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Jhin Build Guide by Paccu

Top The Art of Jhingle - Tank Jhin Jungle

Top The Art of Jhingle - Tank Jhin Jungle

Updated on January 14, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Paccu Build Guide By Paccu 69 8 105,152 Views 3 Comments
69 8 105,152 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Paccu Jhin Build Guide By Paccu Updated on January 14, 2023
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Champion Build Guide

The Art of Jhingle - Tank Jhin Jungle

By Paccu

Paccu here, with a build that transcends meta, minds, and the souls of League of Legends

Today I bring you, TJJ, a build that I thought of randomly one day after wanting to play Jhin Jungle with the new goofy tank items while they're all severely overtuned

Is this build good? God no
Is it effective in any scenario? Nope
Is it fun to play as? ****. Yes.

Your game plan in very simple:

Farm a whole lot, help laners with W and R in the process, get a few items, run around like a moron and probably lose because this build just isn't amazinf

The jungle is full of bad matchups, any assassins, or early game junglers will hunt you and make this a lot less fun than it should be so be weary and pick safely.

Fill the rivers and jungle entrances with Lotus' like a teemo player and keep that W handy for out of lane ganks, and preventing invades.

Play safe, you aren't tanky till you have a few items, so you still are an ADC. Wait for prime opportunites and use your title of "catcher" as Jhin has to lock down enemy laners for a free kill as long as you can coordinate well enough with your team.

Your Ult is fantastic for dives/finishers, use it wisely, from the safety of a bush or tower so you don't get jumped on instantly during the gank making this free kill a free trade.
Jungle Clear/Ganking

Jhin is fully capable of clearing the jungle

Starting either side, Jhin can execute a 5 or 6 camp clear in a reasonable amount of time, use lotuses to clear multicamps and last hit smaller creatures with Q to make it deal more damage per-bounce on the other monsters in the camp.

Ganking as Jhingle

Jhin ganks are very unique, they can be as simple as staying out of vision, and sniping a laner with W to secure your team a kill, but if you have to get down and dirty with them in-lane, wait for your teammate/laner to cc first, save W when its guarenteed, then follow up with whataver you can from a safe distance, you may also effectively follow up a from-safety W snipe with your ult post 6 to gank from miles away, this even works when lane ganking.

You have health, and damage, but still should kite

This Jhin build is a very effective skirmisher, you can play midrange and draw the attention of engage/assassins off of your adc while also kiting and keeping eyes on you so your team can do damage, people always jump at any opportunity to dunk on an ADC, use that to your advantage

Things to note:

1. YOU ARE AN ADC IN JUNGLE, you aren't tanky till your Titanic Hydra, so don't act like you are

2. Avoid engages and stick to poke, you lose most fights early since ur Jhin with only 4 bullets in a jungle you barely clear at half health

4. You have no escape tools, you are a Jhin without Galeforce, play smart and kite well when possible

5. You are very prone to invades, you clear very slow early and are an ADC, play this with a coordinated team to prevent such happening

Execute your performance perfectly:

1. Your best usage of Sheen/Iceborn is to Q after third shot to get it on the 4th for max burst to catch enemies off guard.

2. 4th Shot is major execute damage, when clearing try to do as much to the camp as possible with q and lotuses before firing your 4th for max efficiency

3. Don't W camps, it can reveal which camp your doing and deny you any safety/ganking power in case you get invaded or find a good opportunity to help a laner.

4. Titanic Hydra works on ranged champs, so its great for farming multi camps much faster

5. Since you are ranged, Warmogs is easy to proc, just walk away from a teamfight a short distance when you are reloading and heal for a bit, then run straight back in


This build is by no means great, its a constant WIP and will also generate some awful games and flame, do play with exclusively with friends that don't care if you int and make sure its norms because you need to communicate and coordinate to get this to function at all. Otherwise, have fun! I really enjoy the occasional TJJ to make my group laugh or the enemy assume this build is unplayable until they realize Jhin is just a really strong champ overall

Thank you for reading through this build and I hope you enjoy it/find success with it. Go check out my other serious and not-so serious other guides I have on champs like Sett, Mordekaiser, Malphite, Voli and more soon to come!

League of Legends Build Guide Author Paccu
Paccu Jhin Guide
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The Art of Jhingle - Tank Jhin Jungle

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