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Evelynn Build Guide by Jadiac5

Jungle The Back To Spawn Edition

Jungle The Back To Spawn Edition

Updated on September 19, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jadiac5 Build Guide By Jadiac5 4,894 Views 1 Comments
4,894 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Jadiac5 Evelynn Build Guide By Jadiac5 Updated on September 19, 2019
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Runes: The Only runes you will use

Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

Absolute Focus
Gathering Storm

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


The one and only
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
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Champion Build Guide

The Back To Spawn Edition

By Jadiac5
My Item Page Code (Collection->Items->Import Item sets->paste copied set)
{"title":"Evelyn (Jng)","associatedMaps":[],"associatedChampions":[],"blocks":[{"items":[{"id":"1039","count":1},{"id":"2031","count":1},{"id":"3340","count":1}],"type":"Start"},{"items":[{"id":"3706","count":1},{"id":"1001","count":1}],"type":"First Back"},{"items":[{"id":"1402","count":1},{"id":"3020","count":1},{"id":"3135","count":1}],"type":"Core"},{"items":[{"id":"3100","count":1},{"id":"3165","count":1}],"type":"Late Game Items"},{"items":[{"id":"3089","count":1}],"type":"Last Item (can build before morello if fed)"}]}
Hey Everyone!
The name is Jadiac5, and i´ve been playing Evevlyn for about 2-3 Years now.
I currently (19.09.2019) have 192.893 Mastery points (lv7) on her.
I know its not very much but I think I am pretty decent with her right now so I thought of making a guide in which i share my experience and tipps that I have collected while playing her for the last 2-3 Years.
(Also i am sorry if there are no pictures in this guide. Its my first guide so I am still figuring out how to design it)
Evelyn is a very strong assasin which can tear appart enemys in the blink on an eye if she gets ahead. She has a very convenient passive which makes her heal when out of combat for 4 seconds and makes her camouflaged. If you play against her you will probably always have to buy controlwards to even see her when she is coming towards your lane.
The main way to play Eve
If you play Evelyn, you will start out with a Hunter´s Taliman and a Refillable potion.
Your jungle route should be as follows:

After that you either recall or gank top or bot depending on which side you are (if you have the opportunity to)

When you recall you will get "Stalkers Blade" and "Boots of Speed" and go back to farming your jungle starting by your krugs since they will most likeley be respawned when you arrive there. (2:30 after you killed them).

You should be hitting level 6 when you killed the wolf camp the second time. (latest if you kill the gromp the second time)

From there on out you have three possibilities:
1) You focus on farming to get to level 11 (takes long)
2) You farm while keeping an eye on the lanes and trying to cath each gank opportunity to get kill / assist xp and kill gold. (most efficient method)
3) You focus on ganking solely which can get you snowballed but can also get you trown behind if you dont get any good ganks and dont get kills. (not recommmended)

If you have your core together you can step up and do more ganks since you have the damage to almost kill anyone with one combo. (dont forget to farm your camps, they realy gives you a lot of gold while you arent ganking)

Ganking is only reccommended if you have your Ult if not just go farm jng or attack lanes with safe kills, if they are overextended / constantly pushing and low hp.

With your Core you can also safely invade the enemy jungle. (have your ult up tho to get out if you encounter more then one enemy and know that you cant kill them. For exmaple lee sin or udyr, if they got a kill or two and you havent, you will probably die to them since they can stun you and do massive dmg. Also whatch the level differences, you should normally be fine attacking enemys when you are one level above them. Most of the time you can even easily kill them when they are on the same level as you if you get them charmed. If you are leved below a lee sin udyr or ammumu I wouldn´t recommend attacking.)

If you have Lich bane and morello you dont really need to farm anymore since you wont be needing your ultimate to kill players anymore. just get that redbuff for the exta dmg.

As soon as you have Rabadons and the game isnt over by that point, which it most often is you can just focus on getting objectives, be sure to have your ultimate up to excape in a tricky situaition to not give them your 700G bounty.
Abilities in a nutshell (101)
"If you dont really understand the ability descriptions"
Heal hp when you arent attacked or are attacking anything for 4 seconds.
Any ability, dmg from enemy champions or item activations (with deal dmg, or moove you like the hextech-protobelt-01) will undo your passive. (casting your W doesnt)
From lv6 you will get camouflage and will only be seen by enemys close to you, by control wards, by true vison abilities and by towers.

Cast a Spike which does Magic damage. You can recast your Q 3 times and it will automatically attack the target (prefers champs) you are attacking.
The target your first Q spike hits will take more dmg from your next 3 attcks.

marks enemy, if you hit the enemy before its fully charged you will slow them
If you wait 2.5 seconds you have 2.5 seconds to attack them, if you hit them within the secind 2.5 seconds they will be charmed and you will do more damage to them.

Dash to an enemy and do magic dmg

Do Magic damage in a huge are in the shape of a cone and do more damage to low health enemys.
Tips for good teamcomps
If teammates dont have a Stun, root, knockup, fear, taunt, slow or another movement disabling ability and cant follow up it will be hard to gank them.
If they have a gap closer and do a lot of damage you can still easily gank them if they can follow up. But having those movement disability abilities always makes ganking easier.

