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Ashe Build Guide by ThePurpleNoob

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ThePurpleNoob

The Ashe Guide 8/08/13

ThePurpleNoob Last updated on August 8, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Ashe is a very strong and versatile champion. To many of us she might be the first champion we ever used strongly. Ashe boasts a consistent damage output with no real irregularities. Ashe is hard to counter, with her main problem being her lack of an escape mechanism.She is one of the more forgotten about ADCs in the game. Usually Caitlyn or Vayne is picked over her, but used correctly Ashe has more aces up her sleeve than .

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-Ashe has a very high consistent damage out put
-Great poke w/ Volley
-Hawkshot allows you to check for ganks and enemies hiding in brush
-Global Ultimate
-Very good chase potential
-Increased gold gain
-Very simple to Use

-No ability like Caitlyn's , or Vayne's to use to escape
-No real heavy burst damage
-Very squishy
-Vulnerable in team fights
-Mana dependent in the early game
-Focus is tricky to time, and is not always ready to meet your demands

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Ashe's Abilities

Focus is Ashe's passive. Focus guarantees a critical strike when focus is charged up to 100. Focus only charges when out of combat though. This makes it difficult to engage at some points, especially in the lane phase. Keep an eye on your Focus meter. That first critical can mean death or escape for the enemy.

Frost Shot
Frost shot enchant your basic attack with a slow effect, every shot that lands applies a slowing feature. This makes it very difficult for enemies to flee you when you have them in your sights. Frost Shot's slow ability will increase in percentage every time you level it up. While it has no additional damage to your base attack, Frost Shot is usually best to max out 2nd.

Volley is Ashe's main poke ability. Ashe fires a volley of arrows in a general direction. Each arrow dealing additional damage and slowing the target it lands on. Volley boasts a slightly above average range allowing you to poke the enemy safely. Be careful though minions will block arrows from Ashe's volley and it also a decently long cooldown in the beginning of the game. I take this at level 1 and max it out first.

Hawkshot is Ashe's 3rd ability. Hawkshot's passive ability is that each minion and champion kill will give you additional gold. While Hawkshot's active is that Ashe fires an arrow that reveals everything in it's path, and when it hits it's location reveals a larger area for a very short amount of time. You won't find your self using this in combat too much. You will more than likely use this too watch for potential ganks, enemy teams hiding in your jungle, or to check on dragon or Baron. I take Hawkshot at level 4 and max it last.

Enchanted Crystal Arrow

Enchanted Crystal is a global ultimate. Meaning with some accuracy it can be fired from anywhere in the map ,to anywhere else in the map. Enchanted Crystal will stun somebody for a duration of time based on how far the arrow has traveled. It deals magic damage and slows the enemies around the person who took the arrow to the knee. Take Enchanted Crystal at level 6 and level it every chance you get.

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Summoner Spells

Flash seems to be almost essential to any champion, but Ashe especially. It will be her only escape route, but use it sparingly.

Cleanse is not the most popular choice among ADCs anymore, but for a champion like Ashe it can be very useful. Cleanse is a good option to have in your back pocket.

Barrier is very potent when you feel confident. The problem is it doesn't solve Ashe's lack of an escape. I feel like Barrier is my most popular choice while playing ADC, but with Ashe, I found myself switching it up.

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Early Game.

Early game Ashe has some crazy poke with Combined with a support like , , or . Ashe's poke is absurdness early game. With an engage support like , , or . Once your support hooks them its usually over. Combined with your frost shot and your engage support's CC they are not getting way easily, usually forcing them to use . You can usually force summoners in-lane fairly early making it easy to gank for your jungler. The other side is if enemy junglers decide to gank you it is difficult to get away. It is best to keep the river warded, and back away ASAP when you seem an enemy jungler. Be careful to no over extend yourself, and keep your support alive.

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This is the part of the game that Ashe can struggle in especially if she has had a hard lane. Ashe needs to sit back, and stay with her support. When team fights break out, it is best to keep your distance as you are a main target and can fall fairly easily. The problem here is, you are your team's main source of damage output. With an Ashe ADC it is best to build towards the late game. Ashe snowballs very easily if unchecked. Try and make sure your not alone during this phase. Intelligent players will do their best to shut the ADC down around the mid game mark.

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Late Game

Time to shine my Attack Damage Carry friend. Late game is your time as Ashe. You turn the tides of team fights, while initiating them. Do not split push late game with Ashe, especially solo. Even with defensive items, and your kiting ability. You are THE target. Stay with your team and remember to check , when wards are down. Don't forget elixirs when your full build either. Using Oracle's also might help your team out. Push lanes, and stay behind your tanky allies.

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Counters and Cautions

Ashe needs to be careful of enemy engage supports. Make sure to dodge the hooks and don't stop moving when facing champions like Leona or Thresh . When you are hooked it is up to your summoner spells and your support to save you.

Adc counters to Ashe like , or . Ashe can't handle a lot of burst. Any adc that bursts well is her counter. Champion's like or will be good match ups, usually based on skill. Ashe plays well against champions like or .

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The End

Thank you for reading, and please place any recommendation or ideas in the comments. Thank you :D
And never forget to love our supports <3