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Teemo Build Guide by Shroom Field Tricks

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shroom Field Tricks

The banned Shroom field strategy guide (S3)

Shroom Field Tricks Last updated on November 1, 2013
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The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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The Shroom Field Guide

Welcome to the tutorial on Teemo's shroom field tricks & tactics. This strategy guide
is dedicated to showing you how a few well placed shrooms can defeat an entire enemy
team, or how to change the momentum of the game in your favor, and how to adapt to each
enemy team you fight. The video links below will give the reader a better understanding
of what we are trying to accomplish with this fun, yet very powerful build. This build
can hold-up in different 1 vs all scenarios.

Along with this build guide and video, we have put together some videos of Teemo films
and fan art.

Shroomapalooza 2013 (AMV) - This video has newer fight scenes from Season 3.
Teemo shroom field tricks 1 vs 5 Quadra kill (music video) - This was the original
video of Teemo Shroom field Tricks.

Penta Kill - Shroom field tricks (music video)

In Season 3, some of the following changes have taken place with Captain Teemo.

Toxic Shot
Ability Power ratio on impact reduced to 0.3 from 0.4

Noxious Trap
Damage reduced at later ranks to 200/325/450 from 200/400/600

It is recommended in Season 3 to have some spell vamp from Liandry's Torment .

Teemo has Toxic Shot, & shroom poison, these abilities will give out damage over time, kiting is a priority.

Teemo does not have very much health, but can deal some of the highest damage over time against 5 opponents, if you are dealing constant shroom and dart poison damage to the enemy.


When the game starts, try to start out in the top lane, in order to get experience by yourself. It is ok to start out in the bottom lane, but sometimes your shrooms may not be as strong during the middle part of the game if you decide to get duo lane experience (leveling up with another ally champion in your lane).

If you start out in the mid lane, there is a greater chance that the enemy may buy an Oracle's Elixir to find your shrooms and destroy them. The enemy might expect that there could be more shrooms around the middle bushes and middle lane, when Teemo is seen around mid lane a lot. If you become too strong, or you become too harassing with camouflage and shrooms, there is a greater chance that the enemy will buy an Oracle's Elixir to counter you. Sometimes it is good to make it look like you aren't that good starting out, then when the enemy tries to chase you into the shrooms, they might not expect how powerful you really are.

If you have multiple invisible champions on your team, there is also a greater chance
that the enemy will want to buy Oracles to counter the invisible champions on your team.

Around 15 to 20 minutes into the game when your shrooms have enough power, you can switch from the top lane where you started out in the game, to start planting your shrooms in the middle lane to form a shroom field. Beware of being seen by enemy wards that are still active around the middle lane.

It is good to try and go back to a side lane once in a while to attack enemy minions,
to make it look like you are not hanging around the middle lane a lot. When transferring Teemo from a side lane to mid lane, tell the person in the mid lane you are planting shrooms in the mid lane, and to switch lanes with Teemo.

Once you start having a decent amount of shrooms gathered to start forming a shroom field. You need to start protecting your shrooms from the advancing enemy minions. It can be difficult to defend your shrooms from advancing enemy minions sometimes. It is good to have your team help out, and try to gather in the middle lane, if the enemy starts to gather in the middle lane to push.

When you initiate the team fight in the middle lane, your team is supposed to fight over the mushrooms, or kite over the shroom field. When this strategy is done successfully, the enemy team can hit over 20 mushrooms in a team fight, taking a lot of damage from the shrooms. This is a good team strategy to use in a 4 vs 5, or to use as a barricade, so that it slows down the momentum of the advancing enemy.

It can be fun to play on an ally team with all random people that are not aware of the shroom field strategy. Their reactions are pretty funny sometimes, seeing all the shrooms in the middle lane. One problem many people have had with this strategy, is keeping the advancing enemy minions from hitting the shrooms in the lane.

It is good to tell your team to make sure that the enemy minions don't hit the shrooms in the middle lane, and to lure the other enemy team into the shroom field in a team fight. If you are playing with a random ally team, do not always rely on other people to defend the shrooms.

It is sometimes good to plant more shrooms on which lane the enemy seems to want to attack more. The trick to building a shroom field in the mid lane, is knowing that many teams like to use this as their main fighting lane sometimes. Make sure that enemy minions don't push in the shroom field and destroy the shrooms in the lane. Even a couple shrooms being destroyed isn't good, and can send an alert to the enemy that many shrooms are in that area.

