strong team that's wiping you, you can always consider this, 500HP and 80AP is a really good thing to have

Abyssal Mask - 57mr, 70AP and the great passive of lowering the mr of nearby enemies (Alongside Fiddle's passive) that'll surely hurt

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Farming and laning mid

-It's very easy for Fiddlesticks in mid, if you're against someone without strong CC, I myself have nightmares going against in mid, nightmares, however I've managed to deal against almost anyone else in the game

All you have to do is farm the creeps in mid lane, don't expect to be pushing, fiddle is NOT a pusher, your Dark Wind is a great tool to farm with, try to use it when there's only like two minions around or one minion and the enemy champion to inflict damage and silence him while you farm quietly

Try to use Drain on the enemy champion, it's a great tool for health regeneration while frustrating your opponent in mid, I love the look on 's face when I use Drain and it keeps draining even after he turns into his pool, it's a charm

Try not to go back until you have at least 1550 gold for your Hextech revolver and the boot

I usually try and push as much as I can when I reach lv6 just for the mid against me to go base, then I'll try and gank top/bot using my ulti, I'll explain it later on in the guide, read the skills section to get a few tips

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Skills and Skill sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

This sequence allows you maximum damage with reason

Your skills are

Here's how they work

Dread is your passive, it's very simple yet very effective, all enemy champions near you have their magic resist reduced, which is quite nice

Drain your main offensive skill, basically keeps draining the enemy unit from his life while healing you for a certain percent of the health drained

Dark Wind Your crow strikes a designated target and bounces off to near enemy units, take notice that it doesn't favor enemy champions and have no certain pattern

Crowstorm MOTHER OF ULTIMATES, the best ulti in the game, basically you cast it into a certain area it it summons around crows dealing magic damage per second to all enemies in it

How to use your skills
This is the gemstone of this guide, HOW to use your skills

Drain has only two uses, damage and health regen, what more can you ask for right ? here's a few ways you can use it

1) On the lane creeps, if your HP is low you can always drain a creep for it's HP, try to aim at one of those big creeps or ones that have full HP so that you regain the most

2)On enemy champions, best used after applying Terrify to the target, as he'll be helpless and will most likely run after controlling his champion again

3)If your HP is dangerously low and you're afraid to drain a minion so that you don't get killed, quickly run to your jungle's wraiths or those three foxes and drain one of them, try not to do this at early levels otherwise your jungler might get pretty pissed at you

Dark Wind
I take this at lv2 and max it last, it's a great way to farm but not your best offensive partner skill, it's best used when the team reaches late game stages in team fights so that you make sure the enemy team gets hit as much as you can, also great to use when running after two champions, as it will keep hitting them both dealing maximum damage to both of them

This skill is great, either to attack or to run away, imagine running away after getting caught in the bushes (Won't ask what you're doing there :p ) and someone is running after you, you can always terrify him to apply fear and run away as much as you can

Also great to use in ganks and a MUST USE before draining an enemy champion

Ahhh, where to begin :)
The key to Crowstorm in my opinion is the element of surprise, I can't stress how many stupid people just cast it infront of you, it's silly, here are some great places to use Crowstorm at

1-At your wraiths, when their mid is pushing just use it from your Wraiths' spot to get over the wall to the mid, quickly apply Terrify then Drain, it's a guaranteed kill

2-When ganking to either bot or top (Usually bot if their top is solo, your ulti is AoE so you wanna use it that way) run to the bush at the river and cast it there, or go to the bush leading to the enemy's golems/turret and cast a bit after that, I usually apply terrify to the non squishy person they have in that lane and drain him, have confidence that your team can take out the squishy one

3-NEVER, I repeat, NEVER, start casting your ulti from somewhere where your enemy can see you, they will either run away or someone with cc like or with her ulti will render you useless, THE ELEMENT OF SURPRISE people

4-Your ulti is best used with , just stand there in the middle of their team with your ulti one and untargetable while your team goes after you owning the pieces the have left

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Other useful info

That's pretty much all, I just wanted to share some extra pro tips about how to use Fiddlesticks :)

When getting chased by someone with low HP and you're really low on HP, try to run into a bush and stop, face him, apply followed by , and laugh while he dies

The jungle is a great way to health regen quickly without having to go to base

Your Dark Wind is great but you'll take time till you master it, but don't worry :), always try to use it like Brand's ulti, when no minions are around and as less enemy champions as possible

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Champions that'll be great with you

There are some champions that work great with Fiddlesticks later in team fights, I thought I can mention some of them

-When chasing someone Nunu is great as he slows the enemy down using his ice blast and gives you speed using blood boil, with your terrify and drain that should be an easy kill
Also when using his ulti he slows down everyone and becomes the center of attention, giving you the chance to use Crowstorm easily and inflicting weirdly great damage with him

-Just imagine this, Amumu using his ulti stunning their whole team, and you diving in with crowstorm, if you can imagine this sight then you'll know what I'm talking about

-Although with Malphite it'll be harder than Amumu since his ulti doesn't airborne the enemy team for a long time, but if you time it well enough it's just as devastating

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-That's all about Fiddlesticks, I tried to place my personal experience with him into this guide rather than the recommended and hyped builds/items, I find this to be extremely amazing early game and late game turning into a beast, my personal best score with Fiddlesticks was 29/1/11 and yes I did score a Pentakill on that game :) , my first and sadly till now the only one

-I'm planning to further improve this guide with other summoner spells you can use, other item builds and more techniques later on, this way my first guide, I hope you like it :)

-I would like to thank jhoijhoi for her/his amazing guide on how to write guys, thank you very much