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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Rumble Build Guide by TheEpicManDude

Top The best beginners guide on how to play RUMBLE!

Top The best beginners guide on how to play RUMBLE!

Updated on November 15, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheEpicManDude Build Guide By TheEpicManDude 13,883 Views 0 Comments
13,883 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author TheEpicManDude Rumble Build Guide By TheEpicManDude Updated on November 15, 2015
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Hello there!

My name is TheEpicManDude! I play on EUW, currently ranked silver!

I have played League since summer 2014, and I am specialized in Rumble!

I really hope you'll enjoy this guide, and if you have any critique... Please tell me!
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How to play a little man called Rumble

Now then!

I can't say that this guide will be the best for you. But this is how I play him.

Let's start of with the


As you can see in my build order, I start with a Ruby Crystal and pots... why? Cuase I don't need anything else then the health from Ruby Crystal. With Rumble's kit in general, Doran's Shield is not necessary. You don't need the extra health regen that doran's shield gives you, cause of your w-ability: SCRAP SHILDARU!!! just shield the poke!!!

And it builds into the item you wanna rush: HAUNTING GUISE!!! When you have both Haunting Guise and Magic pen boots... you do insane damage without any other items!

So just focus on getting the farm, poke him down with either your Q if he's melee or E if he's ranged.

And remember! Your Q and E does more damage if you're in the danger zone! But be careful!
If you OVERHEAT and it's not your intention... you'll get wrecked!

So make sure you don't overuse your abilities!

Each and everyone of your abilities (except your ultimate) uses 20 heat!
And once you reach 100 heat, you get OVERHEATED! Which means that you won't be able to use any ability for the next 6 seconds!

But the positive thing about this passive is that you're auto attacks do extra damage... And it's really strong if you use it correctly!
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Just a little scenario

Now let's say that you just got Haunting Guise, magic pen boots and a needlessly large rod, for your Zhonyas.

By this time you are really strong! And I mean really REALLY STRONK!!!

Your opponent is by your tower and is trying to take it down...

While rushing to the lane (if you don't have the TP up)

Use Q+W to get up your heat. And since W gives you extra movement speed... well do the maths.

Once you get to the lane the opponent will back off!

What do you do?


Pop the ultimate in a straight line where he is! So that he gets in the center of the ult or in the beginning of the ult!

Then you should have about 50-60 heat once you're there. pop your E to slow him down, then you have around 70-80 heat! When you're in range you pop your Q. Depending on if you had 70 or 80 heat before you Q:d you got into OVERHEAT. (if you didn't... Just press w)

Then you just continue to attack him! And he should be dead very soon! :D
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Ability run-through

Now then! Let's do a quick run-through with all of Rumble's abilities.

And we're starting with his Q-ability: Flamespitter!

Flamespitter is Rumble's best ability! (Apart from his ultimate of course!)
Flamespitters damage is really good, and it's such an annoying ability for the enemy!
It's base damage is strong and it scales really well with AP... a third of your total AP, per second! PER SECOND! Lets' say you have 300 ap, and maxed out your Q. You do 105 base dmg + 100 extra from your AP. that's a total of 205 damage per second... And that's without the 50% extra you get from DANGER ZONE... You see? Rumble is insane!

Now let's do the W-ability: SCRAP SHIELDARU!!!

This is nothing huge. It's just a shield and some movement speed... Who needs that?
Well... Everyone does! It's a low CD shield! You can negate poke every 6 second! And you get the movement speed on that!

You can chase with SCRAP SHIELDARU, and can run away with it.
It's just awesome!

And let's go with the next ability... The E-ability: ELECTRO-HARPOONARU!!

This one is good as well! Everything on RUMBLEARU is awesome!
You can shoot up to 2 harpoons that does damage, and they slow! Sloooow... SLOOOOOW!
It synchronizes so well with SCRAP SHIELDARU!!! Cause you can chase down a ****face with it! YOU CAN POKE EM!!! YOU CAN KILL EM WITH THIS ABILITY!!!

And every harpoon slows. and it stacks... so hitting one harpoon slows, and hitting the last one slows even more!

Imagine that slow with Rylai's Crystal Scepter! That's a super slow!

Now let's go through the last ability! Rumble's ultimate.... The one ability that can turn the tide! This ultimate can win the game for your team. And it's called


It's basically just a straight line of death... Everyone who steps into the line of death, should die... They get slowed while in the area of the ult and they take insane amount of damage!


It's really hard to know WHEN, HOW, and WHERE to use it...

And to cast it the way you planned it! Since it's a drag to fire ultimate, I ALWAYS use quick cast! That works the best for me! I just hold in "R" And drag the mouse where is want it and release "R". Then it's done! They are dead!
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This is basically all I have on RUMBLE!

If you have any questions... Just PM me and I'll try my best to answer it ^^

Good luck on the fields of justice!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheEpicManDude
TheEpicManDude Rumble Guide
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The best beginners guide on how to play RUMBLE!

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