It is good to have your team destroy the first enemy turret in the middle lane, so that you can form a shroom field in front of your first ally turret in the middle lane. If you cannot destroy the first enemy middle turret, you can plant your shrooms behind your teams middle turret, so that when your first ally turret is destroyed, you will have a full shroom field intact. It is often difficult to decide if you should place your shrooms in front of your ally turret or behind your ally turret. If the enemy seems to be advancing a lot, and your team cannot stop the enemy advancement, you may have to place your shrooms behind the turret. If the enemy buys an Oracle's Elixir, you may have to plant your shrooms behind the turret, or start planting your shrooms in the jungle, as seen on the shroom placement map. If the enemy knows you are planting shrooms in the lanes and around or behind the turrets, start planting more mushrooms in the bushes. It sometimes helps to have multiple enemy turrets destroyed in the middle lane, in order to make it easier to plant a shroom field in mid lane. This will give you more time to be able to form a
shroom field, without enemy minions pushing into the shrooms when you don't want them to.

If your turret has low health, you can start planting shrooms behind your turret, so that when your turret is destroyed, you will have your shroom field ready, and might be able to trick the enemy into advancing in the shroom field when they destroy your turret.

If an ally turret is very low on health, sometimes it is good to put shrooms single file to the next ally turret behind it, to avoid an enemy from destroying multiple towers if your team gets aced or rushed. Even just a couple shrooms in the pathway can save your next turret from being destroyed.


You can also bluff the enemy team to run away from the direction of Teemo and the shroom field, by running at the enemy, to make it look like the enemy is about to be ambushed by an attack.

If an enemy minion is about to hit a mushroom, you can run sideways, so that the enemy minions chase you sideways, instead of hitting the shrooms.

Use 1 to 5 health potions in your inventory, when you are taking a lot of damage from advancing enemy minions or champions while trying to defend your shrooms from being hit. Be aware that you may be overextended while defending, and that this may attract multiple enemies from different directions near the shroom field. Superior minions can be more difficult to eliminate than regular
minions. It is good to go out and push far into the mid lane when you have the opportunity, so that enemy creeps do not get too close to the shroom field as often.

If you try to defend too close to the shroom field sometimes, enemy minions and enemy champions could start pushing into the shroom field when you don't want them to. However, this can also be good when enemy champions rush into the shroom field.

One tough decision to make, is where to stand when the enemy approaches the front entrance of the shroom field. If you should let the enemy see you and try to make them chase you near the shrooms, or hide in the front of the shroom field, or the back of the shroom field near the turret, and wait until the time is right.

There is no particular order in which to plant your shrooms, it depends on the movement patterns of the enemy and the momentum of the game. If you think the enemy minions will be advancing a lot near your shroom field, try planting the starting shrooms in the shroom field, so that the enemy minions cannot walk into the mushrooms and hit them.

If you are with a random ally team, there may be teams that will not like the idea of planting most of your shrooms in the middle lane, and will tell you to put your shrooms in the jungle like most other Teemos. Some people will not help you, or read anything you type in the chat box. This is why this strategy works well in building team communication and encourages team cooperation.

Some random ally teams do not have map awareness on how to use the shrooms to their advantage in a fight. Many people ask why they can't get their team to participate, and it is the same reason why you are able to trap an enemy team in a shroom field, people are just not fully aware of the strategy. This is why it sometimes helps to have people that know how to fight in a shroom field on your team. You can sometimes notice the difference in team participation, and how they are more aware of using the shrooms to their advantage. Just knowing how to initiate with this strategy can give individuals and your team a huge advantage in your chances of defeating the opposing enemy.

If an enemy buys an Oracle's Elixir , tell your team to take out the enemy with the Oracle's Elixir, so that the enemy team cannot see the Shroom field. If you feel that the enemy may buy Vision Wards to place near your shroom field, have an Oracle's Elixir ready in your inventory to use, in order to destroy any wards being placed near the middle lane. Beware of the enemy trying to hide Wards in bushes close to your shrooms.

If the enemy has champions that can stay invisible for a while, such as Twitch or Eve, you may need to have a Vision Ward or Oracle to counter an invisible enemy champion who is near your shroom field, especially if that invisible enemy champion has an Oracle.

If the enemy team has a Teemo on their team and they buy Oracle's Elixirs , you should buy an Oracle to balance out the game. Sometimes it can be risky to buy Oracles, or sometimes even wards, this may provoke the enemy to buy an Oracle or ward to counter you, and balance out the momentum of the game.

If the enemy buys an Oracle and starts to approach the shroom field, try and hide near the front entrance of the shroom field, where the enemy with the Oracle's Elixir usually may approach. Try to take out the approaching enemy that has an Oracle's Elixir, by surprising them with an ambush when they might not expect it.

Oracle's Elixirs will expire within 4 minutes in Season 3. Currently, if an enemy is destroyed, they will not lose their Oracle Elixir when they respawn. It is good to try and block or chase the opponent with an Oracle's Elixir, away from the shroom field, so that they cannot see and detect the shrooms. After their Oracle's Elixir expires within 4 minutes, the opponent might not buy another Oracle, and end up fighting you in the shroom field without any Oracles.

