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Warwick Build Guide by Xptboy

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xptboy

The Auto-attack Lanewick

Xptboy Last updated on July 27, 2011
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Welcome to my second guide on MOBAFIRE. In this guide, I will be discussing Lanewick after he got his Q slightly nerfed. There is already a good lanewick guide out there but that guide is more of a q-spam lanewick, where-as this guide is going to be more of an auto-attacking lanewick.

Before Warwick's Q got that nerf, I feel like both builds were equally viable, but now that his Q is no longer as powerful as it once was, I find it optimal to go the auto-attacking route most of the time. It is worth noting though, that WW's Q is still very important when playing lanewick this way, it just won't be the only thing you rely on and focus your game around.

This guide will show you a way to build lanewick in a way that he has powerful auto-attacks along with decent magic damage all the while being very tanky. This build is intended to be viable in competitive ranked games.

Please note that it isn't optimal to strictly follow the items shown at the top of the screen, go to the item section to know when to buy which items and why.

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Pros and Cons

- one of the strongest solo lane champions out there
- infinite sustainability
- infinite harrass
- not hard to last hit with
- has a strong self heal
- great ultimate
- tanky yet does amazing damage
- amazing chase ability
- great at quickly taking down turrets

- will be focused, so you must know when to join the fight (whether it be initiating or joining in later
- may run out of mana early game
- does not have any escape ablities, so you need to be careful of ganks early

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Runes and Masteries

OK, so I said this was going to be an auto-attacking build, but I think that in order for you to be able to auto-attack viably, it's important that you're able to sustain and harass with your Q, this is why I gear my rune setup to help with Q spamming and sustainability.

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration x9
Your Q is still very important when chasing down enemies and trying to get your enemies health low whilst harassing.

Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration x9
These are great to keep your mana levels up so you may keep on using your skills without having to worry about running out of mana.

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction x9
Again, this will allow you to use your Q and W pretty much whenever you want. By the time it reaches late game you can pretty much auto-cast any of your skills at will.


Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist x9
To be honest, I have recently preferred these glyphs as your cooldown on the Q is still quite low and your main damage output are your auto-attacks, this runeset will allow you take slightly more damage lategame and just be that much more of a threat and in-your-face champion.

Greater Quintessence of Health x2
Helps you a lot early game (his weaker part of the game).

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed x1
I find this very useful since ww relies heavily on catching up to enemies in order to chase them down or use his ult on them.

I would like to note that you may replace your two fortitude Quints with pretty much whatever you feel like.

This mastery set up, allows you to have extra magic penetration, whilst also having lower cooldowns on your skills as well as Flash. Since you are auto attack lanewick, I prefer to put 3 points in Deadliness rather than in Archmage's Savvy

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Summoner Abilities

Eternal Thirst (passive)
Gives you quite amazing lane sustainability, especially since you're going the auto-attack route.

Hungering Strike
One of the best abilities in the game. It does a significant amount of damage all the while healing yourself for 80% pf the damage you deal (was previously 100%). Use this to harass, to kill, to heal, just use it whenever. I max this first because I use it very often for a variety of purposes.

Hunters Call
Another great ability, this ability will allow you to auto attack faster, it's great for clearing minion waves and also to take down turrets. Don't forget to activate it in fights either of course.

Blood Scent
Great ability once again that allows Warwick to chase down his enemies and finish them off once they get low. It is also good to simply know where the low health enemies are. I max this second because it basically ensures you a kill. Remember that it is possible to toggle it on/off when preparing for a gank, basically what you do is toggle it off so he has no idea you're coming up to him, and then when you get close to the enemy, you toggle it on so you can quickly catch up to him and kill him.

Infinite Duress
A great ultimate that is used in many situations, it can be used to hold down a target, it may be used to initiate, it may be used to take down a ton of hp. It basically renders one enemy useless for a few seconds, all the while healing you up and destroying them.

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Summoner Spells

Personally, I think Flash is a must on WW compared to Ghost simply because of the great flash+ulti combo.

It's very good to be able to gank another lane by surprise, or to secure dragon and join your team in the midst of a fight, or come back to lane.

Ignite and Exhaust Are also decent spells, but I usually I would rather go with Teleport so our team can have more map control.

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OK, so I always either start off with a Doran's Shield if I know I am going to lane against an AD champion, otherwise I will start of with a Regrowth Pendant + 1 Health Potion if I think I will be playing against more of an AP champion.

The first trip back, I always go back and quickly build a Philosopher's Stone. This item is really good because it simply allows you to never run out of mana and you should almost always be above half health with this item.