Examples (for teammates) would be:
Pykes hook and stun
Treshes chain and trow back
Blitzcranks hook and knockup
Leonas root and stun
Morganas root
Luxes root
Zyras root

Dianas jump and pull
Orianas pull and slow
Katarinas blink
Fizzes dash
Syndras stun
Veigars stun / cage
Zoes sleep bubble
Twisted fates stun
Le blancs dash
Neekos root

Dariuses pull
Pantheons stun
Jax stun
Kleds hook
Renektons stun
Tryndameres slow
Irelias stun
Chogaths knockup and silence
Rivens stun
Ganking Strats
Top and bot:
Wait for the enemy to be on your half of the map or far enough from their nearest working turret. Then go behind them and charm them so that they run into your direction because they want to get to their tower.(be sure to not get seen until the charm is almost full. (in early game) If you get seen try to dodge any skillshots and): Wait for the charm to fully load (2.5 seconds) then charm them and attack. While you are charming the enemy your team should start engaging so that when your charm is full you can just prog it and finish the enemy with your team. Then of course use your other abilities as described in the mid section.

For Mid:
Mid is more complicated because the distance between the towers is smaller so the laner can escape quicker.
Normaly you will wait inside one of the two river bushed or in one of the two roads lading into the jungle on their side of the map without getting seen. Then when the minion wave passed you will charm then so they start running back. Either you wait for the charm or you prog the W earlier for the slow depending on the movement abilities the enemy has. If they have many dashes or blinks like Ahri or Katarina you should wait for the charm, with a champ like annie you could go for the slow but I would always recommentd the charm if possible. I made clear to let the minion wave pass first if you attack from behind so you can land your Q for the extra damage. Then when they come to you (due to the charm) E them Q spam and aa them. when the laner followed you should have them killed by now, if not and if you see they would die to your ult and are almost under tower, or are under tower you can finish them with your ult.

If the enemy has already destroyed one of your towers and is pushed onto your side of the map you dont have to use your ultimate to tp back. You can also use to forward to get behind them to contimnue fighting, but you have to watch the difference in level, items etc, because if they are stronger and your abilities are on cd you will probably die after using your ult to get to them again or to block their way back.

Late game you dont have to worry about getting seen on lane unless you are low, you can start the charm run towards them when the charm is almost finished loading up, then prog it and kill them. Sometimes if you get fed you dont need the charm at all you can attack them and use it after, (if they still live) to stop them from running away.
If you are ganking, always start with you W, then wait for it to fully charge.
After that you can either start with your Q if there are no minions in the way or get close to use your E and then spamm Q. While using Q dont forget to aa. If the enemy isn´t dead when they are at tower but low enough to execute them with your ultimate, feel free to use it if the lane is safe. If there are enemys running towards you and you are alone on the lane you might have to either flash, kill them and then ult over the nearest wall to get out. OR you leave them alive, start attacking the other enemy Or use you ult leave to be safe. (W->Q->E->aa->R) or (W->E->Q->aa->R).
I would always go for not dying.
So method one or three of these depending on how the odds are that you kill them.

Mid and Late game:
In mid and late game the chance of you finding enemys if you jungle is higher so maybe get used to check bushed and the exclamation mark over your head if you get seen. If you get jumped by someone in jng you wont have time to charm them if they do much dmg. Then you have to E-Q or Q-E and try to kill them. If you notice you will loose you either flash over the nearest wall or ult to get away from them.
If they are still a bit away from you or didnt notice you yet, you can charm them and kill them, since you will probably have finished your core by now. Combos will be either Q->E->aa->q-q-q->R or W->Q->E->q->aa->q-q and then R if they arent dead already.

If you get fed and spot an enemy you can just run towards then and start attacking with E and Q.
If that doesnt work because the can run away from you due to dashes blinks etc, you run behind them if they arent under tower and charm them then attack.
My most used engage combo is (W->Q->E) since it deal a lot of dmg and makes use of your runes perfectly.
If you fall behind:
When you fall behind becuase you have a hard matchup, like Shaco or Lee sin then you have to adapt to the situation and get it into your head that you wont be the killing machiene you would be normally (right now, you will be later on), but have to use your teams strengh to catch back up.
When ganking you have to trust your team to get them low, so you can get the kills, this is good when you have a fed teammate, then you can just gank them and take the kills so that you get gold, xp and can get yourself some items and then get kills yourself.
If you dont have a fed teammate, then you have to get kills and assists in teamfights.
Best is when you are playing with a friend, and if he is not inting and his lane opponent isnt fed, you can just plan a gank together and kill the enemy. You should be able to catch up with evelyn pretty easy if you know how to. And never forget to clear your jng for the gold.
I hope you like my Guide on "Evelyn the back to spawn edition"
If you want to know anything, pls leave a commment and I will try to respond when I am online.
Pls tell me if you have any critticism either.
I will add Pictures in the Future when I have time for it.

Till then!
Have fun sending people back to spawn!
Logging out,

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