With this strategy, I like my ally team to be a little heavy in defense, while being able to deal a good amount of damage. You should have at least 1-4 tanks or heavy champions. It is good to have some heavy champions that can still deal decent damage when fighting with Teemo. It isn't always about having many tanks, but dealing decent damage with champions that can stay alive in a team fight. It is also good to sometimes have another high damage dealer besides yourself in the team.

Overall this build is great for normal queue. In a ranked game the pace is sometimes much faster, some of these strategies could work just as well. Some ranked games you will win, and some you will lose. Some teams in a random normal queue can be more difficult to fight than some ranked teams.

AP Teemo ranked is viable and can carry with shrooms in some games. Many people don't like Teemo and think he is a bad champ. Teemo has been used in tournaments by some of the top teams in the world. Many people don't quite understand Teemo, and how to play him correctly in different situations, such as changing shroom placement as the game progresses.

Teemo is viable for ranked tournaments. As for doing a shroom field strategy in a serious tournament would be difficult, as word could get around about a team that had a shroom field strategy. For example, if just by reading this strategy guide and knowing my summoner name, and if someone ever saw me in a game, they could tell their team that my strategy would be to plant mushrooms in the middle lane, and they could get an Oracle or ward to counter the shrooms in the lane. Then I would start planting shrooms, or shroom fields in the jungle, as seen with the Shroom placement maps. If the opposing team did not know about a lot of shrooms being at a certain
location on the map, and didn't have an Oracle or ward, it is possible the opposing team could end up near a shroom field to team fight and be unaware of many shrooms around a certain area.

Even if the enemy team only hits a few mushrooms, it will give your team an advantage
of fighting in the area of the map where the shrooms are located, as seen in the first 2 scenes in the Shroomapalooza 2013 video.

These maps are just a single example of how to place your shrooms around a turret. You can also view the shroom patterns in the videos for more ideas on shroom placement.

The shrooms that are colored yellow are optional, and serve a purpose, depending on the momentum of the game. Some shrooms colored yellow that are close to the shroom field, and near the bushes of the middle lane ( around the ghosts and the wolves), can be vital areas to plant mushrooms, if the enemy tries to run through a shroom field in the middle lane, then also run through the jungle. It is good to have a few shrooms in the pathways that connect to the lanes in the jungle, if you have the time to plant all your shrooms down to make a full shroom field. On most of the maps that are drawn, there is an option to start planting your shrooms in front of the ally turret, or behind the ally turret, depending on the momentum of the game. Many times, you will not need to place that many shrooms behind the ally turret, if you plan on stacking your shrooms in front of your turret. It is good to start stacking shrooms behind your ally turret if the enemy advances a lot in the middle lane, and you cannot create a full shroom field because the shrooms keep being stepped on by the enemy, or your turret has low health.

Season 3 Beginning game optional shroom placement. -

Season 3 Early middle part of the game optional shroom placement. -

Season 3 Middle part of the game optional shroom placement. -

Season 3 Late part of the game optional shroom placement. -

Multiple shroom poison damage does not stack. Each shroom will give 4 dots of poison.

When the enemy hits another shroom, 4 ticks of poison will start again.

A good example of learning the pattern of an enemy team, is that the first scene in the Penta kill video , where Teemo gets the Penta kill starting at the song of Asbestos - Ancient Future, at :10 seconds into the video. Later on in that same video, starting at 2:12 in the music scene of Asbestos - Infusion Travel, Teemo gets a triple kill on the same team by stacking many shroom mines behind the turret. Being able to see how aggressive this team was, it is possible to calculate the movement of an enemy when they destroy your tower, and how they will react in advancing when not many people are left alive on your team. Sometimes the enemy will charge into the shroom field even more if they know that most of your entire team is dead.

If an enemy starts to trip over shrooms in the minefield, try and cause a distraction for them to want to chase, such as attacking, having low health, or make it look like you are slow and staggering (drunken style) so that they might have a chance to catch up to you. Be careful that when you bait, you don't die while trying to bait. It helps sometimes if extra noises are going on, so that the enemy might not even be aware they just stepped on a shroom, when there's other loud noises and many ability animations going on in a team fight.

There were many reasons for making these videos, one reason is that a lot of people say that Teemo is a bad champ. Just because a group of people claim that someone such as Teemo is a bad champ, or a noob champ, doesn't mean it is true. Teemo is also one of the best lane fighters in the game. Remember, just because someone is different, or you don't quite understand them, doesn't mean that person is bad.

It is funny showing some friends these videos who once said Teemo was a bad champ when they were on my team, to where they come back a year later and have to admit how overpowered he can be.

When some people watch these videos, and strategy guide, it might change the way they play when playing against Teemo. Such as being very careful about going down the middle lane, and letting the ally minions go down the lane first, so that you do not take damage from shrooms being hit by the ally minions.