For my boots, I like to go Mercury's Treads because you will need the MR lategame.

Considering that you are an auto-attacking lanewick, you want to get your Wriggle's Lantern followed by a Wit's End. These two items will allow you to farm and push like a boss, they will also allow you to have a significant amount of damage output. Usually I go wriggles first because it helps out with farming a lot and it also gives you a free ward. Sometimes I even start building defensively right after my wriggles if the game has already broken into teamfight mode.

So now that you got the damage, you want to start building your defense. Typically, I prefer to build a Sunfire Cape to help with farm and because it gives a great armor and health boost, however if the enemy team is caster heavy, then I will build a Banshee's Veil. Once you got one of these defensive items you'll be able to actually take some hits from the enemy team. This is when I am a bit tanky and I can actually run into their team without having to fear death (usually).

Now the items become very situation dependent, do you need more defense or do you need more damage? If you need more damage, then I like to build a Frozen Mallet as this slows the enemy down and allows you to chase down the enemy even harder. But if you need defense, then typically I will get a Frozen Heart as this increases your CDR but it also makes enemies auto-attacks much slower which is a big benefit to your team.

If the game prolongs for a very long time, then I will sell my Wriggle's Lantern and replace it with a Madred's Bloodrazor if I feel like I need more damage. Otherwise, if I need to be more tanky, then I will get my Guardian Angel whilst selling my Philosopher's Stone.

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General Gameplay

Early game you should really be focusing on last hitting and harassing. If you have nothing to last hit, then do not auto attack the minions but instead harass the enemy champion and try to get his health low, if he harasses back, then Q him to regain your health. Don't push the lane because you don't have any escape abilities apart from flash.

In this period of the game, you may want to help out your team whenever possible and make sure to hug the enemy team's carry in teamfights. You should be able to zone out your enemy champion in lane, and you should start to get a bit tanky so you can start to take a bit of damage, I wouldn't initiate any teamfights just yet though.

Now you are a damage dealing tank who can't be stopped, don't be afraid to initiate right now as it will take a while to kill, you should have no trouble staying alive whilst dishing out a lot of damage. Remember that the longer the game goes on, the safer it is for you to initiate... in general.

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During the laning phase, you will not auto attack creeps unless you want to last hit it. Instead you will auto attack the enemy champion and only stop to last hit minions. Anytime you lose just a bit of health, go ahead and use your Hungering Strike to bring the enemy hp down and bring yours up. Your main mission is to try to zone out the enemy champion as much as possible all the while farming creeps yourself. Don't be afraid to occasionally pass their creep wave as you can simply Q your health back easily and it should be quite hard to die.

Anytime their creep wave is pushing, you must be a bit more wary of harassment from them as the minions may deal a significant amount of damage to you. If they have a big wave then use your W spell to gain attack speed speed and you'll be able to shred through that wave. Remember though, that you don't want to push your wave too much as Warwick doesn't have many good escape abilities and although he excels at 1v1, the more enemy champions against him the more his vulnerability. Always keep your river warded to make sure that you won't be caught by surprise on a gank.

Your W skill may also be used to take turrets down quickly, the objective of the game is to take down turrets, so use this!

When your enemy laner starts to get low on health, this is when you want to use your ultimate. usually my combo will go like this Q>R>Q>W>autoattack>Q until they die. The enemy champion will be surprised at the amount of damage that this combo does.

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Before a 5v5 teamfight starts you want to be hovering around their team and almost baiting them to come at you. Do not let them actually get close to you, however let them know that you are there. Be ready to pounce if your team decides to go in however do not stupidly get caught because if you are focused you will quickly die.

Ideally, you won't be the tank of your team, although this may happen in some situations. In teamfights, it all comes down to correct timing of Infinite Duress. Whatever you do, do not use your ultimate on their tank(s) unless they are low health and trying to escape. Your objective is to suppress their squishy carries, if they ever overextend, pounce on them and if your team is good they should immediately kill them while they are supressed (even if they had full hp when you used your ultimate). Once Infinite Duress is down, you want to Q to bring your health back if they focused you and use Hunters Call so that your team may get some boosted attack speed.

If your team has no tank to initiate the fight, then you will be expected to do the initiating, this can be quite tricky and usually it is best to poke them a bit with your Q and bait them into bad positioning. Once they are in a bad position, then use your ultimate to suppress the desired target. If you have a tank or someone else who can initiate (ashe arrow for example) then your job becomes much easier as you just wait for them to initiate, fight and then use Infinite Duress whenever you feel the time is right.

Your main job in teamfights is to distract their carries by either chasing them off, killing them or running around like a maniac in the middle of their team whilst doing damage.