You will notice in the series of videos how my team sometimes will say something such as how our team doesn't initiate enough, or how my team tries to surrender, then Teemo defeats or detours most of the enemies by himself. A good example of this is the final scene in the Penta kill video at 10:05
Notice that if my team stepped back a few feet more into the shroom field, they might have had a chance of living, instead of me having to defend against 4 people by myself.

One problem I've been having lately with this strategy and being on a random queued team, is getting team members not to overextend and die off trying to initiate a team fight away from the shroom field. It is good to have at least one ally champion to be able to make it back to defend the middle lane turret, if the rest of your team dies away from the shroom field. Sometimes fights happen to start in the jungle or other areas of the map. One of the main goals your team should have, is to lure and ambush the other enemy team into the area of the shroom field. The shroom field will greatly increase the damage your team will deal in a team fight.

It is good that people review these shroom field videos and see how you can fight with shrooms, even if you don't play Teemo. A good example of what you can accomplish to even get a higher rate of multi kills even if you aren't Teemo, is just being able to run through the shroom field so that you can keep fighting while the enemy keeps hitting shrooms, as seen in the music scene Dutch Force - Deadline ( Teemo shroom field tricks 1 vs 5 Quadra kill (music video) ) at 1:38.
The point of this guide is that it will give the reader something new to learn hopefully, or a different kind of perspective on a type of strategy that can be done in the game.

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Defending against pollution

People often wonder why there is so much pollution in the world, and what we can do to solve many of the problems on this planet. We could have a much better quality of living for the people of the planet. It is good to let people know what they can do to avoid harming themselves, including the environment.

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Don't cook your food out of a Teflon pan, here's the reason why.

Toxic Cookware -

Ceramic Coated Cooking Pans May be Killing You With Color

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Nowadays, clothes also contain toxins like formaldehyde, brominated flame ******ants, and perfluorinated chemicals (Teflon) to provide "non-iron" and "non-wrinkle" qualities. Insecticides are even applied in the name of good health!

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Red 40 is used mainly in junk foods. Linked to hyperactivity. Banned in Denmark,
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Phthalates in Toys

Assessment of toxic metals and phthalates in children's toys and clays.

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A lot of professional athletes have asked for non-toxic jerseys. Beware of corporations
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The people of the world need to see that these groups who are in political power, are also responsible for the damaging of our ecosystem with many of their policies. When you hear all this information about how much pollution is in our oceans, and if climate change is real or not because of the pollution. You can at least see that the people in charge were responsible for giving the OK on legalizing a lot of these toxic chemicals that go into everyday products people use. When we could have had a much better way of life to coexist with the planet, than having the current people in power that have taken us down an unsustainable path we are on currently.

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Depleted Uranium

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On the coast of California, there is a deep sea kelp forest at Corona del Mar that now contains concentrations of radiation that are 250 times higher than levels found in kelp prior to the Japanese nuclear accidents. A research article published in Scientific American reports that radiation accumulated in fish that ate near the kelp. “If they were feeding on it, they certainly got dosed,” said Steven Manley, a Cal State biology professor who specializes in kelp. Presently, there is no research as to what is the exact effect on fish and their offspring will be from the increased levels of radiation that are being found.

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California: Radioactive Iodine-131 In Rainwater 181 Times Above Drinking Water Standards, Has Also Been Detected In Multiple Milk Samples, While US Gov Has Still Not Published Any Official Data On Japan Disaster -


Radiation found in San Francisco, CA tap water -

What is even worse, is that depleted uranium is being fired in war, and is contaminating various ground water sources.

Can't we all just get along, and stop firing radioactive weapons at each other, look at the pollution that war has on the environment. I'm not here to badger anyone or their country, but we need to end the pollution of war. We should end all wars, including racism and discrimination against others.

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I do not think we should continue to pollute this planet any further from war, just because some countries can't get along with each other. Most scientists still don't know the full environmental impact that depleted uranium will have on the environment thousands of years from now.


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Many people from the Commonwealth of Nations that I have talked to, have said that they wish the Monarchy would not have political influence over many decisions in their country.

The Canadian people wanted to vote, in order to change some of the policies made by the Canadian government. Instead, the Governor General of Canada dissolved the Canadian Parliament to create martial law, so that the people of Canada were under martial law, and could not vote in any elections.

The Monarchy still has the political power to appoint the Canadian Governor General, that has the powers to dissolve Canadian Parliament on his/her behalf.

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The Governor General of Canada is the FEDERAL VICEREGAL representative of the Canadian monarch.

The Governor General of Canada is the FEDERAL VICEREGAL representative of the Canadian monarch.

The Canadian monarchy is also the Monarch of Britain, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Jamaica.

The people of the world need to start holding many of these establishments that still have political influence in the world, accountable for many current policies that have taken us down an unsustainable path. This would also include groups such as the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations.

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